The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) was founded in 1983 by Republicans and Democrats and is committed to developing and strengthening democratic systems around the world. Since its founding in 1983, NED has been at the forefront of democratic struggles around the world, while developing into a hub for events, resources and knowledge exchange for democracy activists, practitioners and scholars around the world.

  NED’s main source of funding is the annual financial appropriation from the U.S. Congress, and its main media channel is the U.S. Information Agency. In addition to providing financial donations, NED is also a supporter and host of institutions or organizations such as the Journal of Democracy, the World Movement for Democracy, the International Democratic Research Forum, the Democracy Fellows Project, the Democracy Research Institute Network, and the International Media Assistance Center.

  National Endowment for Democracy data launched by the CnOpenData data team covers donation project information such as project name, project region, project country, project purpose, name of donated organization, donation amount, project description, etc., for It provides rich and comprehensive data resources for scholars to study NGO issues.

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Sample data

National Endowment for Democracy donation data

Project Title Project Region Project Country Project Focus Organization Name Award Amount Year Description Note
项目名称 项目地区 项目国家 项目目的 受捐赠组织名称 捐赠数额 年份 项目描述 注意事项
Strengthening Independent Media Middle East & North Africa Turkey Freedom of Information $40,000 2016 To advocate for an open and independent press and strengthen the credibility of Turkish media. The program will maintain and expand a media monitoring website and engage leading journalists to report on press integrity in Turkey, promote digital media, support investigative journalism, and advocate for freedom of information. This amount is a supplement that was approved separately.
Human Rights Trainings Eurasia Russia Human Rights $25,000 2016 To improve the capacity and independence of local civic initiatives working to address social issues. Volunteers will be trained to monitor human rights and report on the findings of their monitoring activities.
Promoting Peaceful Discourse Middle East & North Africa Tunisia Democratic Ideas and Values Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy in Tunisia $135,000 2016 To empower religious leaders to promote a moderate, peaceful, and democratic discourse in Bizerte, Kairouan, Kasserine, and Tunis; and to foster a national dialogue on youth and economic reform. A series of three-day workshops will train imams on social media skills, conflict resolution techniques, citizenship, and democratic values, and five roundtables will enable participants to discuss critical issues relating to Islam and democracy. A series of focus groups, workshops and seminars will bring together civil society and political parties to discuss youth and economic reforms in Tunisia. This is the total grant amount and includes a supplement that was approved separately.
Monitoring the Security Aspect of the Electoral Process Africa Congo, Democratic Republic Political Processes Reseau pour la Reforme du Secteur de Securite et de Justice $53,797 2016 To help Congolese civil society monitor the security aspect of the electoral process, the grantee will convene two national forums to discuss the issue with key stakeholders. In addition, the grantee's previously established working group will investigate ongoing security measures regarding the elections, present its findings at conferences, engage government officials on the issues at hand, and organize missions abroad to gain support for their recommendations.
Strengthening Participation and Representation of Older People Africa Uganda Accountability and Governance HelpAge USA $40,616 2016 To strengthen the political participation and representation of older Ugandans, the organization will organize trainings that will build the capacity of newly elected district and national representatives to strengthen their ability to represent the interests of their constituents and ensure that governance and economic concerns of older people are adequately addressed.
Supporting Local Networks and Freedom of Information Africa Equatorial Guinea NGO Strengthening EG Justice $74,150 2016 To strengthen the capacity of young journalists and promote independent media and freedom of expression in Equatorial Guinea. The organization will train citizen journalists to produce and share content locally. The group will also promote greater youth engagement with the community through art and culture. This is the total grant amount and includes a supplement that was approved separately.
Community Radio and Human Rights Journalism in Iraq Middle East & North Africa Iraq Freedom of Information Radio Deng $37,000 2016 To encourage independent media reporting through community radio in Sulaimaniyya. The grantee will continue to mentor special human rights journalism units within its radio stations in Kalar and Kefry, launch a women's issues unit, publish a monthly report, continue to use its website to reach a wide audience, and launch an awards showcase for human rights reporting.
Promoting and Defending Civil Society Eurasia Kyrgyz Republic Rule of Law $63,000 2016 To promote the development of civil society in the Kyrgyz Republic. Activities will focus conducting a multifaceted program aimed at defending civil society.
Promoting Women's Political Participation in Chin State Asia Burma Human Rights $24,000 2016 To increase the capacity of Chin women to participate in political developments in Chin State and within the broader democracy movement. The project will empower a group of women trainers and organize a series of civic education trainings focused on human rights, women's rights, and politics in communities across western Burma.
Monitoring the Impact of New Laws on Civil and Political Rights Asia Thailand Human Rights Internet Law Reform Dialogue $32,800 2016 To foster public understanding and dialogue on the impact of existing and proposed laws on civil and political rights and to promote freedom of expression. The organization will monitor the lawmaking process and provide the public with accessible analysis of how various pieces of legislation will affect their rights. It will also operate a documentation center to monitor and report on the status of freedom of expression.
Tibet Times Newspaper Asia Tibet (China) Freedom of Information Tibetan Literacy Society $43,000 2016 To provide the Tibetan public with independent and accurate information on developments in Tibet and in the exile community and to promote open discussion among intellectuals and the general public on civic issues, including human rights and democracy. The grantee will publish and distribute a Tibetan-language newspaper three times a month, and maintain a website that is updated daily.
Promoting Transparency and Dialogue in Colombia's Oil Industry Latin America & Caribbean Colombia Accountability and Governance Crudo Transparente $35,497 2016 To increase transparency of public policies in the oil and hydrocarbon sectors, and to promote greater national and local dialogue on the impact of the oil industry in Colombia. The organization will research five main oil producing areas and disseminate its findings through weekly and quarterly publications. Its staff will also travel to these locations to meet with government officials, oil company representatives, and civil society. The group will also hold a conference to discuss the challenges within the industry.
Parliamentary Tracking Tool for Accountability and Good Governance Asia Sri Lanka Accountability and Governance Verite Research Pvt. Ltd. $58,000 2016 To promote accountability and good governance through the application of a web-based parliamentary tracking tool. The grantee will refine and maintain an online platform that documents the biographical information and political activities of members of parliament and conduct outreach to promote its usage by the media and civil society. Using its data, the grantee will contribute to the political debate around the development and implementation of policies and legislation through articles and other media.
Promoting Democratic Values and Human Rights through Film Europe Bosnia And Herzegovina Civic Education Pravo Ljudski $45,000 2016 To foster public debate on human rights issues, particularly among youth. The group will organize its annual human rights film festival, including over 80 film screenings, discussions, and exhibitions. The organization will also conduct a traveling civic education program featuring politically and socially themed documentaries in three cities, as well as train students in video activism.
Human Rights Documentation and International Advocacy Asia North Korea Human Rights NK Watch $48,765 2016 To document human rights violations and to increase international attention and pressure to address the dire human rights situation in North Korea. The grantee will interview defectors who have experienced or are familiar with human rights violations in North Korean detention facilities, document and analyze the findings, file petitions to the UN on behalf of victims or their families, and share the information with the international community to strengthen human rights advocacy efforts.
Citizen Engagement in Natural Resource Governance Africa Zimbabwe Accountability and Governance Centre for Research and Development $25,012 2016 To promote accountable natural resource governance in Zimbabwe, the organization will strengthen the capacity of community actors to advocate for their rights; facilitate dialogue between community actors, policymakers, and corporations; and carry out research and advocacy to inform a new regulatory framework for the extractive sector.
Supporting Russian Activists Eurasia Russia Democratic Ideas and Values $46,948 2016 To support activists. Project activities will include providing fellowships to activists at risk, offering humanitarian and other support to political prisoners, and raising awareness of the issue of politically-motivated persecution against democratic activists.
Promoting Youth Political Participation in Wasit Province Middle East & North Africa Iraq Civic Education $30,000 2016 To empower youth leaders with knowledge about local government institutions and avenues for political participation. The grantee will identify and train 30 youth activists, conduct 12 monthly leadership trainings, and mentor the trainees to launch community initiatives to engage policymakers and encourage civic debates about relevant local and national issues.
Promoting Racial Integration Latin America & Caribbean Cuba Freedom of Information Plataforma de Integracion Cubana $113,300 2016 To promote greater discussion about the challenges minorities face in Cuba. The organization will work with academics and activists inside and outside the island to publish an online journal on various issues affecting the Afro-descendent, LGBTI, and youth populations in Cuba. In addition, the group develop and present a panel at LASA on Afro-Cubans on the island.
Bolivian Human Rights Observatory Latin America & Caribbean Bolivia Human Rights Fundacion Nueva Democracia $50,900 2016 To raise domestic and international awareness on the human rights situation in Bolivia, especially with regard to violations of civil and political rights. The group will monitor and document violations of human rights in Bolivia and strengthen its communication, advocacy, and outreach efforts to amplify a human rights message.
Promoting Free and Fair Elections Through Media Monitoring Europe Moldova Freedom of Information Association of Independent Press $48,800 2016 To promote free and fair elections. As part of a larger project, the Association will conduct a comprehensive media monitoring of 16 broadcast, print and online media ahead of the October 30 presidential elections. The monitoring will be conducted at the national and regional levels and assess whether candidates have equal access to media and whether voters have access to the information necessary for making an informed choice. The Association will produce and distribute nine monitoring reports.
Supporting a Transparency Agenda in Argentina Latin America & Caribbean Argentina Accountability and Governance Fundacion Directorio Legislativo $55,000 2016 To promote greater transparency, accountability, and access to public information. The grantee will coordinate the efforts of a coalition of civil society organizations working together on a comprehensive agenda of transparency and open government. The coalition will advocate for legal and constitutional reforms on these subjects and will establish spaces of dialogue and collaboration with the National Congress and the executive branch. These organizations will also seek to raise citizen awareness and participation in promoting transparency and access to public information.
Strengthening the Skills of Ecological and Civil Rights Defenders Eurasia Kazakhstan NGO Strengthening Public Fund "Clean House" $32,000 2016 To strengthen the skills of local ecological organizations and activists in defending citizens' rights and carrying out effective public campaigns. Ecological activists in three cities will be trained on environmental rights, citizens' right to participate in decision making, and planning and conducting effective public campaigns. The organization will then conduct three public campaigns aimed at fostering civic activism and engaging citizens in the defense of civic and environmental rights.
Mentoring Young Syrian Media Activists Middle East & North Africa Syria Freedom of Information Madar Daily $25,000 2016 To introduce and strengthen an independent media culture among Syrian activists. Three 16-day training workshops and a mentoring program for 45 young Syrian media activists in Turkey will provide essential background briefings on the role of media in a democratic society and the history of media within Syria. The program will also provide skills-based training on writing news and reports, interviewing, and producing effective photographic and television products.
Promoting Access to Justice for the Indigenous Population in Campeche Latin America & Caribbean Mexico Rule of Law Dialogo y Movimiento AC $35,000 2016 To promote access to justice and active participation of indigenous groups in the reform of the criminal justice system in Campeche state. The organization will work with indigenous populations denied due process under Mexico's new penal justice system. The group will provide legal services and strategic litigation for emblematic cases affecting indigenous populations. It will also engage state and federal officials to offer recommendations on ways to improve access to justice for indigenous populations in Mexico.
Civil Society Dialogue on Community Building in Ninewah Province Middle East & North Africa Iraq Accountability and Governance $50,000 2016 To establish dialogue between local and national stakeholders and to develop a roadmap defining priorities for the rebuilding effort in Ninewah in the post-Islamic State period. The program will entail five-one day roundtables in Erbil, Baghdad, and Karbala convening 75 stakeholders, experts, and community representatives, five working documents identifying priorities and setting forth policy recommendations, and two strategy meetings for civil society representatives from Salah Eddine and Anbar. This amount is a supplement that was approved separately.
Activating Advocacy in Regional Coalitions Europe Ukraine Accountability and Governance Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) $537,832 2016 To promote economic and political reforms. The center will formalize the governance structure of regional coalitions of business associations and chambers of commerce, improve their advocacy capacity, and assist in establishing a local leadership academy. The coalition building and strengthening program will allow Ukrainian small businesses to contribute meaningfully to and influence ongoing economic and political reforms, while the leadership academy will build the management skills of, and foster networks among, reform-minded government officials.
Engaging Marginalized Youth in Elections Africa Liberia Political Processes Human Rights Watch Women and Children, Inc. $42,500 2016 To reduce instances of electoral violence and to encourage youth from southeastern Liberia to participate in the 2017 general elections. The organization will engage the leadership of commercial moto-bike riders associations and local elected officials in a campaign to abolish the recruitment and political manipulation of moto-bike riders by political parties and candidates. The grantee will lead a civic and voter education campaign on the importance of peaceful participation in elections.
Supporting Sexual Minorities' Human Rights through Strategic Litigation Africa Uganda Human Rights Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum $43,140 2016 To promote non-discrimination and equality in Uganda. The grantee will train lawyers on strategic litigation, provide free legal aid services for sexual minorities, and promote constructive public discussions on LGBT rights. The grantee will promote incremental legal, policy, and societal changes that will empower sexual minorities and promote respect for their rights.
Building Political Party Integrity in Southeastern Europe Europe _ Europe Regional Democratic Ideas and Values National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) $256,442 2016 To better equip senior political party officials in Southeast Europe with the knowledge and skills to carry out integrity reforms within their parties. The institute will connect party representatives from the region with western European sister party counterparts to promote their ability to improve integrity in party statutes, and engage in ethical processes of incorporating and promoting members through party ranks.

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