According to the "Measures for the Administration of Information Disclosure by Listed Companies", listed companies, as information disclosure obligors, should disclose to the market information disclosed in accordance with the law and voluntarily in a truthful, accurate, timely and complete manner. This publicly disclosed information includes but is not limited to the company's basic information, major accounting data and financial indicators, shareholder shareholdings, executive compensation, etc. Information disclosure by listed companies is an important basis for government supervision and investor behavior. The combination of effective administrative supervision and market supervision has formed a dual-track effect that promotes the stable and orderly development of the securities market.

  Differing from the various financial and internal control information disclosed by listed companies required by the securities market, some functions of listed companies’ apps, Weibo and WeChat public accounts are: they can spread the corporate brand and release the latest product information in a timely manner ; Can have more opportunities for direct communication with consumers; can develop new customers while enhancing the loyalty of old customers; allow information to be disseminated more freely, grasp the initiative and timeliness of information, etc.

   CnOpenData launches social media account data of A-share listed companies, divided into three tables: listed company app information table, listed company Weibo information table, and listed company public account information table. Among them, the listed company's parent company app information table includes the download level as of May 2023, providing data resources for related research on listed companies.

Data volume statistics

App information table of listed companies: 1893 rows
Listed company Weibo information table: 3621 lines
Listed company public account information table: Line 8078

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Listed company app information table Listed company Weibo information table Listed company public account information table
Stock code Stock code Stock code
Full Chinese name Full Chinese name Full Chinese name
Serial number Serial number Serial number
Name Weibo nickname WeChat public account
Download level Introduction WeChat ID
IOS latest Introduction
Android latest

Sample data

Listed company app information table

Stock code Full Chinese name Serial number Name Download level IOS latest Android latest Introduction
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 1 Ping An Car E Pass One Hundred Thousand Level 2023-01-09(94.1MB) Ping An Auto E-Tong is a one-stop auto finance and operation management service platform provided by Ping An Bank for vehicle dealers. It provides car dealers with convenient, efficient and transparent auto financial services, and at the same time solves business shortages and Issues such as capital turnover can be solved easily with daily operations.
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 2 Good chain 2023-03-24 2022-12-02(60.17MB) Haolian relies on the Internet, cloud computing, blockchain and other technologies to provide services such as accounts receivable management, account management, financing services, fund supervision, settlement services, risk control and other services to all participants in supply chain transactions. A comprehensive one-stop comprehensive financial service platform
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 3 Ping An Bank Hong Kong 2022-12-21(49.07MB) Ping An Bank Hong Kong APP is newly launched, which can provide customers with the following services: 1. Appointment account opening: apply online and submit an appointment, and witness the account opening in the mainland, without visiting Hong Kong in person; 2. Global remittance: if you have Ping An Bank's mainland and Hong Kong accounts, Remittances from the two places can be received in real time without waiting, and the transfer fee is as low as 0 yuan; 3. Time deposits: provide Hong Kong dollars, US dollars, and RMB time deposits, with market-leading interest rates; 4. Currency exchange: provide Hong Kong dollars, US dollars, and RMB currency exchanges Serve.
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 4 Peace Pocket Bank 2023-05-06 2023-05-05(126.77MB) Simple, worry-free, time-saving, and money-saving [Earn More] Financial Management: A new financial management wallet that can earn and spend money. You can transfer, consume, pay, etc. without manual redemption to meet your flexible financial management needs; fluctuations Smaller and more stable fixed-term financial products are definitely “stable style”. Funds: Better allocation strategies, professional team control, and considerate wealth accompaniment throughout the journey, providing you with more complete investment and financial management advice. Deposits: The channel has been fully upgraded, equipped with investment education services and income selection tools to help you better choose deposit products. Gold: "Peace is blessing, companionship is gold", creating a one-stop service for gold investment with guaranteed quality and convenient repurchase. Loans: Covering a variety of credit and mortgage products, such as Xinyidai, the annual interest rate (simple interest) is 8.88-18.36%. The online process is efficient and convenient, and you can fully enjoy fast financial services. The loan amount, interest rate, and disbursement time are subject to actual review. Borrowing is risky. Please apply for a reasonable amount according to your personal ability to avoid overdue loans. [Save more] Intimate rights and interests: covering business travel rights such as airport transfers, VIP rooms, and high-end hotels, leisure and entertainment rights such as video music, golf practice, and fitness, and basic services such as free shipping on transaction transactions, cross-border remittances, and account security. Rights and interests, as well as third-party lifestyle rights such as ticket purchase, taxi hailing, and takeout. 【Easy】The design is more modern, more professional and more friendly. Not only has the interface been greatly reduced in noise, but the layout has also been optimized to improve the experience. Brand-new multi-account and cross-platform capabilities build a diverse intelligent ecosystem and product capabilities, enabling one-touch search, collection and services, and continuous upgrades of all-round security to ensure customer information security and privacy 24/7. Humanized intelligent service for: Pocket Butler 2.0. You can come and go freely between opening and closing; it is within reach anytime and anywhere; multiple rounds of dialogue, intelligent scenes; human-machine collaboration, real-time correction. [Care More] The large-character version is fully optimized, easy to perceive, easy to operate, and easy to understand. At the same time, a special anti-fraud guide section is provided to protect the financial life of elderly customers. Transform from multiple dimensions such as vision, hearing, and perception to create a more considerate user experience and present you with a full ecosystem of online financial service products.
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 5 Safe Digital Pocket 2023-04-13 2023-05-05(267.33MB) Ping An Bank Pocket Finance has been fully upgraded to Ping An Digital Pocket! Ping An Digital Pocket is a new platform that provides users with digital asset management and comprehensive services. Breaking through the boundaries of traditional financial management and financial services, it provides one-stop comprehensive services with a lightweight user system. [Limited time benefit] New customer loans share 100 million interest-reduced red envelope [Finance] Selected financial products, fast financing, flexible integrated financing products, support intelligent matching, online measurement, fast approval speed; selected financial products, flexible and diverse, term Rich and convenient to purchase; premium insurance products provide additional protection and make business operations more secure. 【Benefits】Multiple free, play and earn points! Free transfers, priority loan approval, 0 yuan QiCha Professional Edition, ZhiNiao training, etc. You can also sign in to collect points and redeem prizes. [Account Service] 7X24 hours online service! Enterprises can handle business normally during bank non-business hours, transfer funds to their accounts immediately, print receipts online, download monthly statements, make an appointment to open an account through the air counter, update unit information, etc. [Digital Certificate & Digital Score] Data generates value! Ping An digital certificate connects user services and scenarios to help users realize cross-platform data transfer and data management; Ping An digital certificate represents the user's comprehensive value assessment under the Ping An system, allowing data to generate value.
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 6 Ping An Bank Corporate Transaction 2022-11-14(47.08MB) Ping An Transaction is an online comprehensive financial trading platform launched by Ping An Bank that integrates foreign exchange, options and other trading products. Customers can conduct foreign exchange settlement and sales and foreign exchange buying and selling transactions such as spot, forward, swap and option through multiple channels. Ping An Trading Enterprise Edition conducts an in-depth analysis of the financial transaction business characteristics and customer trading behavior habits, and has carried out multiple functional innovations and process optimizations in the quotation engine, transaction channels, transaction processing, risk management and other aspects to achieve real-time foreign exchange price release and rapid transaction business. A variety of functions, including centralized management of customer transaction risks. 1. The quotation engine provides real-time quotation support for high-frequency transactions and a strict quotation risk control mechanism; 2. Realizes centralized quotation, centralized trading, centralized position management, and centralized customer margin account management; 3. The business covers foreign exchange buying and selling/foreign exchange settlement and sales. Futures, forwards, swaps, options, currency swaps, interest rate swaps, interest rate options and other product lines; 4. Flexible trading functions to achieve full coverage of the life cycle of trading products; 5. Three major terminal supports: providing counter, professional There are three major trading channels: PC client and mobile APP client; 6. The latest professional news information can be pushed in real time 24/7.
000016 Konka Group Co., Ltd. 1 KiLink 2022-12-13 【Easy control of devices】Control your home with your mobile phone, even if you are thousands of miles apart, you can still control it with one click. [Intelligent scene linkage] Edit life scenes at will and control series devices at will. [Have fun with smart voice] Easily control devices and scenes through voice, no more clicking. [Smart Notification] Flexibly grasp device information and live a smart life with less worry and effort. [Intelligent expansion functions] More practical functions are waiting for you to experience, providing exquisite products and leading a wonderful life.
000026 FIYTA Precision Technology Co., Ltd. 1 Jeep Watches 2023-03-22 JeepWatches APP is an application specially designed for Jeep smart watches. Users can view detailed sports and health data on the APP and conduct all-round management of the watch. Main functions: 1. Data display: Data such as step counting, sleep, running, cycling, hiking, swimming, etc. are displayed graphically and saved permanently. 2. Watch settings: watch face management, application management, address book synchronization and other device management functions.
000026 FIYTA Precision Technology Co., Ltd. 2 ADASHER 2023-01-08(130.7MB) ADASHER APP is an application specially designed for ADASHER smart watches. Users can view detailed sports and health data on the APP and conduct all-round management of the watch. Main functions: 1. Healthy life data: step counting, sleep, heart rate, etc. 2. Sports data: running, cycling, hiking, mountain climbing, boxing, yoga, dumbbells, etc. 3. Watch settings: Do not disturb mode, alarm clock, find watch, Bluetooth message reminder, weather, watch face download, firmware upgrade, etc.
000026 FIYTA Precision Technology Co., Ltd. 3 JeepSmart 2022-03-22(64.7MB) After connecting to the wearable device through the JeepSmart app, you can: 1) Record the number of daily exercise steps and calculate the daily calories burned and exercise distance. And you can set step goals to motivate yourself. 2) Record your daily sleep status, inform you of your daily deep sleep time, light sleep time and number of times you wake up, and provide you with reasonable suggestions. 3) Record daily heart rate changes and heart rate fluctuations in different periods, and fully understand them. 4) Statistics of your daily, weekly and monthly data, historical data is clear at a glance.
000026 FIYTA Precision Technology Co., Ltd. 4 YLW Sport 2021-01-02 YLW Sport APP is an application specially designed for Yulewan smart watches. Users can set course reminders on the APP, view detailed exercise and health data, and conduct all-round management of the watch. Main functions: 1. Data display: graphical display of step counting, sleep, body temperature, heart rate, running, cycling, mountain climbing and other data. 2. Watch settings: course reminders, alarm clock reminders, step counting reminders, all-day heart rate and other settings.
000026 FIYTA Precision Technology Co., Ltd. 5 1Step 2020-04-22(283.1MB) This APP can record user's health data such as exercise, sleep, heart rate and so on by connecting to smart devices such as smart watches. At the same time, through the American Cooper aerobic capacity algorithm, users are provided with personalized aerobic capacity training plans. In addition, the APP platform provides sports, fitness, yoga and other training courses to create an experience-rich ecosystem for users to live a healthy life. [Warm Tips] - The exercise module will continue to use GPS positioning services for walking, running, and cycling to draw movement trajectories. If you switch to the background, the GPS connection will still be maintained, which will consume more power than other operations. -Continuous use of walking, running, and cycling GPS in the background will affect battery life. -1Step is connected to HealthKit and can synchronize "health" data to 1Step.
000031 Joy City Holding Group Co., Ltd. 1 Dayue Leyi - New ideas for life 2022-12-26 "Joyer Apt." is a long-term rental apartment brand launched by COFCO Group based on its existing residential real estate development and commercial real estate operations. Adhering to the brand proposition of "New Ideas in Life", "Joyer Apt." is led by creativity and fun, perfectly combines living, social interaction and activities, and is committed to providing a comfortable living environment and pleasure for the vibrant urban elite. The living atmosphere allows people to get rid of the unchanging and rigid life and live a new life every day. Relying on COFCO's brand strength and industry resources in the entire industry chain and full service chain, "Joyer Apt." has deployed in first- and second-tier cities such as Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Tianjin, and has established a presence through Joyer fresh, Joye, and Joye OLIVE's three product lines meet the needs of different customer segments. JOYER APP can help renters easily realize the entire process of online house search, house viewing and contract signing. It also provides online inquiry and payment of bills, remote viewing and control of smart water and electricity meters and door locks, as well as cleaning and maintenance and other considerate services to provide you with the best service. Worry about life and protect you.
000031 Joy City Holding Group Co., Ltd. 2 Leyi Butler 2022-09-06 Used for internal house management, query, resource pool management, and post-rental management of enterprises.
000031 Joy City Holding Group Co., Ltd. 3 Dayue Property 2021-04-18 COFCO Corporation (COFCO) is a key state-owned enterprise directly managed by the central government. It is an agricultural, grain, oil and food enterprise with unique global layout, full industrial chain, and the largest market and development potential in China. Its total assets rank No. 1 in the global industry. 1. It has been ranked among the Global Fortune 500 for 25 consecutive years and is one of the 16 central enterprises approved by the State Council with real estate as its main business. Joy City Holdings continues to improve its core competitiveness, continue to improve operating performance, steadily expand asset scale, achieve multi-business synergy and linkage, and open a new chapter of high-quality development. With the help of information management tools, it decomposes business goals and analyzes the operation status of each project. Carry out real-time monitoring and risk management. At the same time, combined with the characteristics and development strategies of central enterprises, the company will be subject to group control and centralized management of compliance. To complete the transformation from managing "things" to serving "people", it is necessary to quickly standardize and unify the different business processes and management methods in the past, so as to quickly promote the innovation of property operation models. Dayue's overall property management information solution uses a B/S architecture to build a property cloud platform. It is a comprehensive service platform for property companies to achieve groupization, informatization and the Internet. It also provides mobile office and multiple hardware access, which can provide Property enterprise management provides comprehensive systematic solutions. The Dayue property management system has flexible functions and operation designs that can meet the various needs of different business projects. It is suitable for property management of different properties such as residences, office buildings, and technology parks.
000157 Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. 1 Zhonglian e-Butler One Hundred Thousand Level 2022-12-06(109.91MB) Zoomlion-Zoomlion e-Butler, APP is a high-end intelligent equipment management software that innovatively provides construction machinery users with intelligent and convenient equipment and operation management. Specific functions include: comprehensive equipment management, project equipment Management, accessories/host sales consultation, equipment maintenance guide, equipment electronic fence, industry information and other functions.
000333 Midea Group Co., Ltd. 1 Beautiful Mercure Billion level 2023-04-12 2022-12-22(120.65MB) As an important entrance to Midea’s smart home, Midea’s Meiju App can connect to all Midea’s brands as well as smart home appliances and smart devices that have joined the ecological chain. There are also multiple scene gameplays that allow you to turn on intelligence with one click. Every time you open the App, you will receive surprises, such as free trials of new products and various welfare activities, food sharing and smart recipes in the discovery section that will turn you into a chef in seconds, as well as black technology and imaginative ways to play with smart home appliances. You feel like the smart butler is by your side, interacting with you at any time, making your life smarter and more interesting. Do you want to have such a smart life? "Clothes" are cleaned, and the clothes are intelligently pushed to be dried and aired. "Food" is taken care of by uploading ingredients. Smart recipes make three meals different. "Stay" is the night sleep mode. Intelligent linkage temperature control, moisturizing, sleeping, and "traveling" are safe when traveling. Smart security Ensure family safety Have you ever thought that every member of your family can do this in the future? "Lover" one-click romantic mode, immerse yourself in your favorite lights and music with him or her "Children" use intelligent temperature control mode to intelligently control the temperature to prevent children from catching colds "Parents" elderly care mode can fully protect parents' home safety remotely " "Cute Pet" timed feeding mode, owners can also have regular and rationed meals for their pets when away from home. Midea's Mercure App has been working hard to create a more beautiful smart life, and you are welcome to experience it.
000333 Midea Group Co., Ltd. 2 Meiyun Sales 2023-05-04(110.40MB) Meiyunpin APP is a mall-based mobile platform used for purchase, sales, deposit and accounting management between Midea distributors and agents. Users are channel distributors operated by agents. Distributors can view product and policy price information released by the company and agents in real time, learn about rich promotional methods, view agent inventory in real time and place accurate orders, improve capital weekly accuracy, and real-time View account information and communicate issues, bringing a mall-like shopping experience to distributors.
000338 Weichai Power Co., Ltd. 1 Wei Trip 2023-04-12(131.02MMB) Weichai Group’s exclusive business travel APP is committed to providing employees with convenient one-stop business travel services, including functions such as inquiry, reservation, cancellation, change, and cancellation of air tickets, hotels, cars, train tickets and other products. Main functions: Air tickets: One-way and round-trip air tickets on major airlines, supported by new and old ones; Hotels: Agreement hotels and a large number of special-price hotels for business travel; Train tickets: High-speed trains, ordinary trains and other train tickets, supported Grab tickets; use cars: Integrate multiple car suppliers, say goodbye to waiting and be on call. The "WEITRIP" mobile client fully supports various business travel booking needs, helping you control your business journey at your fingertips!
000401 Tangshan Jidong Cement Co., Ltd. 1 Jinyu Jidong Mobile Field Service 2022-04-27 Tangshan BBMG Jidong mobile field system only provides services to salesmen of BBMG Jidong's subsidiaries
000401 Tangshan Jidong Cement Co., Ltd. 2 Salesperson Customer Service 2021-10-27 The salesperson customer service system can provide services for salespersons and perform operations such as customer management, work daily reports, attendance and clocking, order management, etc.
000401 Tangshan Jidong Cement Co., Ltd. 3 Queue at Jinyu Jidong 2021-04-23 BBMG Jidong Appointment Queue Tangshan Jidong Cement Co., Ltd. is based on the original Hebei Province Jidong Cement Factory. It was exclusively initiated by Hebei Province Jidong Cement Group Company in May 1994 and officially established through targeted fundraising. , a joint-stock enterprise established. In 1996, Jidong Cement A shares were issued and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. It is the largest cement manufacturer and supplier in northern China. The company's predecessor, Hebei Province Jidong Cement Factory, started construction in 1981 and was completed in December 1983. After national acceptance and handover from China and Japan, it was officially put into production on January 1, 1985. It is known as the leader of China's new dry process cement industry. cradle.
000528 Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd. 1 LiuGong Intelligent Butler 2023-04-04 LiuGong Intelligent Butler allows you to query the complete machine location information, complete machine operation information and provide data analysis content and results. You can also view the introduction, news and event information of all LiuGong products, and directly communicate with LiuGong's Get in touch with the after-sales service center. Liugong Intelligent Butler is an indispensable management tool for your construction machinery and equipment.
000528 Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd. 2 LiuGong iLink 2023-01-28 LiuGong iLink lets you see the full picture of all your machines. Where they are working, when they are working and how they are being operated. You can remotely manage your machine to prevent it from improper utilization. You can also monitor your machines, plan service and maintenance more efficiently.
000528 Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd. 3 LiuGong Home 2022-07-06 LiuGong International unified APP to provide APP business support for LiuGong’s overseas business
000541 Foshan Electrical and Lighting Co., Ltd. 1 Buddha shines with wisdom 2022-04-29(138.08MB) Fozhao Zhiguang APP is a Foshan lighting smart home APP and an important part of the Zhiguang system. Through the APP, you can bind smart devices to achieve one-click control of smart devices and intelligent scene settings to make your life smarter.
000550 Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd. 1 JMC 2023-04-23 2023-01-03(107.48MB) JMC uses the latest generation of automotive electronic systems, advanced mobile communication networks, and introduces professional TSP platforms, e-commerce platforms, and comprehensive membership service platforms. Provide car owners with new intelligent services and personalized services throughout the entire life cycle of the vehicle, and open up a new life for your car in the era of intelligent driving. You can enjoy remote control of the vehicle, remote query, remote physical examination, etc. through the APP at all times. Remote security and other functional services, enjoy the LOHAS experience brought to you by "Internet +".
000550 Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd. 2 JMC Smart Fleet 2022-12-29 2022-12-29(63.72MB) JMC Smart Fleet adopts the latest Internet of Vehicles and mobile communication technologies, allowing you to enjoy digital vehicle management services without leaving home. As an administrator, you can use the APP to complete real-time monitoring of vehicle positioning and early warning reminders of vehicle status; as a driver, you can complete attendance check-in and understand the status of your driving vehicle through the APP. With JMC Smart Fleet, fleet management is so simple!
000555 Digital China Information Services Co., Ltd. 1 Yunweibao 2020-06-18 Yunweibao is not only a work attitude, but also a support platform for professional IT service providers and customer service businesses. It is committed to helping customers in finance, government, large and medium-sized enterprises, IT service industries and other industries to realize the visualization of IT services. , service-oriented, process-oriented and refined management. Through powerful and flexible workflow engine technology and ITIL-based process "suite combination" to support ITIL process implementation needs that meet customer expectations, ensure management visibility, ensure that IT service organizations are helped to establish service awareness, and ensure "customer-centric, service-oriented" Oriented" to ensure that service quality and employee performance can be quantified. Yunweibao provides one-stop IT service management SaaS services and a convenient work order processing model, allowing your company to build an "operation and maintenance cloud" that is faster, lighter and stronger. * To-do work orders, view the latest operation and maintenance work * Message notifications, view the latest news on operation and maintenance work processing * Various charts, pie charts, dashboards, line charts to visually view operation and maintenance results * Knowledge retrieval, accumulate knowledge in the service process It is stored in the database through a certain process. The system uses search engines to match the best knowledge points and improve the technical capabilities of the entire operation and maintenance team. * Search work orders to easily locate work order information * Event, problem, change, task, service request work orders, process workflow tasks at any time * Process view, check the flow status of work orders and get in touch with the process handler by phone * Configuration management , dedicated to controlling a changing IT architecture (standardization and status monitoring), identifying configuration items, collecting and managing documentation about the IT architecture, and providing IT architecture-related information to all other processes. * Operation and maintenance dashboard, visual data statistics center, supports data drill-down to specific items to achieve the purpose of observation and positioning operations. * Physical inspection, realizing routine inspection and maintenance operation management of physical machines, will help improve the ability to proactively prevent and eliminate hidden dangers, and reduce the occurrence of faults.
000563 Shaanxi International Trust Co., Ltd. 1 Shaanxi Guotou Trust 2022-08-05(118.88MB) Shaanxi International Trust Co., Ltd. (referred to as Shaanxi Guotou, stock code: 000563) was formerly known as Shaanxi Financial Joint Investment Company (referred to as Shaanxi Jinlian). The establishment of Shaanxi Jinlian in 1984 marked the birth of Shaanxi’s modern trust industry. On January 10, 1994, Shaanxi State Investment Corporation was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, marking the birth of China's non-bank financial listed institutions. Shaanxi State Investment Corporation is the only listed trust company in the central and western regions and the first listed provincial financial institution in Shaanxi. Shaanxi State Investment Corporation was founded 36 years ago and has been listed for 26 years. It has actively exerted its trust investment and financing functions and provided a large number of high-quality financial services to a large number of enterprises and projects. It has been rated as "Shaanxi Provincial Excellent Financial Institution" by the Shaanxi Provincial Government for many consecutive years and has been rated by the Shaanxi Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. It was assessed as an A-level enterprise and comprehensively evaluated as a "Class A non-bank institution" by the People's Bank of China. Shaanxi Guotou Wealth APP is an online wealth management platform specially created by Shaanxi Guotou for high-net-worth customers. It provides investors with service functions such as online product reservation, remote dual registration, electronic contract signing, and asset inquiry. [Main functions] 1. Online reservation: You can make reservations online for popular products of Shaanxi Guotou Trust; 2. Remote dual registration: you can complete identity authentication and remote dual registration conveniently and quickly; 3. Electronic signing: you can sign legally binding electronic documents online Contract; 4. Asset inquiry: Inquiry of all personal surviving and liquidated assets, income distribution and information disclosure reports; 5. Other business processing: online update of certificate validity period, etc. [Security Guarantee] Customer identification is carried out through various mechanisms such as public security ID card authentication, UnionPay bank card authentication, face recognition, and manual review. The electronic contract is digitally encrypted through the digital certificate issued by the Financial Electronic Certification Center to effectively protect the signing process. and the security of contract results to ensure the security of personal property information. This APP does not currently support online transfers. Please use online banking or go to the Shaanxi Guotou Trust counter to make transfers. --------Contact us--------If you have any questions, please call Shaanxi Guotou Trust customer service hotline "400-029-0563".

Weibo information table of listed companies

with the approval of the Shenzhen Municipal Government.
Stock code Full Chinese name Serial number Weibo nickname Introduction
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 1 Shenzhen Development Bank Credit Card Fun Bar The autumn breeze brings coolness, and the golden autumn harvest is a good time. Starting from September 16th, you can stay in hotels, enjoy delicious food, shop for department stores, and go to supermarkets to use your Shenzhen Development Bank credit card to earn gift money, with a total gift money of 2 million yuan, and a maximum gift cash reward of 888 yuan for a single transaction. As long as you swipe hard, we will give you big "profits". For details, please click: http: //www.sdb.com.cn/website/page/files/wcms/SDB/creditcard/zh_CN/Others/jtym/2011ads/20110915888-1.htm
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 2 Ping An Bank_Xinyidai
000002 Vanke Enterprise Co., Ltd. 1 Vanke Weekly Vanke Weekly was founded in 1992 and is the first internal corporate magazine in the domestic industry. http://www.vankeweekly.com
000002 Vanke Enterprise Co., Ltd. 2 Vanke New Power Recruitment Official Weibo Vanke New Power Campus Recruitment - Realize ideals and partner for youth!
000002 Vanke Enterprise Co., Ltd. 3 2015 Milan Expo Vanke Pavilion Official Weibo of Vanke Pavilion of Expo Milan 2015
000007 Shenzhen Xinhao Co., Ltd. 1 New and good official Weibo
000008 China High Speed ​​Rail Technology Co., Ltd. 1 China High-Speed ​​Railway China High-Speed ​​Railway is a mixed-ownership pilot enterprise controlled by the State Investment Corporation. The company's development strategy is to build a comprehensive service provider for China's rail transit operations with the dual core of "line operation + operation and maintenance equipment".
000012 China CSG Group Co., Ltd. 1 Official Recruitment of CSG Group
000016 Konka Group Co., Ltd. 1 Konka TV Konka TV official Weibo
000016 Konka Group Co., Ltd. 2 Konka Group We believe our inspiration comes from life and will return to life. All our efforts are to let people feel the beauty, variety and wonder of life! Unique design, natural quality...For detailed introduction, please visit http://www.konka.com
000016 Konka Group Co., Ltd. 3 Konka E-commerce
000016 Konka Group Co., Ltd. 4 Modern TV Travel for charity
000016 Konka Group Co., Ltd. 5 Konka Group Campus Recruitment Konka Group was founded on May 21, 1980, formerly known as "Guangdong Guangming Overseas Chinese Electronics Industry Company". It is the first Sino-foreign joint venture electronics enterprise born after China's reform and opening up, with an initial investment of HK$43 million. In 1991, Konka Group was reorganized into a Chinese and foreign public joint-stock company. In 1992, Konka's A and B shares were listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange at the same time. It now has total assets of nearly 10 billion yuan, net assets of nearly 4 billion yuan, and a total share capital of 1.204 billion shares. OCT Group is the largest shareholder.
000016 Konka Group Co., Ltd. 6 Konka Group Social Recruitment
000021 Shenzhen Great Wall Development Technology Co., Ltd. 1 Deep Technology
000024 China Merchants Real Estate Holdings Co., Ltd. 1 New voyage of China Merchants Real Estate China Merchants Real Estate Holdings Co., Ltd. (referred to as "China Merchants Real Estate") is one of the main listed company platforms of the three core industries of the centrally owned Hong Kong China Merchants Group. It is one of the earliest real estate companies in China. China Merchants Real Estate is known for advocating " It is known as the earliest practitioner and successful model of "urban operation" and "sustainable development" in China's real estate industry. The company is known as the "developer with the most risk resistance" due to the substantial recurring profits brought about by its reasonable business structure layout.
000026 FIYTA Precision Technology Co., Ltd. 1 FIYTA Fiyta watches adhere to the spirit of exploration derived from aviation, and interpret the artistic exploration of "flying" with timepieces that combine professional watchmaking technology and exquisite aesthetics.
000029 Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Real Estate (Group) Co., Ltd. 1 Shenshenfang Weibo Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Real Estate (Group) Co., Ltd. (referred to as Shenzhen Fang Group) was established on January 8, 1980, formerly known as "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Real Estate Company". In February 1992, the name was changed to "...
000031 Joy City Holding Group Co., Ltd. 1 COFCO Hongyun-Uhuo’s new proposition COFCO Hongyun is about to launch the "Taste of COFCO·Enjoy the Future" event. Follow the latest news on this Weibo and win a luxury trip to the three provinces of "Beijing-Shenzhen-Sanya"!
000032 Shenzhen Sangda Industrial Co., Ltd. 1 Sha Xiaoman Deng Wumian
000035 China Tianying Co., Ltd. 1 CNTYBeijingOffice A Global Leader in Green Economy and Public Diplomacy
000038 Shenzhen Datong Industrial Co., Ltd. 1 Shenzhen Chase_000038 Shenzhen Chase (000038) was formally established on June 24, 1987 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on August 8, 1994. Later, in April 2008, the shareholders' meeting of Shenzhen Chase passed the share-trading reform and other related plans, and Shenzhen Chase subsequently reorganized and resumed listing. Under the new situation, Shenzhen Chase will continue to expand its listed company platform on the basis of its existing business. Based on industry, through resource integration and capital operation, it will make full use of the company's advantages such as the blockchain application chain that has been launched and is being developed, and gradually It has formed three major business sectors: bioengineering, supply chain services and private capital management, and Internet media. It uses financial resources and other advantages to actively introduce external excellent teams through strengthening incentive measures to comprehensively realize the company's strategic transformation and industrial upgrading. Among them, the bioengineering sector that the company focuses on will be committed to the construction, production and sales of industrial hemp, fuel ethanol, and bio-organic fertilizers (bio-organic water-soluble fertilizers), and will promote and improve the integration of the upstream and downstream industrial hemp industry chains to create A full industrial chain of industrial hemp intensive processing from cultivation, processing to application.
000039 China International Shipping Containers (Group) Co., Ltd. 1 CIMC China International Marine Containers (Group) Co., Ltd. (referred to as: CIMC Group) was born in Shenzhen in 1980. It is a global operating platform based on China’s advantages and the world’s leading supplier of logistics equipment and energy equipment; in Asia It has more than 200 member companies in , Europe, America, Australia and other regions. It has eight major business sectors including containers, vehicles, energy and chemical equipment, and offshore engineering, and is a global leader in many businesses. Please follow the group’s official WeChat account: cimc99
000040 Tungxu Blue Sky New Energy Co., Ltd. 1 Shenzhen Hongji Baocuiyuan
000048 Shenzhen Jingji Zhinong Times Co., Ltd. 1 Kangdal-Shanhai City Shanhai City, a large-scale ecological complex in Qianhai Bay and a mountain city, grows next to the ecological landscape of Tiezai Mountain, overlooking the mountains and sea, surrounded by parks, with convenient subways, a gathering of multiple businesses, and a refined life system. Shanhai City stands at the intersection of Bao'an Avenue and Tongda Road at the south gate of Tiezai Mountain. It covers an area of ​​more than 110,000 square meters and has a total construction area of ​​about 700,000 square meters. There is a skyline swimming pool and a skyline library, allowing you to have an overview of the bustling city above the city. The project consists of six major parts including ecological residences, hotels, apartments, lifestyle commercial blocks, schools, and children's theme parks, creating a livable Qianhai city that integrates ecological residences, leisure shopping, education, children's entertainment, and urban business. . Enjoy the world without leaving home! The project is designed with the concept of human settlement, and the humanized details are thoughtful and meticulous, creating a model of human settlement life.
000048 Shenzhen Jingji Zhinong Times Co., Ltd. 2 Condal Urban Farm Kangdaer has been supplying Hong Kong for 33 years, with quality assurance - Kangdaer Urban Farm delivers healthy agricultural products to Shenzhen citizens, creates a healthy lifestyle, and becomes a reliable food basket around you.
000048 Shenzhen Jingji Zhinong Times Co., Ltd. 3 Jingji Zhinong
000050 Tianma Microelectronics Co., Ltd. 1 Tianma Microelectronics
000055 Fangda Group Co., Ltd. 1 Fangda Group Co., Ltd. Fangda Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Fangda Group", Shenzhen Stock Exchange A-share code 000055, B-share code 200055) was founded on December 28, 1991. The group is headquartered in Shenzhen, with offices in Shenzhen, It has large-scale modern production bases in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Nanchang, Dongguan, Chengdu and other places, and has subsidiaries and branches in more than 30 cities and overseas regions including Guangzhou, Jinan, Nanjing, Wuhan and Xiamen. It is a well-known large-scale enterprise in my country. high-tech enterprises.
000058 Shenzhen SEG Co., Ltd. 1 SEG Recruitment

Listed company public account information table

Stock code Full Chinese name Serial number WeChat public account WeChat ID Introduction
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 1 Ping An Modern Logistics PINGAN_BANK_CLF Closely adhere to the integration of the modern logistics industry, innovate the diversified development model of comprehensive finance, and strive to become a leading modern logistics comprehensive financial service provider
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 2 Ping An Transaction Trading_one Ping An Transaction is an online comprehensive financial transaction launched by Ping An Bank that integrates foreign exchange, options and other trading products
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 3 Ping An Bank Energy and Mineral Finance Division gh_55aabdd8fc4b Internal company news
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 4 Pingyin Transportation Infrastructure Logistics PINGAN_BANK_CLF An industry communication platform officially certified by Ping An Bank, aiming to bring cutting-edge industry trends and research perspectives to the market
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 5 Ping An Bank Golden Orange Factoring Club PAB_GOFC Ping An Bank Golden Orange Factoring Club (PAB_GOFclub) is committed to leveraging the resource advantages of Ping An Bank and even Ping An Group, gathering the strength of many commercial factoring companies, and jointly making the commercial factoring industry bigger and stronger, and truly realizing the realization of banking, insurance and other factors. It is a win-win situation for all parties, including accounting companies and enterprises, to create a factoring ecosystem chain of “coexistence and common prosperity”.
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 6 Ping An Bank Small Business Finance daidaipingan Daidai Ping An Commercial Card is a comprehensive financial solution including settlement, loans, wealth management, insurance and other products created by Ping An Bank for small and micro business owners.
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 7 Ping An Bank Green Finance PAnykcjrsyb Internal company news
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 8 Ping An Bank Car Ecosystem pab-qcstsyb The Automotive Ecological Business Department is a specialized institution established by Ping An Bank under the guidance of the new development strategy, focusing on the automotive industry and
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 9 Ping An Private Bank pasryh Private Bank, with its dedicated spirit, professional and valuable service concept, provides comprehensive financial solutions to high-net-worth customers, realizes the global allocation of assets, and ensures the safe inheritance of the family business, and is determined to become a company truly rooted in China and the world. A premier private bank.
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 10 Ping An Bank Medical, Health, Culture and Tourism Division PAB_SYB Publish macroeconomic, financial, industry trends and Ping An Bank information and news internally.
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 11 Ping An Energy and Minerals Division PAB_EMF_SBU Publish internally dynamic information and news on macroeconomics, finance, energy and mineral industries, and Ping An Bank
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 12 Ping An Bank Corporate Business PAB_SZ000001 The country’s first WeChat bank for corporate business. Provide you with "at your fingertips" financial services and a new mobile instant messaging experience. The main functions include WeChat account opening, balance inquiry, current day and historical detail inquiry, company business product display, daily 5 major industry information, outlet information positioning, etc. A different kind of Ping An Bank, a different WeChat for corporate business, we look forward to your attention!
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 13 Peace Pocket Bank pakoudaiyh Follow Ping An Pocket Bank, be the first to know about Ping An Pocket Bank’s new features, and grasp the latest news of Ping An Pocket Bank at one hand. Ping An Pocket Bank is committed to providing customers with a safe, fast and convenient mobile banking service experience, allowing users to control their financial assets anytime and anywhere.
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 14 Electronic Information and Intelligent Manufacturing Finance Division gh_6d9cbbd5be24 The Electronic Information Industry Financial Division is a specialized financial institution for the electronic information industry established by Ping An Bank under the guidance of the new development strategy. It focuses on providing one-stop comprehensive financial solutions for the electronic information industry.
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 15 PAB We Talk pinganxueren Teachers and students work hard, teach each other, inherit culture, cultivate talents, moral conduct becomes more and more perfect, and professional skills become stronger and stronger. Morality
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 16 Safety ticket number pingan_bank95511 Follow Ping An Bank's official WeChat subscription account - Ping An Bank, to learn about the latest news of Ping An Bank in real time.
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 17 Peace Gold pingangold Ping An Gold is the main brand gold business of Ping An Bank. Pay attention to Ping An Gold and get the first-hand information on gold investment. Peace is blessing, and company is gold.
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 18 Ping An Bank Transportation Finance Division jtjrsyb The Transportation Finance Division is a specialized financial institution for the transportation industry established by Ping An Bank under the guidance of its new development strategy. It focuses on providing one-stop comprehensive financial solutions for the transportation industry.
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 19 Changde 519 Information Consulting CD519XXZX Ping An Bank New Loan, Ping An Bank Mortgage Loan, Ping An Bank Car Loan, Ping An Puhui Credit Loan, Huarong Xiangjiang Bank
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 20 Village Official Project PAB_cunguan Ping An Bank’s “Village Official Project” is an important part of Ping An of China’s “Three Villages Smart Poverty Alleviation Project” and is committed to supporting industry through industry
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 21 Ping An Trader pingantrader Trader of Ping An Bank
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 22 Ping An Bank pingan_bank Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. (Abbreviation: Ping An Bank, stock abbreviation: Ping An Bank, stock code: 000001) is the former Shenzhen Development Bank Co., Ltd., which completed the integration of the two banks and changed its name by absorbing and merging the former Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. The latter bank is a national joint-stock commercial bank headquartered in Shenzhen.
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 23 Safe hosting pazctg Ping An Custody - a different kind of custody. As the first WeChat platform for asset custody services in China, it will provide you with 360-degree personal custody without blind spots, including account management, balance inquiry, detail inquiry, product information inquiry and instruction information inquiry. Service is your right-hand assistant for querying, handling and tracking custody business.
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 24 Peaceful Wealth pabankcf "Ping An Wealth, wealth comes with courtesy", Ping An Bank Ping An Wealth provides you with "good services, full products, multiple rights and interests" around "etiquette + courtesy + courtesy +"
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 25 Ping An Financial Management gh_010683f2303c , your professional financial advisor!
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 26 Ping An Bank Credit Card paxyk95511
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 27 Ping An Bank Recruitment PAB_ZP Ping An Bank is really different
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 28 Ping An Bank Investment Banking Department PAB_EMF_SBU Publish internally dynamic information and news on macroeconomics, finance, energy and mineral industries, and Ping An Bank
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 29 Ping An Banker gh_824f661fa6ee Ping An Bank has a team of high-quality, high-capacity, high-income private wealth bankers, committed to becoming the most popular banker for Chinese families
000001 Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. 30 Transaction Bank orangebank_sz000001 With a snap of a finger, you can learn about two or three interesting things about finance; in a blink of an eye, you can gain insight into the direction of bank transformation. Share the latest information and supervision in multiple industries

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