In 2005, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange promulgated and implemented the "Measures for the Assessment of Information Disclosure by Listed Companies on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange" and began to rate the quality of information disclosure of listed companies. The Shanghai Stock Exchange began this process in 2016 Work.

  In terms of scoring standards, the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange are slightly different. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange from 2005 to 2010 respectively evaluated the timeliness, accuracy, completeness and legality of the daily information disclosure of listed companies. We conducted a multi-dimensional evaluation of the information disclosure work of listed companies over the past year, taking into account factors such as rewards and punishments received by listed companies, cooperation with securities regulatory agencies, investor relations management and other factors. , and finally formed: Excellent, good, passing, failing, a total of 4 types of evaluation results.

 In 2011, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange revised the "Shenzhen Stock Exchange Listed Companies' Information Disclosure Assessment Measures" and adopted a points addition and subtraction model to add or deduct points based on a unified assessment benchmark score. points, and combined with the negative list indicators, determine the assessment rating of listed companies. The basic score for the information disclosure assessment of listed companies is 100 points. The assessment ratings are divided into four levels from high to low: A, B, C, and D. The number of companies rated A accounts for no more than 25% of the total number of companies assessed strong>.

  AndSince 2016, the Shanghai Stock Exchange has graded the quality of information disclosure of listed companies from July 1 of each year to June 30 of the following year, using the method of benchmark score plus approved increase or decrease scores, the evaluation benchmark is 80 points. In accordance with the prescribed evaluation standards and the scoring standards stipulated in the attachment, various contents of the information disclosure work of listed companies are evaluated, and points are added or subtracted based on the benchmark score to obtain the final evaluation score of the listed company. The final evaluation scores of each listed company form the annual evaluation results according to the following standards: (1) Those with 90 points (inclusive) and above are A; (2) Those with 80 (inclusive) and 90 points are B; (3) 60 (inclusive) and above A score of 80 is C; (4) A score below 60 is D.

With regard to the proportion of each grade in the rating results, the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued the "Measures for the Evaluation of Information Disclosure of Listed Companies on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (2017 Revision)" in June 2017, and considered that the assessment model with rigid delineation of proportions cannot reflect the The actual situation of the branch.

The original "Evaluation Method" stipulates that the evaluation results are divided into four grades A, B, C, and D. Among them, the proportion distribution of the first three grades is divided into 3:5:2, and the proportion of grade D is combined with grade C. From a practical perspective, the level of a company's information disclosure mainly depends on its own efforts and performance in information disclosure. Dividing evaluation results according to established rigid proportions may result in the evaluation results of some companies not reflecting their actual situation. For example, in practice, there may be situations where the number of Class B companies exceeds or falls below 50%. However, according to the rigid proportion, this part of Class B companies can only be classified into Class C or Class A. In view of this, the rigid proportional restrictions in the "Evaluation Methods" need to be revised.

 CnOpenData summarizes and organizes the above data to form information disclosure scoring data of A-share listed companies for scholars to conduct detailed research on the quality of information disclosure of listed companies.

Time interval

Shanghai Stock Exchange: 2016-2020 Shenzhen Stock Exchange: 2005-2020

Field display

Information disclosure evaluation results table of listed companies on the Shanghai Stock Exchange Shenzhen Stock Exchange Listed Companies Information Disclosure Evaluation Results Table
Company code Company code
Company abbreviation Company abbreviation
Evaluation results Assessment results
Year Assessment year

Sample data

Information disclosure evaluation results table of listed companies on the Shanghai Stock Exchange

Company code Company abbreviation Evaluation results Year
600000 Shanghai Pudong Development Bank A 2016-2017
600004 Baiyun Airport A 2016-2017
600006 Dongfeng Motor C 2016-2017
600007 China International Trade B 2016-2017
600008 Beijing Capital A 2016-2017
600009 Shanghai Airport A 2016-2017
600010 Baotou Steel Co., Ltd. C 2016-2017
600011 Huaneng International B 2016-2017
600012 Wantong Expressway B 2016-2017
600015 Hua Xia Bank B 2016-2017
600016 Minsheng Bank B 2016-2017
600017 Rizhao Port B 2016-2017
600018 SIPG A 2016-2017
600019 Baosteel Co., Ltd. B 2016-2017
600020 Zhongyuan Expressway A 2016-2017
600021 Shanghai Electric Power B 2016-2017
600022 Shandong Iron and Steel B 2016-2017
600023 Zheneng Electric Power A 2016-2017
600026 COSCO Shipping Energy A 2016-2017
600027 Huadian International A 2016-2017
600028 Sinopec A 2016-2017
600029 China Southern Airlines A 2016-2017
600030 CITIC Securities A 2016-2017
600031 Sany Heavy Industry B 2016-2017
600033 Fujian Expressway B 2016-2017
600035 Chutian Expressway A 2016-2017
600036 China Merchants Bank A 2016-2017
600037 Gehua Cable A 2016-2017
600038 Zhongzhi Shares A 2016-2017
600039 Sichuan Road and Bridge B 2016-2017
600048 Poly Real Estate A 2016-2017
600050 China Unicom B 2016-2017
600051 Ningbo United B 2016-2017
600052 Zhejiang Guangsha B 2016-2017
600053 Jiuding Investment B 2016-2017
600054 Huangshan Tourism B 2016-2017
600055 Wandong Medical B 2016-2017
600056 Chinese medicine B 2016-2017
600057 Xiangyu Shares B 2016-2017
600058 Minmetals Development B 2016-2017
600059 Guyue Longshan A 2016-2017
600060 Hisense Electrical Appliances B 2016-2017
600061 SDIC Anxin A 2016-2017
600062 China Resources Double Crane A 2016-2017
600063 Wanwei High-tech B 2016-2017
600064 Nanjing Hi-Tech A 2016-2017
600066 Yutong Bus A 2016-2017
600067 Guancheng Chase B 2016-2017
600068 Gezhouba A 2016-2017

Information disclosure evaluation results table of listed companies on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Company Code Company abbreviation Assessment results Assessment year
000001 Ping An Bank Qualified 2005
000002 Vanke A Good 2005
000004 Guohua Network Security Good 2005
000005 ST Star Source Good 2005
000006 Shenzhen Zhenye A Good 2005
000007 *ST Brand New Good 2005
000008 China High-Speed ​​Railway Good 2005
000009 China Baoan Qualified 2005
000010 Beautiful Ecology Qualified 2005
000011 Shenzhen Property A Qualified 2005
000012 Southern Glass A Qualified 2005
000014 Shahe Shares Excellent 2005
000016 Shenkonjia A Good 2005
000017 Shen Zhonghua A Good 2005
000018 God City A retreats Qualified 2005
000019 Shenzhen Liang Holdings Good 2005
000020 Shenhuafa A Qualified 2005
000021 Deep Technology Good 2005
000022 Chiwan Conversion Good 2005
000023 Shentiandi A Qualified 2005
000024 China Investment Real Estate Excellent 2005
000025 Special Force A Good 2005
000026 FIYTA Good 2005
000027 Shenzhen Energy Qualified 2005
000028 Sinopharm Accord Qualified 2005
000029 ShenfangA Qualified 2005
000030 Fawer shares Good 2005
000031 Joy City Good 2005
000032 Shen Sanda A Excellent 2005
000033 Xindu retreat Good 2005
000034 Digital China Good 2005
000035 Chinese Tianying Unqualified 2005
000036 Hualian Holdings Good 2005
000037 Shenzhen Nandian A Good 2005
000038 Shenzhen Chase Good 2005
000039 CIMC Qualified 2005
000040 Dongxu Blue Sky Good 2005
000041 *ST本真B Unqualified 2005
000042 Zhongzhou Holdings Good 2005
000043 Sanda Conversion Good 2005
000045 Shenzhen Textile A Good 2005
000046 Oceanwide Holdings Qualified 2005
000048 Jingji Zhinong Good 2005
000049 Desai battery Good 2005
000050 Shen Tianma A Good 2005
000053 Shenzhen Base B Good 2005
000054 Building a car B Good 2005
000055 Fangda Group Qualified 2005
000056 Huangting International Good 2005

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