Star hotels are rated by the National (Provincial) Tourism Bureau as being able to provide accommodation facilities with catering and related services to tourist guests on a night-by-night basis. According to different customs, they are also called guesthouses, hotels, and hostels. , hotels, hotels, resorts, clubs, buildings, centers, etc. my country's foreign-related tourist hotels are divided into five grades, namely one star to five stars. The higher the star rating, the higher the grade of the hotel. The classification of hotel stars is based on the hotel's architecture, decoration, facilities and equipment, management and service level.

 Tourism has become an important part of meeting people's growing needs for material and cultural life, and an important form for people to realize their yearning for a better life. The rapid development of tourism has placed increasing demands on the hotel industry. As a representative of the hotel industry, star-rated hotels are an important symbol of the level of regional tourism reception facilities. Their facilities, products and services are key links in improving the tourism experience and play an important role in ensuring the development of regional tourism. effect.

  CnOpenData China's star hotel directory data includes all star hotel directories in 32 provinces and cities across the country, covering province, location (city), star rating, hotel name, hotel address , hotel phone numberand other fields provide strong data support for studying the tourism and hotel industry.

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China Star Hotel Data

China Star Hotel Data

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List of one to four-star hotels in China: as of 2022.05.31
List of five-star hotels in China: as of 2022.06.17

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China one to four star hotel directory field China five-star hotel directory fields
Province Province
Serial number Serial number
Location (city) Hotel name
Star rating City
Hotel name Number
Hotel address
Hotel phone number
Area code

Sample data

List of one to four star hotels in China

Province Serial number Location (city) Star rating Hotel name Hotel address Hotel phone number Area code
Beijing City 1 Beijing City Four stars Poly Building No. 14, Dongzhimen South Street 010-65001188
Beijing City 2 Beijing City Four stars Site Hotel No. 22, Jianguomenwai Street 010-65123388
Beijing City 3 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Debao Hotel No. 22, Debao New Park (Desheng Park) 010-68318866
Beijing City 4 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Guangxi Building No. 26, Huawili, Panjiayuan, Chaoyang District, Beijing 010-67796688
Beijing City 5 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Guizhou Building No. 18, Yinghua West Street, Heping West Bridge 010-58109988
Beijing City 6 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Guoyi Hotel No. 1, Wenxing East Street, Xicheng District, Beijing 010-68316611
Beijing City 7 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Henan Building No. 28, Huawei Lane, Panjiayuan 010-67751188
Beijing City 8 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Ningxia Building No. 13, Branch Hall Hutong, Andingmennei Street 010-64009999
Beijing City 9 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Tibet Building No. 118, North Fourth Ring East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 010-64981133
Beijing City 10 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Xinqiao Hotel No. 2, Dongjiaomin Lane, Dongcheng District, Beijing 010-65133366
Beijing City 11 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Friendship Hotel No. 1, Zhongguancun South Street 010-68498888
Beijing City 12 Beijing City Four stars Beijing China Civil Engineering Construction Building No. 6, Beifengwo, Haidian District, Beijing 010-51818888
Beijing City 13 Beijing City Four stars Huihao International Hotel No. 8, Douda Road, Doudian Town 010-69399999
Beijing City 14 Beijing City Four stars Yangfang Dadu Hotel Xiguan City, Yangfang Town, Changping District, Beijing 010-69768880
Beijing City 15 Beijing City Four stars China Agricultural University No. 38, Xueqing Road A 010-62328899
Beijing City 16 Beijing City Four stars China Employees’ Home No. 1 Zhenwumiao Road 010-68576699
Beijing City 17 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Guoerzhao Hotel No. 6, Xizhimen South Street 010-66186688
Beijing City 18 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Jingmingyuan Hotel No. 52, Zhengbai Banner, Xiangshan, Haidian District, Beijing 010-62871117
Beijing City 19 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Continental Hotel No. 8, Beichen East Road 010-84985588
Beijing City 20 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Fangheng Holiday Hotel Building 3, No. 6, Futong East Street, Wangjing, Chaoyang District, Beijing 010-64733333
Beijing City 21 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Haidian Garden Hotel No. 30 Huayuan East Road, Haidian District 010-62011188
Beijing City 22 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Lido Metropark Hotel No. 6, Jiangtai Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 010-64376688
Beijing City 23 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Foreign Experts Building Building 1, No. 8, Huayan Beili, Beisihuan Middle Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 010-82858888
Beijing City 24 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Wanshang Garden Hotel Beijing Wanshang Garden Hotel, No. 1 Yinhe Street 010-68681199
Beijing City 25 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Ya'ao International Hotel No. 1, Datun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 010-64874433
Beijing City 26 Beijing City Four stars Shenzhen Building Co., Ltd. No. 1, Guang'anmenwai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing 010-63271188
Beijing City 27 Beijing City Four stars Yuyang Hotel Co., Ltd. No. 18, Xinyuan Xili Middle Street, Chaoyang District 010-64669988
Beijing City 28 Beijing City Four stars Beijing. Yongxing Garden Hotel No. 101, Fucheng Road, Haidian District, Beijing 010-88111188
Beijing City 29 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Jianguo Hotel Company No. 5 Jianguomenwai Street 010-65002233
Beijing City 30 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Zhongyu Century Hotel No. 31, Lianhuachi East Road 010-63989999
Beijing City 31 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Baochen Hotel Co., Ltd. No. 18, Jianguomen Nei Street A 010-65266688
Beijing City 32 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Dunhuang Feitian Trading Building No. 5, Guangqumenwai South Street 010-67778000
Beijing City 33 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Fujian Building Co., Ltd. No. 11, District 3, Xili, Anzhen 010-64428833
Beijing City 34 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Guangming Hotel Co., Ltd. No. 42, Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 010-84418888
Beijing City 35 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Guangzhou Building Co., Ltd. No. 3, Hengtiao A, Xidan 010-58559988
Beijing City 36 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Guohong Hotel Co., Ltd. No. 11, Beilijia, Muxidi, Xicheng District, Beijing 010-63908866
Beijing City 37 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Peace Hotel Co., Ltd. No. 3, Jinyu Hutong, Wangfujing, Dongcheng District, Beijing 010-65128833
Beijing City 38 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Longquan Hotel Co., Ltd. No. 21, Shuizha North Road, Mentougou District, Beijing 010-69843366
Beijing City 39 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Business Club Co., Ltd. No. 1 Yulinli, You'anmenwai, Fengtai District, Beijing 010-63292244
Beijing City 40 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Shounong Xiangshan Conference Center No. 28, Beixin Village, Xiangshan 010-62598788
Beijing City 41 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Temple of Heaven Hotel Co., Ltd. No. 1, Gymnasium Road, Dongcheng District, Beijing 010-67190666
Beijing City 42 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Wendu Shuicheng Lake Bay Hotel Hongfu Pioneer Park, Beiqijia Town, Changping District, Beijing 010-81788888
Beijing City 43 Beijing City Four stars Changfeng Holiday Hotel Co., Ltd. No. 50, Yongding Road 010-68132299
Beijing City 44 Beijing City Four stars Catic Grand Skylight Hotel No. 18, Beichen East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 010-84971188
Beijing City 45 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Guodu Hotel Co., Ltd. No. 9, Xiaotianzhu Road, Capital International Airport 010-64565588
Beijing City 46 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Royal Hotel Co., Ltd. No. A6, North Third Ring East Road 010-59223388
Beijing City 47 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Liangmahe Building Co., Ltd. No. 8, East Third Ring North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 010-65906688
Beijing City 48 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Jinglin Airport Training Center Capital Airport Nanping Dongli B No. 1 010-64572626
Beijing City 49 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Wuhuan Hotel Co., Ltd. No. 15, East Third Ring Road South 010-67626655
Beijing City 50 Beijing City Four stars Beijing Yanshan Hotel Co., Ltd. No. 38 A, Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing 010-62563388

China Five-Star Hotel Directory

Province Serial number Hotel name City Number
Beijing 1 Wangfu Hotel (formerly Wangfu Peninsula Hotel) Beijing 1150001
Beijing 2 Beijing Overseas Chinese Building Beijing 1150002
Beijing 3 Beijing Tianlun Dynasty Hotel Beijing 1150004
Beijing 4 Beijing Great Wall Hotel Beijing 1150005
Beijing 5 Hilton Hotel Beijing Beijing 1150006
Beijing 6 Kerry Hotel Beijing Beijing 1150008
Beijing 7 China World Hotel Beijing 1150010
Beijing 8 The St. Regis Beijing (International Club Hotel) Beijing 1150011
Beijing 9 Beijing Changfugong Hotel (Registered: Beijing Changfugong Center) Beijing 1150012
Beijing 10 Kempinski Hotel Beijing Lufthansa Center Co., Ltd. Beijing 1150013
Beijing 11 Kunlun Hotel Beijing 1150014
Beijing 12 Beijing International Hotel Dongcheng District 1150016
Beijing 13 Beijing Jingdu Xinyuan Hotel Haidian District 1150017
Beijing 14 Beijing New Century Hotel (Beijing New Century Nikko Hotel) Beijing 1150018
Beijing 15 Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing Beijing 1150019
Beijing 16 Xiyuan Hotel Beijing 1150020
Beijing 17 Beijing Century Jinyuan Hotel Beijing 1150023
Beijing 18 Beijing Guobin Hotel Beijing 1150024
Beijing 19 Wyndham Hotel Beijing Longcheng (formerly Beijing Longcheng Palace International Hotel) Changping District 1150026
Beijing 20 Beijing Hotel Beijing 1150028
Beijing 21 Beijing VIP Building Hotel Beijing 1150031
Beijing 22 Grand Hyatt Beijing Oriental Beijing 1150032
Beijing 23 Beijing Wuzhou Crown International Hotel (formerly Beijing Wuzhou Crowne Plaza Hotel) Beijing 1150034
Beijing 24 InterContinental Beijing Financial Street Beijing 1150037
Beijing 25 Beijing Kuntai Realm Hotel Beijing 1150038
Beijing 26 Capital Hotel Beijing 1150039
Beijing 27 Beijing Friendship Hotel VIP Building Beijing 1150040
Beijing 28 The Ritz-Carlton, Beijing Financial Street Xicheng District 1150042
Beijing 29 The Westin Beijing Financial Street Xicheng District 1150043
Beijing 30 China Women's Activity Center Haoyuan Jianguo Hotel Beijing 1150045
Beijing 31 Regent Hotel Beijing 1150046
Beijing 32 Beijing Celebrity International Hotel Chaoyang District 1150047
Beijing 33 Sofitel Wanda Beijing Beijing 1150048
Beijing 34 Marco Polo Hotel Beijing Chaoyang District 1150049
Beijing 35 Beijing AVIC Boyue Hotel Beijing 1150050
Beijing 36 Beijing Hanhua International Hotel Beijing 1150051
Beijing 37 Beijing Bohao Ruiting Hotel Beijing 1150052
Beijing 38 New Yunnan Crowne Plaza Hotel Beijing 1150054
Beijing 39 West China World Hotel Beijing 1150055
Beijing 40 Millennium Hotel Beijing Beijing 1150056
Beijing 41 Beida Boya International Hotel Beijing 1150057
Beijing 42 Beijing Marriott Hotel Beijing 1150058
Beijing 43 Beijing Legend Hotel Beijing 1150059
Beijing 44 Beijing Lijingwan International Hotel Beijing 1150060
Beijing 45 The Westin Beijing Jinmao Beijing 1150062
Beijing 46 Crown Plaza Beijing Zhongguancun Beijing 1150063
Beijing 47 Beichen InterContinental Hotel Beijing 1150065
Beijing 48 Beijing Guomao Hotel Beijing 1150066
Beijing 49 Renwei Hotel (formerly Beijing Kangyuan Ruiting Hotel) Chaoyang District 1150067
Beijing 50 Beijing Fengda International Hotel Daxing 1150068

Data update frequency

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