As a custom, couplets are an important part of the traditional culture of the Han nationality. Couplets, commonly known as "spring posts", "door pairs", "spring couplets" and "couples", are derived from ancient peach symbols and are a unique literary form in China. It depicts the background of the times and expresses people's good wishes with neat, dual, concise and exquisite words. It is a national custom and culture that has been inherited for a long time in China. In 2005, the State Council of China listed the custom of couplets in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage lists.

  Couplets have a wide range of applications, includingSpring couplets, industry couplets, wedding couplets, longevity couplets, elegiac couplets, advertising couplets, scenic spot couplets, celebration couplets, bedroom couplets, etc. Among them, Spring Festival couplets are a more widely used variety of couplets . "Thousands of households always replace old talismans with new peaches" ("Yuan Ri" by Wang Anshi of the Song Dynasty). A poem vividly records one of the most important Spring Festival customs during the Northern Song Dynasty: posting Spring Festival couplets. Chinese folk believe that every god must be posted, every door must be posted, and every object must be posted. During the Spring Festival, every household, no matter in the city or in the countryside, selects a pair of red Spring Festival couplets and sticks them on the door to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new, in order to increase the festive atmosphere of the festival.

 CnOpenData summarizes and organizes the couplet data into upper couplet and lower couplet fields for scholars to conduct detailed research on national customs and culture and other related issues.

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Danfengjiang Lengren first left New swallows return from Green Willow Embankment
The mornings and evenings, the separations, the illnesses, are not as good as staying together all year round The two children, so weak and so naive, are even more annoying for the two elders to waste their energy
Go fishing in a wild place where people are rare Rise up and sing drunkenly
Don’t let anyone betray me, don’t let me betray others. Although Liu Xia has a nickname, Mr., this is the name, so he can be given this posthumous title Love the old ministers young, love the young ministers old, Feng Tang is a man who is tireless, we admire him, but cannot imitate him
Throwing stones into the sky to fight with fate Closed Questionnaire and Time Controversy
The deep courtyard is full of flowers, no stone nodding, no dragon saying a word Withering shell leaves, the fragrance has no flying sound, and the seal chimes are silent
Not afraid of Hongmen Chuan Han Zuo It’s embarrassing to bid farewell to Yu Ji
The new home is completed and the business begins The first step in establishing a grand plan is to invigorate the family
Climb the laurel with great skills Auspicious orchid fragrance when getting married
Luxury Super Royal Garden Happiness in Mountain City
Often boast that no one believes in Haikou If you don’t want to be a night lover, you will have guests
Thousand-year-old tree behind the house Ten thousand hectares of lotus in front of the door
The wicked will be punished without justice Wonderful writing brings out the fragrance of flowers
Historical city, the nine waters return to the waves, and the three thousand rhymes of Wu and Chu are flying Humanistic ancient city, thousands of green mountains, the first spring of Jianghuai River
The bamboos are green and the flowers are cold, the mist lingers all over the body, and the fragrance of the moon fills the sleeves The green water is surrounded by red clouds, the oars are floating in the shade of willows, and the flower dew invades the poem
I sometimes see orioles singing on the willow bank I occasionally watched the swifts perching on the cold eaves
What's the risk? To realize the scientific research dream in the desert Never change your mind and always be a seeker of China
Putting one's heart and soul and expressing one's passion, the apricot world is still led by a good teacher With unforgettable determination, the national dream can only be realized by students
Zhang Qin invites Danyue Sprinkle wine to the sky
The cold rain knocks on the window and the wind splashes tears The setting sun and the moon are shocking
Happiness Sports Lottery is loved by lottery players and makes them happy People enjoy entertainment and repay the people
When the glory shines, who dares to sing? Poetry, poetry and sainthood are eternal through the ages The towering pavilions rise to the sky, and I express my feelings: Tang Yun and Tang Feng come together in one garden
The dragon and phoenix present auspiciousness and great achievements Sheep and Monkey relay to draw a grand plan
The lovesickness is lost and the dream is gained Dancing back to the lonely and wet clouds
Great love is always silent, who can thank the air and sunshine A loving relative makes a long-lasting wish, and wanderers in the clouds come back again
Willow by the Shaking Wind Pond Sunflowers on the roadside
Flawed jade can be carved, defective stone can be polished, and the flaws can be transformed into magic, eventually becoming treasures The residual limbs stand proudly, the body is strong and strong, and the disabled person appears to be strong and healthy, even going up to the Qiong Tower
The stones of Kubai Mountain, the clear water and sand, the infinite power of wishes, and the sound of the golden chime all have important meanings Decibel leaves are fragrant, the charm of lotus flowers is gathered, the Zen heart is happy, how can one live outside the mortal world
Body odor drives away friends The fragrance of plum attracts visitors
The plum blossoms in one hospital are eye-catching Three pools of water can make you happy
Falling flowers and flowing water disappear with spring Migratory birds and flying insects come in season
Cup-passing flower arrangements add color A leopard turns into a dragon to claim victory
The peach blossom knew me when I planted it Where to find the human face now
The Olympic flame is 80,000 miles away Five Thousand Years of Chinese Civilization
The longevity Buddha is here, holding yellow fungi and purple zhizhi, and the world will be happy The great sage wanders back, tastes the golden melons and jade fruits, and does not envy the fairyland
Tonight the flowers have gone nowhere When Yan left last year and returned
Landscapes have no vulgar sentiments, so why not wash away the worldly world and cultivate Buddha nature There are many ancient meanings in the courtyard, so why not put aside distracting thoughts and cultivate a Zen mind
The poem is thin but the autumn color is old The love is strong and the sound of the wild geese is high
Suppress selfishness in dealing with the world, and smooth out the waves of Suishui in a fair way Being an official and practicing virtuous government, the people's hearts are united in Songzhou City
Treat the root cause with one shot Two-sleeved Breeze Catch Corruption
Yi Road pear blossoms with light rain Pond lotus leaf Jie Chengzhu
Discussing heroes, the Qingmei Liquor Club Make close friends and know them with all your heart
Flowers, branches and leaves, bees and hummingbirds enjoy the garden Things are flat, ancient and modern, full of paper fragrance
As the stars change, the beautiful Dong countryside is full of spring again Live and work in peace and contentment, the dream of an industrious nation will always come true
The canals are full of jade, the floods are flowing with gold, and the great cause is even better. Watch the ancient city with a smile The northern horse carries spring, the southern boat carries blessings, the present is more prosperous than the past, drunkenly listens to the dragon's chant in Qingpu
A branch of red apricot caught in the spring rain Qian Ting Huang He Ao Autumn Wind
Cut the clouds and make up the moon, the wind is troublesome You know how to make rain and nourish the fields
A window of gold and stone The room is filled with the fragrance of ink and flowers
The world is rarely easy, so I will pour out my complaints to her Why are people so shallow? There is a garden that will accompany me when I return
Being uncontested and magnanimous Be open-minded and carefree

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