After the reform and opening up, my country has made great strides from a planned economy to a market economy. On the one hand, it has implemented more relaxed policies for coastal cities and introduced foreign capital to set up factories and enterprises. On the other hand, it has also relaxed the household registration management system, causing the government to increase taxes. , promotes employment, and at the same time uses relevant experience and technology obtained from foreign capital or joint ventures to drive the development of local enterprises and related enterprises.

 In this era, a large number of new companies have been established, survived, and continued to develop, but risks have also come with it. Some companies are ostentatious and deceptive under the banner of many names. However, due to the existence of information asymmetry, people It is impossible to identify which companies are really good companies and which companies are high-risk companies with problems. To this end, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has chosen to publicly disclose corporate information, thereby greatly improving corporate information transparency. This type of information not only includes the company’s main business classification, registered address, registered capital, registration date and other information, but also includes a large amount of information including intellectual property rights, defaulters, risk warnings and other information, which provides a basis for studying the survival status, industry coverage and market of Chinese companies. Issues such as vitality provide excellent research data support.

This time CnOpenData launches comprehensive information on China’s industrial and commercial registered enterprises with great research value and wide coverage. The total data volume exceeds 170 million. It is mainly based on industrial and commercial registered enterprises over the years. It has: unified social credit code, registration time, registration amount, More than 100 fields of information such as company patents and judgment documents. Covers the following five aspects of corporate information: basic information, key concerns, intellectual property, corporate development, and operating status. These five aspectsinclude but are not limited to the table and field indicators that have been displayed and disclosed, fully covering the company's operating information.

  Since the data contains many tables, CnOpenData in the data structure display shows the researchers the large and small branches and affiliations of the entire data for easy viewing and understanding.

Time interval

Until 2021

Data scale

China Basic information statistics of industrial and commercial registered enterprises - statistics by year

Data structure display


Table structure setting display

Because the data structure is relatively complex and there are many branch tables, the introduction page only displays tables. Detailed field indicators and sample data can be viewed by clicking on the branch pages of each module on the right.

Basic information module

English table name Chinese table name
holdsData Holding company
changeRecordData Change history
annualReportData Corporate annual report
branchsData Branch
headCompany Head office

Focus on modules

English table name Chinese table name
lawWenshu Judgment Documents
discredit The person subject to execution for breach of trust
abnormal Abnormal operations
penalties Administrative penalties
KnowledgePledge Pledge of intellectual property rights
equitypledge Equity pledge
chattelmortgage Chattel Mortgage
clearaccount Liquidation group information
simplecancellation Simple cancellation announcement
stockFreeze Equity freeze
illegal Serious violation of law
taxviolation Tax violations
opennotice Court Announcement
judicialauction Judicial Auction
getCourtNoticeData Court Announcement
filinginfo Case registration information
restrictedConsumer Limit high consumption
terminationcase Final case

Intellectual Property Module

English table name Chinese table name
icpinfo Website registration
mark Trademark information
patent Patent information
copyright Software copyright information
workright Work copyright

Enterprise Development Module

English table name Chinese table name
projectFinance Financing information
directorsData Core personnel
brandProject Corporate Branding Project
projectSimilarsInfo Competitive product information

Business Status Module

English table name Chinese table name
license Administrative License
quality Quality supervision and inspection
foodquality Food sampling results
randominspection Spot inspection
doublecheckup Double random inspection
microblog Weibo
wechatoa WeChat public account
appinfo APP

Data update frequency

Annual Update