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MODEM AND CONFIGURATION METHOD THEREOFHONGFUJIN PREC IND SHENZHEN CN;HON HAI PREC IND CO LTD TWHONG FU JIN PRECISION INDUSTRY (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD.;HON HAI PRECISION INDUSTRY CO., LTD.LI JIE CN;HUNG KUO-WEI TWLI JIE;HUNG KUO-WEIG06F15/177H04L12/2859 (EP);H04M11/066 (EP)CN200810303292A·2008-07-31 US47612009A2009/6/1US2010030903A12010/2/4CN101640596A;CN101640596B;US2010030903A1;US8055741B2A modem includes a dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) module, a point-to-point protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) module, and a network monitor module. The DHCP module automatically establishes a DHCP connection over a communication network, and generates a first notification signal after the DHCP connection is established. The PPPoE module automatically establishes a PPPoE connection over the communication network and automatically configures parameters of an Internet access service over the communication network and generates a second notification signal after the PPPoE connection is established. The network monitor module determines current network properties of the communication network upon receipt of the first notification signal and/or the second notification signal, and selectively configures parameters of the Internet access service and a voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) service.
KOSMETISCHE ZUSAMMENSETZUNG DER CHINESISCHEN MEDIZINSHANGHAI BOLING MAN COSMETIC CO LTD CNShanghai Boling Man Cosmetic Co., Ltd.WEI LIN CNWei, LinA61K31/375;A61K36/286;A61K36/725;A61K36/756;A61K36/82;A61K8/97;A61Q17/04;A61Q19/02A61K31/375;A61K2300/00(EP);A61K36/286;A61K2300/00(EP);A61K36/725;A61K2300/00(EP);A61K36/756;A61K2300/00(EP);A61K36/82;A61K2300/00;A61K36/63;A61K2300/00%2(EP)A61K31/375 (EP);A61K36/286 (EP);A61K36/63 (EP);A61K36/725 (EP);A61K36/756 (EP);A61K36/82 (EP);A61K8/34 (EP);A61K8/345 (EP);A61K8/37 (EP);A61K8/39 (EP);A61K8/676 (EP);A61K8/922 (EP);A61K8/9789 (EP);A61Q17/04 (EP);A61Q19/00 (EP);A61Q19/02 (EP);A61K2236/00 (EP)DE102018133059A·2018-12-20 DE102018133059A2018/12/20DE102018133059A12020/6/25DE102018133059A1Die vorliegende Erfindung offenbart eine kosmetische Zusammensetzung der Chinesischen Medizin, aufweisend Samenextrakt der Chinesischen Jujube, Cortex Phellodendri-Extrakt und Grüntee-Extrakt. Die erfindungsgemäße kosmetische Zusammensetzung der Chinesischen Medizin hat eine wissenschaftliche und sinnvolle Rezeptur und hat eine Wirkung der Tonifizierung des Qi und des Nährens des Yin, Förderns der Blutzirkulation und Entfernens von Blutstase, Nährens und Aufhellens, und der Stärkung des Körpers und des Sonnenschutzes.
AN OPTICAL DEVICE FOR MEASURING THE HEIGHT OF A PERSONZHONGSHAN TRANSTEK ELECTRONICS CNZHONGSHAN TRANSTEK ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.PAN WEICHAO CNPAN, WEICHAOA61B5/107;G01B11/00A61B5/1072 (EP,US);G01B11/0608 (EP,US)CN200710026620A·2007-01-24;CN2008000032W·2008-01-04 EP08700592A2008/1/4EP2110078A12009/10/21AT546092T;CN101011244A;CN100455258C;WO2008092359A1;CN101626728A;CN101626728B;EP2110078A1;EP2110078A4;EP2110078B1;JP2010516354A;JP4979775B2;US2010103405A1;US8279410B2An optical body height measurement instrument is provided comprising: a lens configured to be movable along a direction parallel to the height of an object to be measured and form an image of the object; a photosensitive sensor arranged at an image side of the lens to sense the image; and a driving device configured to drive the lens along a direction parallel to the height of the object, wherein when the lens is moved across the height at which the head of the object is located, a hop occurs to an output of the photosensitive sensor; and wherein the height of the object is determined based on the height of the lens measured at the time of the occurrence of the hop. The optical body height measurement instrument can rapidly, conveniently and accurately measure the height based on the infrared rays emitted from the measured object or the light with a predetermined wavelength emitted from an auxiliary light source so long as the person to be measured stands within a certain region.
PREPARATION METHOD OF GINSENG SAPONINKIM BONG SEOB CN;BIOSAPOGEN CO LTD KRKIM, BONG SEOB;BIOSAPOGEN CO., LTD.KIM BONG SEOB CNKIM, BONG SEOBA61K36/258;A61P43/00;C07J75/00;C07J9/00;C12P33/00A61K35/78A23L33/10 (KR);A61K31/58 (KR);A61K36/258 (KR);A61K8/9789 (KR);A61Q19/00 (KR);A23V2002/00 (KR);A23V2200/308 (KR);A61K2236/19 (KR);A61K2800/10 (KR)CN99112764A·1999-03-17 KR19990045180A1999/10/14KR20000062140A2000/10/25CN1229086A;CN1105781C;KR20000062140A;KR100329259B1PURPOSE: Provided is a preparation method of scarce saponin having anti-cancer activity by hydrolyzing sugar part of ginseng saponin using saponin glucosidase. CONSTITUTION: A preparation method of ginseng saponin having high biological activity such as anti-cancer activity is composed of using saponin enzyme, enables hydrolyzing glucose chain of saponin. The enzyme is obtained from bacterium, mould, yeast, malt or bran. A saponin Rh2 having high biological activity such as anti-cancer activity is prepared by hydrolyzing protopanaxdiol-type ginseng saponin by saponin beta-glucosidase. A saponin Rh1 having high biological activity such as anti-cancer activity is prepared by hydrolyzing protopanaxtriol-type ginseng saponin Re, Rf, Rg1 or Rg2 by saponin beta-rhamnosidase.
GATE DRIVING CIRCUIT, METHOD FOR IMPLEMENTING GATE DRIVING CIRCUIT, AND METHOD FOR DRIVING GATE DRIVING CIRCUITBOE TECHNOLOGY GROUP CO LTD CNBOE Technology Group Co., Ltd.ZHU JIANCHAO CN;LIU LIBIN CNZhu, Jianchao;Liu, LibinG09G3/3266;G11C19/28G09G3/3208 (CN);G09G3/3266 (EP,US);G11C19/28 (CN,US);G09G2310/0286 (EP,CN,US);G09G2320/0233 (EP,CN,US)CN201810846883A·2018-07-27 US201916398762A2019/4/30US2020035166A12020/1/30CN108877658A;CN108877658B;US2020035166A1;US10923037B2The embodiments of the present disclosure disclose a gate driving circuit. The gate driving circuit includes at least one stage of shift register unit to be compensated, wherein a driving terminal of each stage of shift register unit to be compensated is connected to a gate line of a corresponding row of pixels to be compensated, and at least one stage of parasitics compensation circuit, wherein each stage of parasitics compensation circuit is connected in series between a power supply line and a driving terminal of a corresponding shift register unit to be compensated. Each stage of parasitics compensation circuit is configured to compensate a driving terminal of a corresponding shift register unit to be compensated for parasitic capacitance and/or parasitic resistance, so that respective stages of shift register units to be compensated have the same driving load.
WIRELESS INTERNET MODULE, USER TERMINAL, AND WIRELESS COMMUNICATION METHODHUAWEI DEVICE CO LTD undefinedHUAWEI DEVICE CO LTDYANG MEIWEN undefined;GAO KEQIANG undefinedYANG MEIWEN;GAO KEQIANGH04M1/00H04B1/38 (EP,US);H04W4/60 (EP,US);H04M1/72409 (EP,US);H04M2250/14 (EP,US);H04W12/47 (EP,US);H04W88/02 (EP,US)CN201010154212A·2010-04-23 JP2014147826A2014/7/18JP2014207710A2014/10/30CN101835282A;CN101835282B;WO2011131147A1;EP2456280A1;EP2456280A4;EP2456280B1;JP2013505655A;JP5645281B2;JP2014207710A;JP5891550B2;US2013045777A1PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a wireless Internet module, a user terminal, and a wireless communication method related to a wireless communication technology field.SOLUTION: A wireless Internet module that is provided to solve the problem in which in the prior art technique, a wireless Internet module cannot be installed inside a small ultrathin user terminal due to the large volume of the wireless Internet module, includes a security digital card interface sub-module and a wireless Internet processing sub-module. The wireless Internet processing sub-module communicates with a user terminal via the security digital card interface. This embodiment not only reduces the space capacity of the wireless Internet module but also makes types of Internet devices abundant and improves user experience.
FLOW TABLE ENTRY IN SOFTWARE DEFINED NETWORKINGHANGZHOU H3C TECH CO LTD CNHANGZHOU H3C TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.LI JINGLIN CNLI, JINGLINH04L45/74H04L12/6418 (EP,US);H04L45/54 (EP,US);H04L45/566 (US);H04L69/22 (US)CN201310337052A·2013-08-05;CN2014083369W·2014-07-31 EP14834171A2014/7/31EP3031181A12016/6/15CN104348727A;CN104348727B;WO2015018293A1;EP3031181A1;US2016156552A1
MANUFACTURING METHOD FOR OLED PANEL AND OLED MANUFACTURING APPARATUSWUHAN CHINA STAR OPTOELECTRONICS SEMICONDUCTOR DISPLAY TECH CO LTD CNWuhan China Star Optoelectronics Semiconductor Display Technology Co., Ltd.SHEN HAIYANG CNShen, HaiyangB41F5/02;H01L27/32;H01L51/00;H01L51/56B41F17/00 (EP);B41F5/02 (US);H01L27/3211 (US);H01L51/0004 (EP,US);H01L51/56 (US);H01L27/3211 (EP);H01L51/56 (EP)CN2018087739W·2018-05-22;CN201810294543A·2018-03-30 US201816111218A2018/8/24US2019305257A12019/10/3US2019305257A1;US10581030B2The present disclosure provides a manufacturing method for an OLED panel and an OLED panel manufacturing apparatus. The OLED panel manufacturing apparatus include at least one roller; at least one outlet used to print a plurality of RGB trichromatic sub-pixels disposed in sequence on a substrate by spraying organic light-emitting coating; and at least one pipe used to convey the organic light-emitting coating. By simultaneously printing the RGB trichromatic sub-pixels on the substrate in a letterpress printing way, the present disclosure can maximize the utilization of the organic light-emitting coating forming sub-pixels, simplify the production process and cycle, and increase the production efficiency.
MAGNETIC HEAD FOR PERPENDICULAR MAGNETIC RECORDING HAVING A MAIN POLE AND A SHIELDSASAKI YOSHITAKA US;ITO HIROYUKI US;SATO KAZUKI US;IIJIMA ATSUSHI CN;SAE MAGNETICS HK LTD CN;HEADWAY TECHNOLOGIES INC USSASAKI YOSHITAKA;ITO HIROYUKI;SATO KAZUKI;IIJIMA ATSUSHI;SAE MAGNETICS (H.K.) LTD.;HEADWAY TECHNOLOGIES, INC.SASAKI YOSHITAKA US;ITO HIROYUKI US;SATO KAZUKI US;IIJIMA ATSUSHI CNSASAKI YOSHITAKA;ITO HIROYUKI;SATO KAZUKI;IIJIMA ATSUSHIG11B5/10G11B5/1278 (EP,US);G11B5/3116 (EP,US);G11B5/314 (EP,US);G11B5/315 (EP,US);G11B5/607 (EP,US)US201113084168A·2011-04-11 US201113084168A2011/4/11US2012257304A12012/10/11JP2012221548A;JP5756736B2;US2012257304A1;US8896967B2A magnetic head includes a coil, a main pole, a write shield, and first and second yoke layers. The first and second yoke layers are magnetically connected to the write shield and aligned along the direction of travel of a recording medium such that the main pole is interposed therebetween. The coil includes a winding portion of planar spiral shape that is formed in one or more layers. The magnetic head further includes: a first coupling part located away from the medium facing surface and magnetically coupling the main pole and the second yoke layer to each other; and a second coupling part located away from the medium facing surface and magnetically coupling the first yoke layer and the second yoke layer to each other without touching the main pole. The winding portion is wound around the first coupling part, and a part of the winding portion passes between the first and second coupling parts.
DROP PILL FOR TREATING CORONARY HEART DISEASE AND PREPARATION THEREOF.TIANJIN TASLY PHARMACEUTICAL CNTIANJIN TASLY PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD.CHEN JIANMING CN;YAN XIJUN undefined;ZHU YONGHONG undefined;GAO BAOAN undefined;ZHANG SHUNNAN undefined;DONG HAIOU undefined;ZHANG JIZHOUG undefined;LI WEI undefined;YAN XINJIANG undefined;ZHAO YING undefinedCHEN, JIANMING;YAN, XIJUN;ZHU, YONGHONG;GAO, BAOAN;ZHANG, SHUNNAN;DONG, HAIOU;ZHANG, JIZHOUG;LI, WEI;YAN, XINJIANG;ZHAO, YINGA61K31/045;A61K31/047;A61K36/258;A61K36/28;A61K36/537;A61K47/10;A61K9/20;A61P9/10A61K31/045;A61K2300/00(EP;US);A61K36/258;A61K2300/00(EP;US);A61K36/537;A61K2300/00(EP;US)A61K31/045 (EP,US);A61K36/258 (EP,US);A61K36/537 (EP,US);A61K9/1623 (EP,US);A61K9/1652 (EP,US);A61K9/1694 (EP,US);A61P9/00 (EP);A61P9/10 (EP)CN200810152009A·2008-10-06;CN2009074339W·2009-09-30 MX2011003647A2009/9/30MX2011003647A2011/5/25AU2009304440A1;BRPI0920617A2;CA2738614A1;WO2010043156A1;MX2011003647A;US2011195136A1The drop pill for treating coronary heart disease is composed of pharmaceutically-active ingredients, matrix adjuvant, plasticizing components, propylene glycol and water; wherein the pharmaceutically-active ingredients are prepared by Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae, Radix Notoginseng and Borneolum Synthcticum; the matrix adjuvant is erythritol; the plasticizing components are selected from one or more of polyethylene glycols, xylitol, lactitol, mannitol, glycerol, soluble starch, gelatin, methylcellulose, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, gum arabic, alginic acid, dextrin, cyclodextrin, tributyl citrate, glycerol mono acetate bulk, dibutyl sebacate, refined coconut oil and castor oil; wherein compared to the gross amount of drop pill, the weight of the pharmaceutically-active ingredients is 1-40%, the plasticizing components 0-10%,  propylene glycol 1-10%, water 0-10%, the rest being the matrix adjuvant. Such drop pill of the present invention is safe and non-toxic, and has low moisture and quick dissolution.
VERTICAL PARASITIC PNP DEVICE IN A SILICON-GERMANIUM HBT PROCESS AND MANUFACTURING METHOD OF THE SAMECHEN FAN CN;CHEN XIONGBIN CNCHEN FAN;CHEN XIONGBINCHEN FAN CN;CHEN XIONGBIN CNCHEN FAN;CHEN XIONGBINH01L21/331;H01L29/737H01L21/76237 (EP,US);H01L29/0821 (EP,US);H01L29/16 (EP,US);H01L29/66242 (EP,US);H01L29/7371 (EP,US)CN201110006703A·2011-01-13 US201113330458A2011/12/19US2012181579A12012/7/19CN102412274A;CN102412274B;US2012181579A1A vertical parasitic PNP device in a SiGe HBT process is disclosed which comprises a collector region, a base region, an emitter region, P-type pseudo buried layers and N-type polysilicons. The pseudo buried layers are formed at bottom of shallow trench field oxide regions around the collector region and contact with the collector region; deep hole contacts are formed on top of the pseudo buried layers to pick up collector electrodes. The N-type polysilicons are formed on top of the base region and are used to pick up base electrodes. The emitter region comprises a P-type SiGe epitaxial layer and a P-type polysilicon both of which are formed on top of the base region. A manufacturing method of a vertical parasitic PNP device in a SiGe HBT process is also disclosed.
METHOD AND DEVICE FOR ANCHOR MASTER SELECTIONHUAWEI DEVICE CO LTD CNHUAWEI DEVICE CO., LTD.DU ZHENGUO CN;YANG YUNSONG CN;FANG PING CNDU ZHENGUO;YANG YUNSONG;FANG PINGH04L45/122;H04W56/00;H04W84/20H04L45/20 (RU,US);H04W48/16 (RU);H04W56/0015 (EP,BR,CN,KR,RU,US);H04W56/0025 (KR);H04W72/0446 (BR,US);H04W84/18 (EP,CN,US);H04W84/20 (KR);H04W84/20 (BR)CN201310634605A·2013-12-02;CN2014092816W·2014-12-02;CN201410301914A·2014-06-27 KR20177002680A2014/12/2KR20170015560A2017/2/8AU2014359941A1;AU2014359941B2;AU2014359941C1;BR112016012541B1;CA2932407A1;CA2932407C;WO2015081852A1;CN104053227A;CN104053227B;CN107182121A;CN107182121B;EP3079416A1;EP3079416A4;EP3079416B1;EP3442279A1;EP3442279B1;ES2714129T3;ES2811348T3;JP2016541187A;JP6093098B2;JP2017108438A;JP6346970B2;KR20160089521A;KR101703791B1;KR20170015560A;KR101752264B1;RU2622406C1;SG10201704617TA;SG11201604435QA;US2016278086A1;US9642136B2;US2017223704A1;US10178669B2;ZA201603867B앵커 마스터 선택 방법은, 장치가 NAN 비콘 프레임을 수신하는 단계 - 상기 NAN 비콘 프레임은 제1 AM 정보 및 제1 시간 동기화 함수(time 동기화 function, TSF) 정보를 싣고 있고, 제1 AM 정보는 제1 앵커 마스터 랭크(anchor master rank, AMR), 제1 홉 카운트(hop count, HC), 및 제1 앵커 마스터 비콘 전송 시간(anchor master beacon transmission time, AMBTT)을 포함함 - ; 상기 NAN 비콘 프레임이 AM 선택에 사용되면, 제1 AMR이 제2 AMR보다 작고 상기 장치의 마스터 랭크(MR)가 제1 AMR보다 큰 경우, 상기 장치의 역할을 AM으로 스위칭하는 단계 - 상기 장치에 기록된 제2 AM 정보는 제2 AMR, 제2 HC, 및 제2 AMBTT를 포함함 - ; 및 상기 NAN 비콘 프레임이 AM 선택에 사용되면, 상기 제1 AMR이 상기 제2 AMR보다 작고 상기 장치의 MR이 상기 제1 AMR보다 작은 경우, 상기 제2 AM 정보 및 상기 제2 TSF 정보를 상기 NAN 비콘 프레임에 따라 갱신하는 단계를 포함한다.
METHOD AND DEVICE FOR REBROADCASTING TRANSFERHUAWEI TECH CO LTD CNKHUAVEHJ TEKNOLODZHIZ KO., LTD.LI CHZHUNFYN CN;CHZHAN CHZHEHN CNLI CHZHUNFYN;CHZHAN CHZHEHNH04L27/26H04B7/155 (EP,BR,KR,US);H04B7/15542 (EP,BR,KR,US);H04B7/2606 (EP,BR,KR,US);H04L5/0007 (BR,KR);H04L5/0035 (EP,BR,KR,US);H04L5/1438 (EP,BR,KR,US);H04L5/22 (KR);H04L5/0007 (EP,US)CN200810170763A·2008-10-24;CN2009074506W·2009-10-19;CN200910009900A·2009-02-02 RU2011120793A2009/10/19RU2468526C12012/11/27BRPI0920592A2;BRPI0920592B1;WO2010045864A1;CN101730115A;CN101730115B;EP2352265A1;EP2352265A4;EP2352265B1;EP2363965A2;EP2363965A3;EP2363965B1;EP2367296A2;EP2367296A3;EP2367296B1;EP2658148A1;EP2658148B1;KR20110069884A;KR101217756B1;RU2468526C1;RU2509431C1;RU2012134792A;RU2521475C2;RU2509432C1;US2011110279A1;US7953051B1;US2011110280A1;US7961688B2;US2011216675A1;US8619724B2;US2014078943A1;US9203501B2;US2011085478A1;US7953050B2;ZA201103765B;ZA201201987B;ZA201201988BFIELD: information technologies.SUBSTANCE: method includes the following: configuration of a subframe of a rebroadcasting frame of duplex communication with time division of channels for a subframe of a rebroadcasting line (S201), besides, configuration of a subframe of a rebroadcasting frame TDD for a subframe of a rebroadcasting line includes the following: configuration of a subframe of a downlink (DL) of a rebroadcasting frame TDD for a DL subframe of a rebroadcasting line, and/or configuration of a DL subframe of a rebroadcasting frame TDD for a subframe of an upperlink (UL) of a rebroadcasting line and/or configuration of a UL subframe of a rebroadcasting frame TDD for a UL subframe of a rebroadcasting line; and performance of rebroadcasting transfer in accordance with a subframe of a rebroadcasting line (S202).EFFECT: provision of rebroadcasting data transfer in accordance with a frame structure of duplex communication with time division of channels, which increases transfer throughput capacity.10 cl, 16 dwg
LINK DECISION METHOD AND DECISION DEVICETENCENT TECH SHENZHEN CO LTD CNTencent Technology (Shenzhen) Company LimitedXUE ZHENG CN;ZHOU YU CN;LV JING CN;ZHAO YANBAI CN;WANG BAOJIAN CN;QIAO NINGBO CNXUE, Zheng;ZHOU, Yu;LV, Jing;ZHAO, Yanbai;WANG, Baojian;QIAO, NingboH04L45/24H04L41/5025 (CN,US);H04L41/5087 (CN,KR,US);H04L43/08 (EP,US);H04L43/16 (EP,US);H04L45/123 (EP);H04L45/22 (US);H04L65/1083 (EP);H04L65/80 (EP);H04L67/61 (KR);H04W36/0058 (KR);H04L45/24 (EP,US)CN201610225404A·2016-04-12;CN2017078573W·2017-03-29 EP17781800A2017/3/29EP3445000A12019/2/20CN105897478A;CN105897478B;WO2017177824A1;EP3445000A1;EP3445000A4;EP3445000B1;KR20180067646A;KR102062475B1;US2018309644A1;US10652138B2Disclosed in the present application is a link decision method, applied to a link decision system. The link decision system comprises a first user equipment and a second user equipment in a VoIP call state, and comprises a transit server and a decision device. A directly-connected first link and a second link for performing transit by means of the transit server exist between the first user equipment and the second user equipment. The method comprises: a decision device receives audio service quality data reported by a first user equipment; determining a link quality score of a current sending link of the first user equipment according to the audio service quality data, the current sending link being the first link or the second link; and according to the link quality score of the current sending link, make a decision to decide that the first link or the second link is used as a subsequent sending link of the first user equipment. The link decision method provided in the present application can ensure that a better link is selected to transmit a VoIP data stream, thereby improving VoIP service quality.
INFORMATION FEEDBACK METHOD AND APPARATUSHUAWEI TECH CO LTD CNHuawei Technologies Co., Ltd.LI MINGCHAO CN;CAO ZHENZHEN CN;XIAO XIAO CN;LIU HANG CNLI, Mingchao;CAO, Zhenzhen;XIAO, Xiao;LIU, HangH04W28/04;H04W76/14H04W28/04 (KR,RU);H04W4/40 (KR,US);H04W72/044 (US);H04W72/1278 (KR);H04W72/1289 (EP,US);H04W92/18 (KR);H04W76/14 (EP);H04W92/18 (US)CN2017082051W·2017-04-26 EP17907952A2017/4/26EP3567907A12019/11/13WO2018195826A1;CN110178402A;EP3567907A1;EP3567907A4;EP3567907B1;JP2020508597A;KR20190105649A;KR102245538B1;RU2019129476A;RU2019129476A3;RU2746470C2;US2020008234A1;US11252752B2Embodiments of this application provide an information feedback method and an apparatus, and relate to the communications field. The method includes: obtaining, by a transmitting end, a direct link transmission resource; sending, by the transmitting end, first direct communication data to a receiving end by using the direct link transmission resource, where the first direct communication data carries feedback indication information and sending manner indication information, the feedback indication information is used to indicate whether a receiving feedback needs to be performed for the first direct communication data, and the sending manner indication information is used to indicate that a manner of sending the first direct communication data is at least one of unicast, multicast, or broadcast; and when the feedback indication information indicates that a feedback needs to be performed for the first direct communication data, receiving, by the transmitting end, second direct communication data sent by the receiving end on a direct link feedback resource, where the second direct communication data carries feedback information. This application can improve direct link transmission reliability, and enables resource scheduling to be more flexible.
LENS SYSTEMKOFUKIN SEIMITSU KOGYO undefined;HON HAI PREC IND CO LTD undefinedKOFUKIN SEIMITSU KOGYO (SHENZHEN) YUGENKOSHI;HON HAI PRECISION INDUSTRY CO LTDPENG FANG-YING undefined;HUANG HAE-RUOH undefined;WANG SEONG-AHN undefined;LEE AN-TSE undefined;YU HYO-NA undefinedPENG FANG-YING;HUANG HAE-RUOH;WANG SEONG-AHN;LEE AN-TSE;YU HYO-NAG02B13/04G02B13/04 (EP)CN201110311528A·2011-10-14 JP2012093633A2012/4/17JP2013088805A2013/5/13CN103048769A;JP2013088805A;TW201316027A;TWI447426B;US2013094100A1;US8427764B1PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a lens system with good imaging quality.SOLUTION: A lens system includes, in order from the object-side to the image-side, a first lens group with negative refraction power, a second lens group with positive refraction power and an imaging surface, satisfying the following condition: 5<D/F<5.3, where D represents a total length of the lens system and F represents an effective focal length of the lens system.
FEED ADDITIVE AGENT FOR PHYSIOLOGICAL ACTIVITY INCREASE/ GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT PROMOTION FOR CULTURED MARINE FISH USING EFFECTIVE MICROORGANISM AND CHINESE HERB MEDICINE, AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE SAMETEIU CHIKUSAN KENKYUSHO KK undefinedTEIU CHIKUSAN KENKYUSHO:KKROU SUMU undefined;RO INKEI undefined;KIM EIKO undefinedROU SUMU;RO INKEI;KIM EIKOA23K10/28;A23K10/33A23K1/02;A23K1/08;A23K1/16;A23K1/18A23K10/18 (KR);A23K10/30 (KR);A23K40/00 (KR);A23K50/80 (KR);Y02A40/818 (EP);Y02P60/87 (EP)KR20020017488A·2002-03-29 JP2002192521A2002/7/1JP2003289814A2003/10/14JP2003289814A;JP3677656B2;KR100350093B1<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a feed additive agent for cultured marine fishes using effective microorganisms and Chinese herb medicines. <P>SOLUTION: The feed additive agent for cultured marine fishes using the effective microorganisms and the Chinese herb medicines has a composition ratio as follows; based on water of 1,500 pts. (v/v), 30-50 pts. (v/v) of liquid syrup, 30-50 pts. (v/v) of raw cow milk, 5-15 pts. (w/v) of granules of berries of cactus, 3-8 pts. (v/v) of chitosan oligosaccharide, 2-7 pts. (v/v) of the wood herb liquid of Quercus acutissima, 35-65 pts. (v/v) of the composite fermented liquor of effective microorganisms comprising microorganisms including lactobacillus, a bacterium belonging to the Bacillus, yeast and actinomyces, 10-30 pts. (v/v) of the fermented liquor of a photosynthetic bacterium, and 80-130 pts. (v/v) of an extract of the Chinese herb medicines. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2004,JPO
Behandlungsanlage für Filterung undUV-Ultraschall zu Ballastwasser von SchiffenNANTONG ELITE MARINE EQUIPMENT & ENGINEERING INC CNNANTONG ELITE MARINE EQUIPMENT & ENGINEERING INC.C02F1/32;C02F1/36C02F1/32 (EP);C02F9/00 (EP);C02F1/001 (EP);C02F2103/008 (EP);C02F2209/03 (EP);C02F2209/40 (EP)CN201110272181A·2011-09-15;CN2012081226W·2012-09-11 DE212012000149U2012/9/11DE212012000149U12014/4/4CN102367192A;WO2013037285A1;DE212012000149U1Behandlungsanlage für Filterung und UV-Ultraschall zu Ballastwasser von Schiffen, dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass die Behandlungsanlage zu dem Ballastwasser von dem Schiff umfasst Filter, die integrierte Verarbeitungseinheit von UV-Ultraschall, Steuersystem, wobei die Behandlungsanlage zu dem Ballastwasser von dem Schiff ist durch die Rohrleitungen mit den Magnetventilen, Wasserpumpen, Durchflussmesser, Drucksensoren, Filter, die integrierte Verarbeitungseinheit von UV-Ultraschall und Steuersystem verbunden.
POWER MODULE WITH LEAD COMPONENT AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOFDELTA ELECTRONICS INC CNDELTA ELECTRONICS, INC.JI PENGKAI CN;HONG SHOUYU CN;ZHAO ZHENQING CN;ZENG JIANHONG CNJi, Pengkai;Hong, Shouyu;Zhao, Zhenqing;Zeng, JianhongH01L21/56;H01L23/31;H01L23/433;H01L23/492;H01L23/498;H05K1/02;H05K1/11;H05K1/18;H05K3/30;H05K3/40H01L21/561 (EP,CN,US);H01L21/565 (EP,US);H01L23/3121 (EP,US);H01L23/4334 (EP,US);H01L23/492 (CN,US);H01L23/49517 (CN);H01L23/49575 (CN);H01L23/49811 (EP,US);H05K1/02 (US);H05K1/11 (US);H05K1/18 (US);H05K3/30 (US);H05K3/40 (US);H05K1/0265 (EP,US);H05K2201/10272 (EP,US)CN201610970174A·2016-10-28;US201715720062A·2017-09-29;US201916261012A·2019-01-29 US201916261012A2019/1/29US2019157175A12019/5/23CN108022899A;CN108022899B;US2018124922A1;US10249550B2;US2019157175A1;US10685895B2The present invention provides a power module and a manufacturing method thereof. The power module includes a carrier board and a lead component stacked relative to the carrier board. The lead component includes an initial plane, plural first pins and plural second pin. The initial plane includes a vertical projection overlapping with the carrier board. The first pins are electrically connected to the carrier board and vertical to the initial plane. The second pins are electrically connected to the carrier board and vertical to the initial plane. An isolation gap is disposed in the initial plane and located between the first pins and the second pins. The initial plane is separated into a first plane and a second plane by the isolation gap, so as to electrically isolate the first pins and the second pins from each other.
Fensterputzeinrichtung für ein HochhausXIE TIANHONG CNXIE, TIANHONGA47L1/02E04G23/002 (EP)DE202011003831U·2011-03-11 DE202011003831U2011/3/11DE202011003831U12011/5/12DE202011003831U1
METHOD FOR PRODUCING ALKYLATE BY USING COMPLEX IONIC LIQUID AS CATALYSTUNIV OF PETROLEUM BEIJING undefinedUNIV OF PETROLEUM BEIJINGSHU CHUNMIN undefined;RYUU JIICHAN undefined;HUANG CHONGPIN undefinedSHU CHUNMIN;RYUU JIICHAN;HUANG CHONGPINC07B61/00;C07C11/02;C07C2/08;C07C2/58;C07B61/00C07B61/00;C07C11/02;C07C2/08C07C2/58;C07C9/16(EP;US);C07C2/58;C07C9/21(EP;US)C07C2/58 (EP,US);C10G50/00 (EP,US);C07C2527/126 (EP,US);C07C2527/128 (EP,US);C07C2527/22 (EP,US)CN02149296A·2002-11-12 JP2003369850A2003/10/30JP2004161763A2004/6/10CN1500764A;CN1203032C;JP2004161763A;JP4153864B2;US2004133056A1;US7285698B2<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method for producing an alkylate by using a complex ionic liquid as a catalyst, and to provide a static mixer reactor capable of conducting alkylation reaction. <P>SOLUTION: The alkylation reaction is conducted by using a mixture of isobutane and a 4C alkene as a raw material and the complex ionic liquid as the catalyst. A ratio of the alkane to the alkene in the raw material for the reaction is 1 to 1 or more. Further, the complex ionic liquid as the catalyst is composed of a cation and an anion, wherein the cation comprises a hydrohalide of an alkyl-substituted amine or a hydrohalide of pyridine, and the anion comprises a complex coordinated anion obtained from two kinds or more kinds of metallic compounds. One kind of the metallic compounds comprises an aluminum compound, and the other kind of the metallic compounds comprises such a compound as a group IB element, a group IIB element, and a transition metal element in the periodic table. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2004,JPO
INFORMATION TRANSMISSION METHOD AND DEVICEHUAWEI TECH CO LTD CNHuawei Technologies Co., Ltd.YANG JIANBING CN;LI YANG CN;CHENG XINGQING CN;WAN LEI CNYang, Jianbing;Li, Yang;Cheng, Xingqing;Wan, LeiH04L1/00;H04L1/18;H04L27/36H04L1/0005 (KR,US);H04L1/0016 (EP,CN,KR,US);H04L1/0025 (EP,CN,KR,US);H04L1/0026 (EP,CN,KR,US);H04L1/16 (KR);H04L1/1812 (US);H04L27/36 (EP,KR,US);H04L5/00 (KR);H04L27/36 (CN)CN201210054842A·2012-03-02;CN2013071684W·2013-02-20;US201414474532A·2014-09-02;US201615271044A·2016-09-20;US201715854641A·2017-12-26 US201715854641A2017/12/26US2018123729A12018/5/3CN103297181A;CN103297181B;WO2013127303A1;CN107070597A;CN107070597B;CN113364556A;EP2811676A1;EP2811676A4;EP2811676B1;EP3386131A1;EP3386131B1;JP2015512213A;JP2017063481A;JP6426681B2;JP2019013055A;JP6577120B2;KR20140127335A;KR101654601B1;KR20160105993A;KR101692950B1;US2015016553A1;US9479287B2;US2017012735A1;US9871618B2;US2018123729A1;US10103838B2;US2019044644A1;US10530522B2;US2020145127A1;US11271672B2Embodiments of the present invention provide an information transmission method and device. The method includes: reporting, by a UE, a CQI value to an eNB; receiving, by the UE, an MCS value sent by the eNB, where the MCS value is determined by the eNB according to the CQI value; and receiving, by the UE, PDSCH data according to the MCS value, where the CQI value and the MCS value are determined according to a second set of tables, where a modulation scheme that can be supported by the second set of tables is higher than 64QAM. The embodiments of the present invention can improve system performance and reduce waste of feedback resources.
DEVICE FOR CONTROLLING MOVEMENT OF CAPSULE ENDOSCOPE IN HUMAN DIGESTIVE TRACTANKON TECH CO LTD CNAnkon Technologies Co. Ltd.DUAN XIAODONG CN;ZHANG SHAOBANG CN;XIAO GUOHUA CN;WANG XINHONG CN;WANG JUNJIE CNDUAN, Xiaodong;ZHANG, Shaobang;XIAO, Guohua;WANG, Xinhong;WANG, JunjieA61B1/00;A61B5/06;A61B5/07;A61M25/01A61B1/00006 (EP,US);A61B1/00149 (US);A61B1/00158 (EP,US);A61B1/041 (EP,US);A61B34/73 (EP,US);A61M25/0127 (EP,US)CN201310136094A·2013-04-18 HUE13882096A2013/5/23HUE047187T22020/4/28WO2014169504A1;CN103222842A;CN103222842B;DK2987447T3;DK2995240T3;EP2987447A1;EP2987447A4;EP2987447B1;ES2758701T3;ES2738551T3;ES2887301T3;HRP20192236T1;HUE047187T2;JP2016515444A;JP6111375B2;LT2987447T;LT2995240T;SI2987447T1;US2015018614A1;US9986898B2;US2015018615A1;US10076234B2
Power Transistor Bias CircuitHUAWEI TECH CO LTD CNHuawei Technologies Co., Ltd.WANG XINYU CN;XIE QIANG CN;CHEN LIANG CNWang, Xinyu;Xie, Qiang;Chen, LiangH02M1/088;H02M3/158;H03K17/10H02M1/088 (EP,US);H02M3/158 (CN,US);H03K17/102 (EP,US)CN201611249750A·2016-12-29;CN2017099367W·2017-08-28 US201916434603A2019/6/7US2019288593A12019/9/19CN106817016A;CN106817016B;WO2018120878A1;CN110247552A;EP3528374A1;EP3528374A4;US2019288593A1;US10523104B2A direct current-direct current (DC-DC) converter includes an upper transistor, a lower transistor, a first bias circuit and a second bias circuit. A first input end of the first bias circuit is coupled to a first voltage reference, a second input end of the first bias circuit is coupled to a power source (PVDD), and an output end of the first bias circuit is coupled to a gate of the upper transistor to provide a first bias voltage for the gate of the upper transistor. A first input end of the second bias circuit is coupled to a second voltage reference, a second input end of the second bias circuit is coupled to a power ground (PGND), and an output end of the second bias circuit is coupled to a gate of the lower transistor to provide a second bias voltage for the gate of the lower transistor.
INERTIA MEASUREMENT MODULE AND THREE-AXIS ACCELEROMETERGOERTEK INC CNGOERTEK INC.ZHANG TINGKAI undefinedZHANG TINGKAIG01P15/125;G01P15/18G01P15/125 (EP,KR,US);G01P15/18 (EP,KR,US)CN201410826551A·2014-12-25;CN201410826621A·2014-12-25;CN2015084970W·2015-07-23;CN201510050223A·2015-01-30 KR20177019099A2015/7/23KR20170092691A2017/8/11WO2016101611A1;EP3239723A1;EP3239723A4;EP3239723B1;JP2018506025A;JP6303074B2;KR20170092691A;KR101929149B1;US2017363655A1;US10473686B2본 발명은 관성 측정 모듈 및 3축 가속도계를 제공한다. 이는 기판에 위치하는 제1극편 및 탄성빔을 통하여 허공에 떠 있게 기판의 위측에 연결되어 있는 질량 블럭을 포함하며, 상기 탄성빔은 제1탄성빔, 제2탄성빔을 포함하고, 제2탄성빔의 양단은 기판의 고정점에 연결되고, 제1탄성빔의 양단은 질량 블럭에 연결되며, 상기 제1탄성빔과/또는 제2탄성빔의 중심은 질량 블럭의 무게중심을 이탈하고; 상기 질량 블럭은 Y축, X축 방향에 또한 제1가동 전극, 제2가동 전극이 설치되어 있고; 본 발명의 관성 측정 모듈에 있어서, 평면 내의 어느 한 축(X축, Y축)의 운동은 구조적 편심 특성의 영향을 받지 않으며, X축, Y축의 운동이 모두 선형 운동이 되게 함으로써, 축 사이의 연결을 심화시키지 않고, 다른 한편으로는 질량 블럭이 X축, Y축에 있어서의 변위량도 저하시키지 않고, 콘덴서 검출의 정밀도를 향상시킨다.
Localization methods and systems for autonomous systemsGREAT WALL MOTOR CO LTD CNGreat Wall Motor Company LimitedZHANG KAI US;DJAPIC VLADIMIR USZhang, Kai;Djapic, VladimirG01S5/00;G05D1/02;H04W24/00;H04W4/02;H04W4/46;H04M1/725;H04W88/02B60W10/04 (CN);B60W10/184 (CN);B60W10/20 (CN);B60W50/00 (CN);G01S5/0072 (EP,US);G01S5/0205 (EP);G01S5/0263 (EP);G05D1/0285 (US);G08C17/02 (CN);H04W4/023 (US);H04W4/33 (EP);H04W4/46 (US);H04W64/00 (EP);B60W2050/0043 (CN);B60W2050/0075 (CN);B60W2556/45 (CN);B60W2710/06 (CN);B60W2710/08 (CN);B60W2710/18 (CN);B60W2710/20 (CN);G01S2205/01 (EP);H04M1/724 (US);H04M1/72403 (US);H04W4/02 (EP);H04W4/40 (EP);H04W88/02 (US)US201916279415A·2019-02-19 US201916279415A2019/2/19US10527706B12020/1/7CN111572526A;US10527706B1;US2020264258A1;US10782384B2A localization system uses an auction-based cooperative localization method to determine local pose estimations or local pose state corrections. The auction-based cooperative localization method is triggered by receipt of relative position measurements by a member of a cooperative and is cooperatively processed by a bid winning member of the cooperative, where the cooperative refers to a collection of autonomous vehicles and passengers with location/position determinable devices that are in communication with each other for the purposes of sharing localization data, position data and the like. The bid winning member determines local pose estimations or local pose state corrections for itself and provides local pose estimations or local pose state corrections to the other members of the cooperative.
Verbinder für HochstromanschlussDINKLE ELECTRIC MACHINERY CHINA CO LTD CN;DINKLE ENTPR CO LTD TWDINKLE ELECTRIC MACHINERY (CHINA) Co., Ltd.;DINKLE ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.H01R13/18;H01R13/187H01R13/18 (EP);H01R13/187 (EP)DE202019104331U·2019-08-07 DE202019104331U2019/8/7DE202019104331U12019/8/30DE202019104331U1Verbinder für einen Hochstromanschluss, umfassend:ein Schütz (1) mit zwei Klemmarmen (11), die einander gegenüberliegend angeordnet sind, und zwei leitfähigen Verbindungsplatten (12), die sich jeweils von den zwei Klemmarmen (11) erstrecken und aufeinander gestapelt sind, wobei der Hochstromanschluss (100) zwischen den zwei Klemmarmen (11) eingesetzt wird.
CHIP ON FILM, FLEXIBLE DISPLAY PANEL AND DISPLAY DEVICEBOE TECHNOLOGY GROUP CO LTD CNBOE TECHNOLOGY GROUP CO., LTD.LI HONG CN;CHEN LIQIANG CNLI Hong;CHEN LiqiangG09F9/30;G09G3/20;H01L21/77;H01L23/00;H01L23/488;H01L23/528;H01L27/12G09F9/301 (US);G09G3/20 (US);H01L21/77 (US);H01L23/488 (EP,US);H01L23/528 (US);H01L24/01 (US);H01L24/30 (CN);H01L27/12 (US);H01L27/1218 (EP);H01L27/1244 (EP);H01L2224/06 (EP,US);H01L2224/3003 (CN)CN2016085832W·2016-06-15;CN201610080918A·2016-02-04 US201615540109A2016/6/15US2018047315A12018/2/15WO2017133156A1;CN105720028A;CN105720028B;US2018047315A1A chip on film, including a base material provided with at least one row of output pads, wherein along an arranging direction of the output pads, an area where each row of output pads is located includes a first region, a second region and a third region, the second region is in the middle of the area where the row of output pads is located; the shape of each output pad located in the second region is different from the shape of each output pad located in the first region and the third region, and a maximum length spanned by each output pad located in the second region in the arranging direction is smaller than a minimum value among maximum lengths spanned by each output pad located in the first region and the third region in the arranging direction. A flexible display panel and a display device are further disclosed.
DEVICE FOR QUICKLY MOUNTING AND QUICKLY DETACHING FAUCET ON COUNTERTOPXIAMEN SOLEX HIGH TECH IND CO CNXiamen Solex High-Tech Industries Co., Ltd.MU WEIHAI CN;HONG CHUNJIE CN;CHEN WENXING CN;WANG MINGNAN CNMU, Weihai;HONG, Chunjie;CHEN, Wenxing;WANG, MingnanE03C1/04;F16B13/08E03C1/04 (EP,US);E03C1/0401 (US);E03C1/0402 (EP);E03C1/0404 (US);E03C2001/0416 (US);F16B13/0808 (EP)CN201610917786A·2016-10-21;CN2016111610W·2016-12-23;CN201621144145U·2016-10-21 EP16919042A2016/12/23EP3530822A12019/8/28WO2018072311A1;EP3530822A1;EP3530822A4;US2019284785A1The invention provides a device for quickly mounting and quickly detaching a faucet on the countertop, comprising: a base, which is disposed on the upper surface of the countertop, and is provided with a hole communicated to the mounting hole of the countertop; the side wall of the hole extends a boss into the hole, and the boss has a receiving hole along the length direction of the hole; one end of the pressing rod is inserted into the receiving hole and extended into the mounting hole, and the other end of the pressing rod is exposed outside the hole; an elastic reset piece is provided between the other end of the pressing rod and the receiving hole; the end of the pressing rod extending to the mounting hole is provided with an abutting piece and a limiting piece which can rotate coaxially with the pressing rod; when the end of the pressing rod exposed to the outside of the hole is subjected to an external force, the pressing rod moves from the first position to the second position along the length direction of the hole; when the pressing rod is located in the second position, the abutting piece moves to outside the mounting hole, and the limiting piece is located in the mounting hole; the pressing rod is rotated, when the abutting piece rotates to below the lower surface of the countertop, the limiting piece abuts against the mounting hole; when the external force is withdrawn, the elastic reset piece drives the pressing rod to move up, so that the abutting piece abuts against the lower surface of the countertop.
STORAGE DEVICE AND REFRIGERATOR PROVIDED WITH SAMEQINGDAO HAIER SPECIAL REFRIGERATOR CO LTD CN;QINGDAO HAIER JOINT STOCK CO LTD CNQingdao Haier Special Refrigerator Co., Ltd;Qingdao Haier Joint Stock Co., LtdLI DENGQIANG CN;SHANG YAZHOU CN;FEI BIN CN;LIU JINLIN CNLI, Dengqiang;SHANG, Yazhou;FEI, Bin;LIU, JinlinF25D23/00A47B46/00 (US);F25D11/00 (EP,CN);F25D23/028 (EP,CN,US);F25D23/04 (EP,US);F25D25/02 (EP,CN,US);F25D25/022 (US);F25D25/027 (EP,US);A47B2210/0018 (US);F25D2331/803 (US);F25D2331/807 (EP,US)CN201710527222A·2017-06-30;CN2018093536W·2018-06-29 EP18823185A2018/6/29EP3647698A12020/5/6CN107218757A;CN107218757B;WO2019001553A1;EP3647698A1;EP3647698A4;US2020166272A1;US11079167B2The present invention provides a storage device for a refrigerator, including: a plurality of boxes, a rotating shaft and a plurality of damping masses, so that the boxes can stay stationary at any rotation position at any time when are rotated around the rotating shaft, which ensures smooth rotation of the boxes during the opening and closing thereof, and thus facilitates the user to pick and place eggs and improves the stability of the fragile eggs within the rotating boxes.
DampfbügeleisenXIAOTIAN ZHONGSHAN IND CO LTD CNXIAOTIAN (ZHONGSHAN) INDUSTRIAL CO. LTD.D06F75/12D06F75/12 (EP,US)CN2008072439W·2008-09-19;CN200820146834U·2008-08-21 DE212008000122U2008/9/19DE212008000122U12011/4/21WO2010020094A1;CN201254666Y;DE212008000122U1;US2010043258A1
Collapsible box and lidLVXING CNLVXINGWANG CHUNSONG CNCHUNSONG WANGB65D13/00;B65D43/02;B65D5/36;B65D5/64;B65D6/18B65D11/1813 (GB);B65D11/186 (GB);B65D15/22 (EP);B65D43/0222 (GB);B65D5/3621 (GB);B65D5/3628 (GB);B65D5/667 (GB);B65D43/00 (GB)GB0908735A·2009-05-21 GB0908735A2009/5/21GB2470383A2010/11/24GB2470383AThe collapsible box includes a receptacle 2 comprising a bottom 9 having an opening 90, wall side panels (8, fig.5) hingedly secured together; and a cover 5 adapted to fit the receptacle 2 and comprising a hard top 51, soft interconnection panels 50, eg fabric panels, extending from a peripheral edge of the top 51 thereof, each panel 50 comprising a flange panel 4 hinged thereto. The walls of the tubular structure of the container can collapse to a flat configuration with the aid of a longitudinal fold line 7 on one of the wall panels if the number of walls panels is an odd number, eg as in a pentagon. The flange panels 4 can be arranged in substantially upright position to the hard top surface 51, to support the interconnection panels, when the cover 5 is assembled or they may be positioned flat and rested upon the interconnection panels when the cover 5 is collapsed.
ORGANIC AZO-PIGMENT COATED LITHOPONESINO AMERICAN PIGMENT SYS INC US;GUANGZHOU HUALI PIGMENT CHEMIC CNSINO-AMERICAN PIGMENT SYSTEMS, INC.;GUANGZHOU HUALI PIGMENT CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL CO.ISSEL MICHAEL T US;BANNISTER DEREK W US;LONG SHAO HUA CN;WANG QUILIN CN;ZHONG XIANG LIN CN;XIAO GUIPING CNISSEL, MICHAEL, T.;BANNISTER, DEREK, W.;LONG, SHAO, HUA;WANG, QUILIN;ZHONG, XIANG, LIN;XIAO, GUIPINGC08K9/04;C09B63/00;C09B67/08;C09C1/06;C09C3/08;C09D11/00;C09D133/00;C09D163/00;C09D167/00;C09D7/12;E01C23/14;E01C23/22;E01F9/00;E01F9/04C09C1/04C09B63/00 (EP,US);C09B67/001 (EP,US);C09C1/06 (EP,US);C01P2002/54 (EP,US);C01P2004/80 (EP,US);C01P2004/82 (EP,US);C01P2006/19 (EP,US);C01P2006/60 (EP,US)US20169494A·1994-02-25;US9502150W·1995-02-21 EP95911835A1995/2/21EP0746592A11996/12/11AU1925395A;CA2183456A1;CN1143381A;EP0746592A1;EP0746592A4;JPH10500709A;MX9603590A;US5472492A;WO9523191A1
STAMPING DEVICEBOE TECHNOLOGY GROUP CO LTD CN;HEFEI BOE DISPLAY LIGHT CO LTD CN;BOE-TECHNOLOGY GROUP CO LTD CNBOE TECHNOLOGY GROUP CO., LTD.;HEFEI BOE DISPLAY LIGHT CO., LTD.;BOE-TECHNOLOGY GROUP CO., LTD.SHI ZUCHUAN CNSHI ZuchuanB29C59/00;B29L11/00B29C59/04 (EP,US);B29L2011/0075 (EP,US)CN201510209810A·2015-04-28 US201615137423A2016/4/25US2016318235A12016/11/3CN104842550A;US2016318235A1;US10213955B2A stamping device for base materials includes: a first roller with at least one stamping pattern region at an outer surface thereof; a second roller at a first side of the first roller with a first stamping gap therebetween; a third roller at a second side of the first roller with a second stamping gap therebetween; a first delivery mechanism configured to, when the stamping pattern region rotates to a first position corresponding to the first stamping gap, deliver a base material to a first material-supplying side of the first stamping gap to stamp the base material; and a second delivery mechanism configured to, when the stamping pattern region rotates to a second position corresponding to the second stamping gap, deliver another base material to a second material-supplying side of the second stamping gap so as to stamp the another base material.
SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR RANDOM ACCESS BACKOFFSHUAWEI TECH CO LTD CNHuawei Technologies Co., Ltd.LIU BIN US;ZENG YONGBO CN;WANG JIAN CN;LI GUORONG CN;CAI YU CNLIU, Bin;ZENG, Yongbo;WANG, Jian;LI, Guorong;CAI, YuH04W74/08H04W72/0413 (US);H04W74/0833 (CN,US);H04W74/0841 (EP,US)CN2017076509W·2017-03-13;US201662308021P·2016-03-14;US201715451983A·2017-03-07 EP17765810A2017/3/13EP3420777A12019/1/2WO2017157268A1;CN108781470A;CN108781470B;CN113301661A;EP3420777A1;EP3420777A4;JP2019512955A;JP6803921B2;JP2020074546A;JP6980044B2;US2017265230A1;US2017325268A1;US10149325B2;US2019053289A1;US10687367B2;US2020396771A1;US11153917B2;US2021385872A1
Display screen portion with animated graphical user interfaceTENCENT TECH SHENZHEN CO LTD CNTENCENT TECHNOLOGY (SHENZHEN) COMPANY LIMITEDZHOU HANG CNZHOU HANGUS201329472834F·2013-11-15 US201329472834F2013/11/15USD758420S2016/6/7USD758420S
DEUTERIUM-MODIFIED BRIGATINIB DERIVATIVES, PHARMACEUTICAL COMPOSITIONS COMPRISING SAME, AND USE THEREOFCHAI TAI TIANQING PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP CO LTD CNChai Tai Tianqing Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.ZHANG YINSHENG CN;LIU BAOMIN CN;YANG BEIBEI CNZHANG, Yinsheng;LIU, Baomin;YANG, BeibeiA61K31/675;A61P35/00;C07F9/6558A61K31/675 (EP,US);A61P35/00 (EP,US);C07F9/6558 (EP,US);C07F9/65583 (US);C07B59/004 (US)CN201510846894A·2015-11-27;CN2016107048W·2016-11-24 EP16868007A2016/11/24EP3381925A12018/10/3WO2017088784A1;CN108350006A;CN108350006B;EP3381925A1;EP3381925A4;EP3381925B1;HK1256674A1;JP2018536667A;JP6887430B2;US2018346498A1;US10717753B2The present invention relates to the field of pharmaceutical chemistry, and relates to a deuterium-modified Brigatinib derivative, preparation method thereof, pharmaceutical composition containing the same and the uses of the deuterium-modified Brigatinib derivative and the pharmaceutical composition thereof in preparing a medicament for treating the disease mediated by anaplastic lymphoma kinase. The deuterium-modified Brigatinib derivative of the present invention has an excellent inhibitory activity on anaplastic lymphoma kinase and has better pharmacodynamic or pharmacokinetic properties relative to Brigatinib.
Fremgangsmåde til fremstilling af brændselsolie og -gas ved at krakke affaldsgummiFULL BORN CHEN IND CO LTD CNFULL BORN CHEN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.CHAUR GUEY LU TWCHAUR GUEY, LUC10G1/10C10G1/10C10G1/10 (EP,US)AU8154791A·1991-08-01;CA2049546A·1991-08-20 DK91113187T1991/8/6DK0535253T31995/6/6AU8154791A;AU636783B2;CA2049546A1;DK0535253T3;EP0535253A1;EP0535253B1;ES2070378T3;GR3015586T3;US5208404A
OPERATING SYSTEM FOR AUTOMATIC TURN-OVER SWITCH AND GEAR SETSEARI ELECTRIC TECHNOLOGY CO LTD CN;ZHEJIANG CHINT ELECTRICS CO LTD CNSeari Electric Technology Co., Ltd.;Zhejiang Chint Electrics Co., Ltd.ZHOU MI CN;QU DEGANG CN;GONG HAISHEN CN;JIANG KAI CN;BA LI CN;LI JIA CNZHOU MI;QU DEGANG;GONG HAISHEN;JIANG KAI;BA LI;LI JIAH01H3/40;H01H3/42H01H3/3015 (EP);H01H3/34 (EP);H01H3/40 (EP);H01H2300/018 (EP);H01H3/42 (EP);H01H9/26 (EP)CN201110383503A·2011-11-25;EP12851672A·2012-10-09 PL12851672T2012/10/9PL2784794T32017/6/30BR112014012530A2;BR112014012530B1;CN103137347A;CN103137347B;WO2013075555A1;EP2784794A1;EP2784794A4;EP2784794B1;ES2606551T3;MY170762A;PL2784794T3
Procedimiento de determinación de la potencia de transmisión de enlace ascendente y equipo de usuarioHUAWEI TECH CO LTD CNHuawei Technologies Co., LtdLI YUANJIE undefinedLI, YuanjieH04L5/00;H04W24/08;H04W52/14;H04W52/32;H04W52/34H04L5/00 (US);H04W24/08 (BR,KR,US);H04W52/146 (EP,BR,CN,KR,US);H04W52/325 (EP,BR,KR,US);H04W52/34 (KR);H04W52/367 (EP);H04W52/40 (EP);H04W52/50 (EP);H04W72/0413 (BR,KR,US);H04W52/34 (US);H04W88/02 (US)CN201110302787A·2011-10-09;CN2012081974W·2012-09-26 ES12839400T2012/9/26ES2587878T32016/10/27BR112014008451A2;BR112014008451A8;BR112014008451B1;CN103037492A;CN103037492B;WO2013053288A1;CN105873204A;CN105873204B;CN105873205A;CN105873205B;EP2753114A1;EP2753114A4;EP2753114B1;EP3096551A1;EP3096551B1;EP3668163A1;EP3668163B1;ES2587878T3;KR20140066248A;KR101625941B1;KR20160063420A;KR101653777B1;PL3668163T3;US2014219126A1;US9326172B2;US2016205634A1;US9769691B2;US2017339591A1;US10382990B2;US2019342779A1;US10911965B2Un procedimiento de determinación de la potencia de transmisión de enlace ascendente, que comprende: determinar 101, mediante un equipo de usuario, una situación de transmisión de por lo menos uno de: un canal físico de control de enlace ascendente, PUCCH, un canal físico compartido de enlace ascendente, PUSCH y una señal de referencia de sondeo, SRS, sobre otra celda excepto una celda secundaria en una subtrama correspondiente a un preámbulo que se debe transmitir sobre la celda secundaria, en el que la situación de transmisión determinada por el equipo de usuario comprende que se tiene que transmitir por lo menos uno de un PUCCH, un PUSCH y una SRS sobre otra celda en una subtrama excepto una primera subtrama entre subtramas correspondientes al preámbulo que se debe transmitir sobre la celda secundaria; y determinar 102, mediante el equipo de usuario, una potencia de transmisión de enlace ascendente del equipo de usuario en función de la situación de transmisión determinada, mediante determinar una segunda potencia de transmisión del preámbulo según la fórmula:Fórmula en la que i representa una subtrama; PPRACH(i) representa la segunda potencia de transmisión del preámbulo; PCMAX,c(i) representa una potencia máxima permisible de la celda secundaria; PREAMBLE_RECEIVED_TARGET_POWER representa una potencia recibida objetivo del preámbulo; y PLc representa una pérdida de trayecto objetivo de la celda secundaria; en el que, que dicho por lo menos uno de un PUCCH, un PUSCH y una SRS tiene que ser transmitido en otra celda en una subtrama excepto una primera subtrama entre subtramas correspondientes al preámbulo que se debe transmitir sobre la celda secundaria, comprende que el PUCCH tiene que ser transmitido en otra celda en la subtrama excepto la primera subtrama entre las subtramas correspondientes al preámbulo que se debe transmitir sobre la celda secundaria; y la determinación, mediante el equipo de usuario, de una potencia de transmisión de enlace ascendente del equipo de usuario en función de la situación de transmisión determinada, comprende además: determinar, mediante el equipo de usuario, una primera potencia de transmisión del PUCCH según la fórmula:Fórmula donde PPUCCH(i) representa la primera potencia de transmisión del PUCCH; PPUCCH_0(i) representa una potencia de transmisión del PUCCH obtenida por el equipo de usuario llevando a cabo control de potencia de enlace ascendente; PCMAX(i) representa la potencia máxima permisible; y PPRACH(i) representa la segunda potencia de transmisión del preámbulo.
MOUNTING APPARATUS FOR HARD DISK DRIVEZHOU HAI-QING CN;HON HAI PREC IND CO LTD TW;HONGFUJIN PREC IND SHENZHEN CNZHOU HAI-QING;HON HAI PRECISION INDUSTRY CO., LTD.;HONG FU JIN PRECISION INDUSTRY (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD.ZHOU HAI-QING CNZHOU HAI-QINGH05K7/14G06F1/187 (EP,US);G11B33/128 (EP,US);H05K7/1487 (EP,US)CN201210045257A·2012-02-27 US201213433310A2012/3/29US2013220952A12013/8/29CN103294132A;TW201336388A;US2013220952A1A mounting apparatus for a hard disk drive includes a chassis, a supporting bracket, a latching member slidably installed to the supporting bracket, and an elastic member sandwiched between the supporting bracket and the latching member. The chassis includes a bottom wall. A protrusion protrudes up from the bottom wall. The supporting bracket includes an installation plate, two side plates extending down from two opposite sides of the installation plate, and two supporting plates extending from bottom sides of the corresponding side plates. The supporting plates are mounted on the bottom wall. The elastic member abuts against the latching member to engage with the protrusion. A number of first tabs extend from each side plate toward the other side plate, for supporting the hard disk drive. A first space is defined between the first tabs and the supporting plates.
AERIAL VEHICLE AND A SIGNAL LINE PROTECTION ASSEMBLY THEREOFSZ DJI TECHNOLOGY CO LTD CNSZ DJI TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.OU DI CNOU DiB64C25/52;B64C25/60;B64C39/02;H02G3/04B64C1/36 (EP,US);B64C25/06 (EP,US);B64C25/52 (US);B64C25/60 (EP,US);B64C39/024 (EP,US);H02G3/04 (EP,US);H02G3/0406 (US);H02G3/0462 (US);B64C2201/027 (EP,US);B64C2201/042 (EP,US);B64C2201/108 (EP,US);B64D2221/00 (EP,US)CN2014080845W·2014-06-26;US201615388439A·2016-12-22;US201715816353A·2017-11-17 US201715816353A2017/11/17US2018086441A12018/3/29WO2015196418A1;CN104755371A;CN104755371B;EP3162704A1;EP3162704A4;EP3162704B1;EP3509172A1;EP3509172B1;JP2017516699A;JP6232148B2;US2017113789A1;US9896195B2;US2018086441A1;US10227131B2;US2019202552A1;US10513329B2;US2020148341A1;US11180246B2A signal line protection assembly connecting to a propulsion system of an aerial vehicle includes a foot stand and a protection sleeve. The foot stand includes a foot stand sleeve including an electronic speed controller compartment arranged below a motor of the propulsion system and forming a closed space to receive an electronic speed controller of the aerial vehicle. The protection sleeve is configured to receive a power line for the electronic speed controller. At least a portion of the protection sleeve is received in the electronic speed controller compartment.
Netzstrom-Überspannungsschutzgerät mit einer ringförmigen Elektrode und PositionierlöchernSTATE GRID CORP CHINA CN;STATE GRID ZHEJIANG ELECTRIC POWER CO CN;STATE GRID ZHEJIANG ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY SHAOXING POWER SUPPPLY COMPANY CN;STATE GRID ZHEJIANG ZHUJI POWER SUPPLY CO CNSTATE GRID CORPORATION OF CHINA;STATE GRID ZHEJIANG ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY;STATE GRID ZHEJIANG ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY SHAOXING POWER SUPPPLY COMPANY;STATE GRID ZHEJIANG ZHUJI POWER SUPPLY COMPANYH01B17/46;H02G13/00;H02H9/06H01B17/46 (KR);H01T19/02 (EP);H01T4/02 (KR);H01T4/06 (KR)CN2013076836W·2013-06-06;CN201320198038U·2013-04-18 DE212013000145U2013/6/6DE212013000145U12015/2/18WO2014169509A1;CN203218843U;DE212013000145U1;KR20150001088U;KR200480822Y1Netzstrom-Überspannungsschutzgerät mit einer ringförmigen Elektrode und Positionierlöchern, das einen Halter (1) umfasst, auf dem ein Isolator (2) und ein Blitzableiter (3) angeordnet sind, wobei um den Isolator (2) eine ringförmige Elektrode (4) gelegt ist, wobei der Blitzableiter (3) an einem Ende beweglich mit einer bogenförmigen Elektrode (5) verbunden ist.
Foldable Shower HeadPURITY XIAMEN SANITARY WARE CO LTD CNPurity (Xiamen) Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.YANG XIWEN CNYang, XiwenB05B1/16;B05B1/18B05B1/16 (US);B05B1/18 (EP,US);B05B1/185 (US);B05B1/3026 (EP,US);B05B15/652 (EP,US)US201815871097A·2018-01-15 US201815871097A2018/1/15US2019217313A12019/7/18US2019217313A1;US10376905B2A foldable shower head includes a housing, a water valve, and a plurality of water outlet covers. The housing is formed with a diversion passage therein. The water valve is formed with a water outlet passage therein. The water outlet passage is communicated with the diversion passage. The water outlet covers each have a water inlet end pivotally connected to the housing and a water outlet end. The water inlet end of each water outlet cover is provided with a water inlet. The water outlet end of each water outlet cover is provided with a water outlet. The water inlet end of each water outlet cover is linked and connected with the water valve. By folding and unfolding the water outlet covers, the shower head provides different spray modes.
BuckleSTEALTH IND LTD CNSTEALTH INDUSTRIES LTD.BONELLI JONATHAN J US;COWDELL MATT US;SACCOCCIO MITCHELL US;KLEYMAN GENNADY I USBONELLI JONATHAN J.;COWDELL MATT;SACCOCCIO MITCHELL;KLEYMAN GENNADY I.A44B11/26E05B73/00A44B11/266 (EP,US);Y10T24/4007 (EP,US);Y10T70/5009 (EP,US)US32098802A·2002-12-17 US32098802A2002/12/17US2004112098A12004/6/17US2004112098A1;US6871517B2A buckle is operative to have a locking state wherein engaging components are prevented from displacement relative one another simultaneously with their engagement.
ORGANIC LIGHT-EMITTING DIODE DISPLAY PANEL AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREFOR, AND DISPLAY APPARATUSBOE TECHNOLOGY GROUP CO LTD CNBOE TECHNOLOGY GROUP CO., LTD.WANG HUIFENG CNWANG, HuifengH01L27/32;H01L51/52;H01L51/56H01L27/32 (US);H01L27/3246 (EP,CN,US);H01L27/3279 (EP);H01L51/5203 (CN);H01L51/5206 (US);H01L51/5228 (EP,CN,US);H01L51/5234 (US);H01L51/56 (CN,US);H01L2227/323 (CN);H01L2251/5315 (CN);H01L51/56 (EP)CN201710474903A·2017-06-21;CN2018074828W·2018-01-31 US201816328834A2018/1/31US2019229152A12019/7/25CN109103215A;CN109103215B;WO2018233297A1;US2019229152A1;US10971551B2An organic light-emitting diode display panel and a manufacturing method therefor, and a display apparatus are provided. The orange light-emitting diode display panel comprises: a base substrate; an anode and an auxiliary electrode arranged on the base substrate, wherein the anode and the auxiliary electrode are insulated from each other, a pixel definition layer arranged on the anode and the auxiliary electrode, wherein the pixel definition layer has a pixel opening region exposing the anode and a via exposing the auxiliary electrode; and the luminescent layer and a cathode sequentially arranged on the pixel definition layer, wherein the cathode is electrically connected to the auxiliary electrode arranged in the via.