fg998x2020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52RH blowsremoved
fg954j2020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52Bull gang, where are you. WSB is full of 👨‍❤️‍👨🐻 atm
fg94by2020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52Just in case you were wondering why Corona isn't a pandemic yet pandemic bonds. These expire July 15th, 2020.If expiry is reached without a pandemic they pay out 7% a year for time held. If pandemic happens they expire worthless.I guarantee $DB is leveraged to the tits with their $44T in derivative exposure like a bunch of fucking retards thinking they Hoodwinked a ton of third world countries. So I guess we have a singular binary event with an expiry date determining the collapse of db and the rest of the world with it in a Cascade of defaults. Was this crash destined for us?
fg93782020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52$PTON DD InsideWhile the bears have been making tendies, I have studied the bike & tread. $PTON DD below. Significant risk and lots of competition in the fitness and bike at home space with cheap alternatives, but I believe PTON is poised to go to the moon. Subscriber Count:* Connected Fitness Subscribers ($39 per month): 712k Digital Subscribers ($12.99 month): 109k Projecting upwards of 930k Connected Fitness Subscribers by 6/30/2020 *2 million total users. Includes users on shared subscriptions, apartment users, etc. Pricing:* Bike: $2,245 over 39 months. 0% interest. $58 per month. Tread: $4,295 over 39 months. 0% interest. $111 per month. All-In Cost: $39 membership + $58 bike = $97 total. $48.50 per person for a couple. Competitor Pricing (SoulCycle/Flywheel): Approximately $25 per class, avg 2.5 times per week. Let’s assume $25 per class and 9 times a month. Single user cost = $225. Your wife and her boyfriend cost = $450. With the financing option, PTON looks relatively reasonably priced and any millennial making over $50k a year could afford this by simply boozing 1 less time a month and saving $100. Financial Outlook* $435MM revenues in FY 2018, $915MM in FY 2019, and FY 2020 expectations of $1.5Bn+. $-122MM net income in FY 2019, losses will likely continue through FY 2021 as the Company ramps up the infrastructure. I’d bet on a profitable quarter by end of 2021 or sometime in 2022. Current recurring revenues based on subscriber counts annualize somewhere around $500MM and quickly growing. This is where the real money is made, it’s not just a piece of equipment but a recurring subscription just like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc. Margins should significantly improve as subscribers increase. Current subscription margins are ~60%. Subscriber Retention: Relatively low churn rate and sticky membership. No one wants to cancel a membership after they already purchased a bike for $2k. The brand is strong with 30+ live trainers that users feel a connection with. All data and ride history is stored and you can share and compete with friends. Changing bike platforms ultimately becomes a bit more of an inconvenience for this reason. Competition: PTON recently settled a lawsuit with Flywheel in which Flywheel admitted to copying parts of PTON’s technology and leaderboards. Flywheel shut down its online classes and PTON even offered users to trade in their bikes for a free PTON bike. SoulCycle just announced an at-home bike with a retail price of $2,500. It looks like they will not offer live classes, and just on demand classes. I can’t see this posing a significant threat with the price range above the PTON bike and without live classes. Market Conditions:The fitness and wellness market is massive and growing. Even with a small market share in the overall fitness market, a strong market share in the at-home cycling niche can be substantial. PTON has branded well and seems to fit right along with the BECKY lifestyle that I wouldn’t want to bet against. Not sure how ultimately significant the coronavirus impact will be, but with the scare going on that could last months, it’s reasonable to expect a slight uptick in sales/subscribers from consumers wanting to work out at home. Positions: Personally, have been loading up on shares as the premiums have sky-rocketed but here are the plays I’d make: Short-term: $22 puts 3/27. Likely will trend downwards with the market until better news.* Longer term: $30 calls 7/17. Feel very good about next earnings and overall market rebound.
fg92xc2020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52What a come back
fg92uy2020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52SPY 310 3/13 - this is the call you meant to buy today to bet $1k today that Trump would do something drastic this week. Bought these at the absolute bottom today. Wish I had put more into this, but spent the rest of my money on 4-state cheddar shredded cheese, which will trade like gold during the coming quarantine.
fg91ca2020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52Trump was unusually reserved yet confidant today, I have a feeling he's bringing out the big guns tomorrow afternoon. The morning spike will be because today was a top 10 historic daily drop, but the day afters spike will be because of the feds stimulus package.removed
fg90kp2020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52☣️ Robinhood Quarantine Feature ☣️-Robinhood Press Release-When it comes to your money, we know how important it is for you to have answers. Because of the coronavirus, Robinhood Financial LLC will place your assets (stocks and options) under mandatory quarantine during the most important moments of the market to prevent you from getting tendie fever.Stay safe and always use protection.-Baiju and Vlad, Co-Founders and Co-CEOs
fg8zpw2020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52Boomers suck on this
fg8z4p2020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52Started playing with options on 2/20 with $1745, up 323%, realized some profit to diversify a little. Tendies for a newby.
fg8yat2020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52What am I doing wrong here? Or not?removed
fg8xja2020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52VIX put spread II, the problem with a lower strike
fg8x7i2020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52SPY 310 3/13 - this is the call you meant to buy today here's a bunch of text that makes it look like this is a quality post, because the first two times I tried to post this it was auto-moderated. There isn't much more that needs to be said about this other than what the image shows
fg8vl02020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52Strap in everyone, we’ve got a long road ahead
fg8udt2020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52The Securities and Exchange Commission is asking all personnel based at its headquarters to work from home due to an employee who may have coronavirus
fg8ud02020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52India Only Has 43 Infections - Proof that COVID-19 is easy to protect againstremoved
fg8uax2020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52The PG/uninitiated version of WSB.
fg8tn82020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52Short $PM and $MO. My brief explanation for why big tobacco is fucked. MCorona targets the unhealthy, especially those with weak lungs. Smokers. They are the most likely to die and big tobacco's only customers. Even assuming a quarter of their target market disappears, that's VERY conservative given how much people in Asia and much of Europe like to smoke. After this ordeal passes, and while other industries will still have their customer base, tobacco companies are going to have significantly less customers left. I truly don't believe that the cost of this loss of business hasn't been priced into their relatively minor 10% drop from the February highs.[STOCKS] Even the systemic effects haven't been fully priced in much less what they'll be trading for a few months from now. Buying mid-late 2020 puts on all big tobacco companies on the first sign of strength. TL;DR: Coronavirus kills smokers at a much higher rate. No customers = no sales. Short tobacco companies.I won't give a strike and exp. I'm high enough as it is, go do your own fucking research
fg8tlu2020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52New to thisI’ve been messing around with stocks for a few months not but I’ve got some extra money I want to invest. Not sure of all the Puts, Calls & all of that kind of stuff. Would like to learn but not sure where to get accurate info. Any suggestions?
fg8sm72020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52Keiser Report just talked about r/wallstreetbets. 13 min mark.
fg8se82020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52What season will the rest of this week be?
fg8rx82020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52SPXS calls are printing,account from 65k>170k, gonna hold for a month and let it ride
fg8rhe2020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52The Trump Administration Is Stalling an Intel Report That Warns the U.S. Isn’t Ready for a Global Pandemic
fg8rfj2020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52SPY 310 3/13removed
fg8r432020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52Shit just got real, son.
fg8r1a2020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52Which one of you put-holding assholes was this?
fg8qz62020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52I YOLO'D AAPL CALLS! WSB GODS HELPremoved
fg8qft2020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52I want to yolo my whole life during this dipIm a 19 year old college student. I have 7k in savings so far. I have decided that tomorrow I will yolo my whole savings on an option during this dip. I need some suggestions for me to yolo on. Any ideas WSB? I will post photo proof of my full on yolo. Either I will be broke af forever or be a rich af and drop out of college. Hopefully the latter
fg8qdm2020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52Proof that iPhone users are retarded - RH ratingsremoved
fg8qcj2020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52Took out a K thats why its wierd but i fuck with it
fg8ppo2020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52Good job you fucking gamblers; y’all were trending today. SPY puts, RCL puts, CCL puts... Red like a rare steak from a bull. $C 12/18 $75c
fg8oul2020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52Its not a loss if you don't sell idiots
fg8o162020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52I WAS BORN A BULL AND ILL DIE A BULL
fg8nl92020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52SPXS calls are printing,account from 65k>170k, gonna hold for a month and let it rideremoved
fg8myd2020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52ELIA - Explain Like I’m Autistic Why did the oil price crash take the rest of the markets with it?So, maybe I’m a bit rusty on my macro economics here, but why did this happen? Is it simply because it’s going to put the hurt on energy companies and cause some ripple effect? Or is it simply because people correlate them and treat the drop as some kind of signal of demand and therefore a signal of economic strength.But... what if Russia and OPEC made a deal instead to cut production? That would have limited the supply, but have no impact on demand because the virus is still happening / etc. Why would that have made the market less crashy?
fg8mv32020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52What kind of stuff will we be eating during this recession?I’m thinking we’ll be fully recessed in the next few months and am loading up on puts like some of y’all. But as I sit here snacking on Whole Foods charcuterie, I’m aware that this will not be available to my poor ass during the coming recession. I think it’s important to get ahead of the curve and consider what kind of scavenged food scraps we’ll likely be eating come thanksgiving. Rats and birds? Maybe grass? I’m loading up on rodent traps while the rest of y’all buy TP.
fg8mpl2020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52I am new to STONKSIf you, yes you, teach me how to STONKS. I will happily give you 10% of my earnings on my first big payout :) I literally have no idea what I'm doing. Corrupt me :)(Limited to one person)
fg8je62020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52Old but never posted?
fg8ix92020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52Thank you mr Shapiro, you get us
fg8iaz2020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52SEC becomes first federal agency to tell employees to stay home amid coronavirus outbreak
fg8hh82020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52Think it’s bad now? Wait a month, says hedge-fund manager Kyle Bass
fg8g1i2020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52Shoeseller boy has sold. Bottom is in.
fg8dtb2020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52YOU AUTIST TAUGHT ME A THING OR TWO..
fg8cty2020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52Mixed Martial Shorts
fg8cgi2020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52SPY 310 3/13removed
fg8c082020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52This is the bottom - Beer flu statisticsremoved
fg8bph2020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52I have around $400,000 invested with Edward Jones I pull as much as I can out now and put it into RH what kind of gains can I expect? I'm sick of reading about everyone getting tendies I'm finally ready to eat.
fg8aj62020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52Can I even ask on here what to invest on now since the coronavirus outbreak and the whole shibang?(newbie and want to get into it)removed
fg891z2020-03-10wallstreetbetst5_2th52Fuck Cancun