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Decision number Patent number Name of the invention Patentee Invalidation requester Date of publication Year of publication
53339 2009801263196 Control channel signaling used to trigger independent transmission of channel quality indicators Intellectual Property Bridge One Co., Ltd. Hongda Communications Co., Ltd. 20220105 2022
53370 201510126210X Three-dimensional air supply impeller, impeller-type DC fan and three-dimensional air supply mask Shenzhen Lezheng Technology Co., Ltd. Haoting (Tangshan) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. 20220105 2022
53332 201721126773X A uniform automatic rotating spray gun Xuzhou Fengshou Sprinkler Irrigation Equipment Co., Ltd. Linyi Lanshan District Yunhai Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. 20220105 2022
52633 2018300326819 Hair combing and curling iron (A123) Dongguan Biddy Electric Co., Ltd. Yiwu Youke Electric Co., Ltd. 20220105 2022
53181 2019205872692 A Bluetooth headset charging box Shenzhen Yiwante Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Chuanglineng Power Supply Co., Ltd. 20220105 2022
53399 2019305312624 ulnar coronoid process locking plate Dabo Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Kehui Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. 20220105 2022
53373 2020302002648 Intelligent education all-in-one machine Beijing Panzhi Education Technology Co., Ltd. Zhang Peipei 20220105 2022
53333 031269745 Aralkyl amino acid PPAR full activator with excellent hypoglycemic and lipid-lowering activity Shenzhen Microchip Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Yu Xiaodong 20220104 2022
53143 2014208390260 A special drainage pump for environmentally friendly air conditioners Zhongshan Gubang Electric Co., Ltd. Fujian Aoyou Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. 20220104 2022
53340 201530196263X Desktop Hub Hubei Window Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Shecheng Huayang Technology Co., Ltd. 20220104 2022
45250 2015800000269 A mobile power rental terminal Shenzhen Laidian Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Electric Rental Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. 20200716 2020
45341 2018216932669 Silicon wafer outer surface polishing device Zhejiang Jingsheng Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. Meng Lei 20200715 2020
45258 028148126 Plastic Fastener Distribution System Avery Dennison Limited Dongguan Yima Hardware and Plastic Products Co., Ltd. 20200709 2020
45249 2017303926815 Chair (luxury 315) Wang Yuqi Li Qi 20200707 2020
45217 2017207280267 A 3D game joystick with a touch switch Guangdong Kongyin Industrial Co., Ltd. Gao Gaole Electronics Factory, Shiwan Town, Boluo County 20200706 2020
45177 2017209296626 Stand Foldable Wireless Charger Shenzhen Wohang Industrial Co., Ltd. Tan Qiulan 20200703 2020
45159 2012100310263 Smart card control board, smart card control node, smart card control subnet and smart card control warehouse Shenzhen Skyirong Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Ukerian New Technology Co., Ltd. 20200702 2020
45016 2018207302646 A kind of internal and external nested cylindrical electrostatic precipitator equipment Zhangzhou Lantianmei Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Guigang Pengyu Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. 20200619 2020
44943 2012302672433 Table (1) Lu Qiujin Wuhan Chaofan Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 20200618 2020
44918 2018217626675 A kind of octagonal soft box with external support Shaoxing Shangyu Star Photographic Equipment Factory Xu Qinghui 20200616 2020
44846 2012101152267 Key switch structure Jiangsu Chuanyi Technology Co., Ltd. LiteOn Computer (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. 20200609 2020
44732 2012306383926 Drink bottle (Bing Yi Bing Sheng squeezed coconut juice 1.25 liters) Jiao Jinming Lan Tianpan 20200604 2020
44771 2018301702621 Mobile phone protective case (LUPHIE-306) Liu Luping Dongguan Zhishell Plastic Hardware Products Co., Ltd. 20200604 2020
44657 2013106766626 Multi-process communication method and system for software system Nanjing Aiwei Guangshi Information Technology Co., Ltd. China Telecom Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Branch 20200603 2020
44780 201730641264X TV cabinet (1F03) Ye Xiaoshuang Jinan Baimaiquanjinruyi Furniture Co., Ltd. 20200603 2020
44556 2014302680725 Vehicle front upper grille Ford Global Technologies Ma Yongai 20200602 2020
44582 2018304554265 Graphical user interface for mobile communication terminal Beijing Kingsoft Security Software Co., Ltd. Shanghai Mengjia Network Technology Co., Ltd. 20200528 2020
44525 2016202619966 Installation structure of workbench plate Ningbo Jiuyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. Zhenjiang Kaiqi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. 20200526 2020
44527 2016300812269 Workbench Zhou Jianguo Zhenjiang Kaiqi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. 20200526 2020
44585 2015207792641 A catalyst roasting equipment Shandong Aofu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Hong Chenghou 20200525 2020
44259 201620082629X Drainage structure and snorkeling tube Zheng Zhiming Pan Fenglin 20200525 2020
44412 2017215164268 Film Xinao Technology Development Co., Ltd. Yin Hongle 20200525 2020
42119 2013102614855 A document printing method and system using vector image segmentation and superposition technology Guangzhou Zunwang Shangtong Information Technology Co., Ltd. China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Commercial Certification Center 20191101 2019
42086 2015208999269 Plate clamping structure Taizhou Benyuan Trading Co., Ltd. Li Yangyan 20191031 2019
42032 2015102652733 A kind of drainage floor drain on the same floor of a building without lowering the slab Lin Guoqiang Shanxi Xunshi Industrial Group Co., Ltd. 20191030 2019
42033 2004100488261 Concrete floor slab forming device with reserved openings Lianqi Development Co., Ltd. Jiangxi Hantang System Integration Co., Ltd. 20191029 2019
42043 2016212690680 A kind of speaker Nanchang Development Technology Co., Ltd. Ningbo Kaipu Electronics Co., Ltd. 20191029 2019
42013 2017203226530 Multi-purpose adjustable split presser foot Zhuhai Yunkong Ruiqi CNC Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Deye Intelligent Co., Ltd. 20191029 2019
41991 201830262247X Heating plate (1) Foshan Shunde Feishite Electrical and Gas Appliances Co., Ltd. Rivers and seas 20191028 2019
41968 2018209183726 Anti-vibration components, fan motors and mounting structures Nidec Corporation Ma Jianjun 20191021 2019
41938 2014106085126 Method for making shoes with inner waterproof fabric upper Italian Fashion Shoes Co., Ltd. Nanchang Ocean Plastic Co., Ltd. 20191015 2019
41920 2015301507926 LED car headlights (Type A) Guangzhou Liancheng Lighting Industrial Co., Ltd. Foshan Nanhai Binsheng Electronics Co., Ltd. 20191014 2019
41899 2017200202604 An internal control circuit structure based on Bluetooth tubular motor Bohui Electronic Technology (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd. Fujian Jiteng Electronics Co., Ltd. 20191014 2019
41898 2010200263606 Reversible and disassembly-free combination light hook Cheng Xunjie Guangzhou Jiecheng Performing Arts Equipment Co., Ltd. 20191011 2019
41856 2011102683610 Driving device of air conditioner and its sweeping panel Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. Ningbo Oaks Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. 20191010 2019
41872 201620522655X A semi-automatic fiber cutting machine Shenzhen Zhongwei Optical Communication Technology Co., Ltd. Yino Instruments (China) Co., Ltd. 20191010 2019
41860 2008801137269 Wireless communication mobile station device and response signal spreading sequence control method Optis Wireless Technology Co., Ltd. Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. 20191009 2019
41850 2017303426496 Packaging bags Sun Zhihong Quanzhou Yuxiaobei Hygiene Products Co., Ltd. 20191009 2019
41826 2016300318226 Soft bed (FG130211-2281-2-3) Ningbo Fubang Furniture Co., Ltd. Ningbo Mengying Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. 20191008 2019
41839 2018300942647 Hang tag printer Guangzhou Mosu Technology Co., Ltd. zhou Yongsheng 20191008 2019

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