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Project pre-qualification announcement (including pre-qualification application documents) Project rid
(Preliminary) Bid Winning, Transaction Result Announcement and Bid Winning Notice File name
Government authorization documents for adjustments and updates during the project procurement phase File PDF
Project procurement documents, addendum documents and answers to clarifying questions
Concluding opinions of pre-qualification expert review and list of pre-qualification experts
Concluding comments of expert review of response documents and list of review experts
Confirm the list of members of the negotiating working group
Signed PPP project contract

Sample data

Note: The names of each table are the same as the sample data fields, but the content is different. The sample data only shows the format.

Project rid File name Download address
ed5c0b1ab08345bda727ef8ed3614143 Negotiating team list.pdf
b5a9b8a3af044ecd9b0910248693544a GXTC-A-1961005-Beijing Fangshan District Rural Sewage Treatment Project (Treatment Station Area 2) PPP Project - Stamped Scanned Copy of Negotiation Memorandum.pdf
b602d2e3d20d44f58a7889445c2bb667 Confirm negotiation team.pdf
632237c639c14ad399e09a94c9080bb7 List of members of the negotiating working group (1).pdf
afdca801041749538e87273341c81048 Procurement result confirmation negotiation memorandum.pdf
4ce81caa43e9481fa23df1be6e14546f PPP Contract Negotiation Memorandum.pdf
72f91375998f4840973e63aeaf14466f Qingzhen City Rural Environment Comprehensive Improvement PPP Project-Confirmation of Negotiation Working Group Member List.pdf
498482d6671b4341bc0ca8b76f9ca242 Qinglong County Water Affairs Integrated Construction Project (Phase I) Negotiation Working Group Sign-in Form.pdf
7201da73fee54ba69470e7cd40a96370 Confirm the list of members of the negotiating working group.pdf
ff456f272a154ad89a74130c0fdf23df Sign-in form.pdf
987bbf1ddb224ec28510eae87dc5fd89 20191119 Confirmation of the list of members of the negotiation working group.pdf
cf79470c0d1c4b55a704fe284204dc70 Purchase Result Confirmation Negotiation Sign-in Form for PPP Project in Congtai Industrial New Town, Congtai District, Handan City, Hebei Province.pdf
2c8154fd558d4194bd8f2ac5905fd212 Confirm negotiation work list.pdf
7b9ccad604f84805a58f45501a8b90ee Announcement on Winning Bid for PPP Project of Relocation and Supporting Facilities of No. 1 Middle School in Dafang County, Guizhou Province.pdf
85d9c5d041d34aa597f97eabac5d18a5 Confirm Negotiation Working Group Sign-in Form (2019.9.12).pdf
ff4002cdabb1422ea83bac90f478e76e Confirm the list of members of the negotiation working group; (Confirm negotiation sign-in form).pdf
ed8759b71af246c6bf07dd82dd8adc8d Negotiation Memorandum (2).pdf
5e598d5d94e144b994d8f35f23ccc68c No. 3 of the Mengzi Municipal Government Office (2019) No. 3 Mengzi Municipal People’s Government Office on the establishment of the government and social capital cooperation (PPP) project contract negotiation leading group for the centralized water supply project in three towns and four townships in Mengzi City (1).pdf< /td>
da672d82d60b43caa8353520aac29c99 Confirm the list of negotiating working groups.pdf
d438bf0cd68a44f69d6dcef2add6db99 Memorandum of Negotiation on the Coal-to-Electricity PPP Project of the Education Bureau of Weichang Manchu and Mongolian Autonomous County, Chengde City, Hebei Province.pdf
d438bf0cd68a44f69d6dcef2add6db99 List of confirmation and negotiation working group for coal-to-electricity PPP project of Education Bureau of Weichang Manchu and Mongolian Autonomous County, Chengde City, Hebei Province.pdf
c3e712120dea4e438f2a823efe096d4e List of negotiating team members.pdf
183d47e2160c4c188fad3e4d976e8338 Negotiation memorandum.pdf
284e745faa614182bcb14768729501fe Negotiation memorandum.pdf
e412990af8794d7cb532fd5c5a3354d6 17. Xifeng County Urban and Rural Environmental Sanitation Integration PPP Project Social Capital Procurement_Negotiation Memorandum.pdf
753ba3e987d9471487c492ff8dd622ef Members of the negotiating team.pdf
744fac3f3e514030a118f8497a76295b Contract Negotiation Memorandum.pdf
3f51fd7d67034210bb8d5f7a49eaf590 Negotiating team list.pdf
54209970177d41808044d7ce61ecea48 5. Nanming District Renmin Avenue Phase II and supporting projects PPP project procurement results confirmation negotiation memorandum (including list).pdf
99d79330507a4fd8bbda8aa8a0b15872 Negotiating team list.pdf
b924f3f260e74c7ba5f61a5c1d4dead8 Confirmation of Negotiation Memorandum.pdf
cc5be1232a81482ea53e2802402adb30 Purchasing status report.pdf
bc42e761529645929ebad59b076379fc Members of the Negotiation Working Group for Confirmation of Procurement Results of PPP Projects for Rural Revitalization and 2019 Road Construction Projects in De’an County, Jiujiang City.pdf
e1a4210c3ae449338a7111590eaba45b Procurement result confirmation negotiation list.pdf
12b6c2f42ead496aa43b0b4da19ea3e8 Negotiation memorandum.pdf
dc90fd1066bf438d90bd20127052da86 Memorandum of Negotiation on PPP Project for Poverty Alleviation Road in Natural Village, Guzhen County, Bengbu City, Anhui Province.pdf
ec898e5d79b645dd9671a4d5e49b1d02 Negotiation memorandum.pdf
14eb6cbfebe740e484c0be655821ecb0 Negotiation list.pdf
660069062d64473f9cb4cc65762d3fe9 Evaluation report.pdf
8dfaffac9a61435d9f40e700fa9be951 List of members of the PPP project confirmation and negotiation working group for the reconstruction and expansion of the Hedong Sewage Treatment Plant and Reclaimed Water Project in Urumqi.pdf
b0c70fe7f1c047fe8fa318a4c3eebe41 Project pre-qualification and signature list.pdf
15c595a7bc314abb8c336c087905f0ff Negotiation memorandum.pdf
67b62eec5db14fdab4775e8a41834952 6. Negotiation memorandum.pdf
c2147b0cb43c4885a25aa27212bc0ede Confirm negotiation working group members.pdf
8ac2aa03bdd1488b919207bd40d8ba97 BOT franchise for the Xingning City Sewage Treatment Plant expansion project (including the first and second phase bid raising and upgrading projects) confirms the list of members of the negotiation working group.pdf
949922a433464608a480a13ed0df02c8 Confirm the list of members of the negotiating working group.pdf
5d7f9c4a68ff4d63921b928849a74b27 Bidding expert sign-in.pdf
e9fd2f92b6254156b43ec948de9456b7 Negotiation memorandum.pdf
ff40651de0b04a89a553d2c29a7a6488 List of contract negotiators for the Tangshan Youth Palace entrusted operation PPP project contract.pdf
2764e284ce634b6da8a54d27ca67deed Confirm the list of members of the negotiating working group.pdf

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