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0a0aa507f5504901206fff1cef254e0a Note: All costs required for transfer shall be handled by the buyer. If this information shows taxes, transfer fees, land transfer fees, etc., it is for the bidder's reference only. The specific price shall be subject to verification by the land and taxation department. Bidders are requested to go to the land and taxation department to find out. Please see the attachment for subject matter information. Details are subject to on-site sample viewing. Please consult together during the centralized sample viewing.
0a1fec11aecfbe56e18e6533854e9e52 Asset Appraisal Report Mingxin Asset Appraisal Report [2018] No. 005 Yongan Municipal People's Court: Sanming CITIC Real Estate Land Asset Appraisal Co., Ltd. accepted the entrustment, in accordance with the relevant national asset appraisal regulations, in the spirit of objectivity, independence, impartiality and science In accordance with the principles and recognized asset evaluation methods, we have conducted an evaluation on the vehicles involved in the assets involved in the judicial disposal of your company. The company's appraisers conducted on-site inspections, market surveys and inquiries on the assets entrusted to be appraised in accordance with necessary appraisal procedures, and determined the market value of the assets entrusted to be appraised on January 16, 2018, the base date of the appraisal, for the purpose of this appraisal. A fair reflection was made. The asset appraisal situation and appraisal results are now reported as follows: 1. Clients, property rights holders and other users of the appraisal report other than the client: 1. Client: Yongan Municipal People's Court. 2. Property rights holder: Yang Jie 3. Other valuation report users: report users who can use this report in accordance with laws and regulations. 2. Purpose of evaluation: According to the asset evaluation business agreement signed by both parties, the company will evaluate the assets declared by the company, provide the fair value on the evaluation base date, and provide a value reference for the assets involved in the judicial disposal that the client intends to dispose of. 3. Assessment object and assessment scope: Included in the scope of this assessment is a Fujian C0593U Roewe brand small car declared by the client. License plate number: Fujian C0593U, vehicle model: CSA7182AC, vehicle brand: Roewe, approved capacity of 5 people, engine number: A010044849, registration date: September 30, 2011, certificate issuance date: September 30, 2011, Compulsory insurance is valid until November 1, 2018. After on-site inspection by the evaluator, the car has a relatively new appearance, small scratches on the body, and a good interior. It has traveled 125,676 kilometers and has a small amount of gasoline left in the vehicle. The court sealed and impounded it on January 11, 2018. It could be used normally before the seizure. The vehicle was parked in the parking lot of the Yong'an People's Court on the assessment base date.
0a3cd82d4759d3b52d81bd9d0d623656 Movable property (other) Subject matter questionnaire Lot name BMW brand gray small car (without plate) Source of rights Judicial auction lot owner Wang Moumou Current status of the lot Vehicle name Small car Specifications and models BMW brand WBAYF410 Manufacturer German BMW Group Dingolfen Engineering Manufacturing Purchase date 2014-6-4 Rights restrictions have been sealed, mortgage rights restrictions Lot introduction 1. Auction object: BMW brand gray small car (without license plate) 2. Tax burden: During the transfer procedures, it should be performed by the person The taxes and fees paid by the buyer shall be borne by the buyer and shall be paid by the buyer himself to the personnel of the relevant departments. 3. Judicial assistance consultation hotline: 13811136515
0a4f2649c65488acbdadb51b2256aaf4 Investigation table of auction objects (vehicles) Lot name Fujian No. B88717 Volkswagen brand SVW6451EED car Auction basis (2022) Min 0203 Execution Ruling No. 5921 Lot status Use nature Non-operation (√) Operation () Key available (√) No () Remarks Parked at No. 334 Hubin South Road, Siming District, Xiamen City Siming District People’s Court Auction Rights Restrictions and Defects 1. Seized by the Xiamen Siming District People’s Court. 2. Violation record: unknown. 3. Whether to mortgage: No. 4. Other defects disclosed: None yet. Auction Introduction 1. Auction object: Min B88717 Volkswagen brand small car, the vehicle model is Volkswagen brand SVW6451EED, the body is brown, the engine number is W75387, the displacement is 1798ml, the first registration date is March 25, 2015. The auction items are now parked in the courthouse's on-site parking lot. The vehicle can be started normally and has traveled 94,375 kilometers. The negotiated price is 80,000 yuan. The subject of this auction is only for the car itself and does not include the license plate number. 2. Others: All taxes and fees incurred during the transfer procedures shall be borne by the buyer; any relevant fees such as license fees, insurance premiums, violations, cancellation of mortgages, etc. shall be borne by the buyer himself.
0a5f2a042ab72198fcc882abec05ce2b A Chevrolet small ordinary bus with the license plate number E AP536Z, the brand model is SGM6479DBA1; the vehicle identification code (VIN) is LSGXC8356KV386994; the engine number is 191773790; the vehicle registration date is 2019-8-16.
0a33e49d572f766338185eefe220070a Name of the lot: Fujian AZ593H Dongfeng Renault brand vehicle. Source of rights. Judicial ruling. Warrant status. 1. Court execution ruling. Owner of the lot. The vehicle is registered as the person subject to execution, Chen*hao. All lots are currently in use. Non-commercial vehicles. Vehicle conditions. The subject object is on site. The key is subject to the sample. There is a note. The key is currently parked in the Jinfeng Court, Jinfeng Town, Changle District. Rights restrictions 1. Changle District People's Court has seized the documents to be provided 1. "Court Ruling" 2. "Notice of Assistance in Execution" 3. "Auction" Transaction Confirmation" Lot Introduction 1. Auction object: Fujian AZ593H Dongfeng Renault brand small ordinary bus, vehicle identification number: LHMA4DGN7HA004217, engine number: A036734, vehicle model: DFR6450KCE3, body color: brown, usage: non-operation, initial registration date : March 13, 2017, the vehicle inspection is valid until March 31, 2021. According to the actual survey, the current mileage of the vehicle is 83,949 kilometers. Interested bidders are requested to view the sample on site. The specific condition of the vehicle will be subject to on-site handover after the auction is completed. The vehicle was parked in Jinfeng Court, Jinfeng Town, Changle District. 2. Tax burden: All taxes and fees borne by the buyer and seller arising from the transfer procedures and the relevant taxes and fees that need to be paid shall be borne by the buyer. Any violations, fines, arrears and other fees shall also be borne by the buyer. All are borne by the buyer. This vehicle has many violations and fines. Intended bidders need to understand that after the bid is completed, the buyer will be responsible for handling any violation fines, replacing car keys, etc.
0a71b602947908f65fc8b192a3c0bcd7 The auction target survey table and the description of the subject matter are excerpted from the appraisal report (2015) No. 09181050 of the Appraisal and Evaluation Agency of Fujian Motor Vehicle Price Appraisal Co., Ltd. The name of the lot and the license plate number are Fujian ANC667 BMW (Model: BMW WBSGY010) A car is auctioned in accordance with the judicial ruling. The status of the certificate of the lot, a copy of the vehicle driving license, the vehicle registration information sheet, etc. The status of the lot, the nature of use, a non-operational key (no spare key), remarks, parked at Fuqing Municipal People's Court Enforcement Bureau, auction rights restrictions and Defects and other conditions 1. Seized by the Fuqing Municipal People’s Court 2. Violation record: 3 violations, 5 points, and a fine of 300. 3. Whether it is mortgaged: Yes 4. There are obvious scratches on the bumper, door, and fender; the front fender The glass is broken, the idle speed is unstable, there is noise, and the engine is faulty. Introduction to the lot 1. Date of initial registration of the vehicle: September 11, 2012 2. Mileage: The vehicle cannot be started. The actual mileage is subject to on-site survey. 3. End date of compulsory insurance: Unknown End date of commercial insurance: Unknown 4. End date of inspection validity: September 2014 5. Vehicle model: BMW WBSGY010 Engine number: 21594990S63B44A
0a0186a8985adaba07e6d19113570adb Investigation of Auction Subjects Table Name of lot Buick SGM7242ATA Source of rights Judicial ruling Warrant status 1. Court execution ruling; Lot owner Cui ** Current status of lot Rental status No keys, no rights restrictions, and defects have been sealed by the court Documents provided: 1. Court ruling 2. "Auction Transaction Confirmation" 3. "Notice of Assistance in Execution" Lot introduction License plate number: Anhui M9H302 Brand: Buick Frame number: LSGGF53X7AH040621 Displacement: 1984 Registration date: 2009-11 Mileage: 206464 Years of use: 12 years and 1 month Contact person: Ms. Li Contact number: 3216145
0a6179a46575c1acb0d55f3b56a0e81a Second-hand vehicle subject matter investigation table Name of the subject matter Min G33663 Hino brand YC4251SS2PK heavy-duty semi-trailer tractor Disposal basis (2021) Min 0427 Enforcement No. 1091 Subject matter certificate situation Court execution ruling (2021) Min 0427 Enforcement No. 1091 Subject matter Warrant status Owner of the subject matter Sanming Jianda Logistics Co., Ltd. Current status of the subject matter Nature of use Operation key No location Currently parked in Shaxian District, Sanming City In and around the factory area of ​​Sanming Maoyuan Logistics Co., Ltd. Rights restrictions Seized by Shaxian County, Sanming City The District People's Court seized the documents provided by Fujian Shaxian Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. for mortgage: 1. "Court Ruling"; 2. "Notice of Assistance in Execution" 3. "Auction Transaction Confirmation" 4. Please fill in the others. ; Base date for subject matter condition assessment and appraisal: October 26, 2021 Vehicle factory date/Vehicle initial registration date August 19, 2013 Inspection validity period August 31, 2021 Driving mileage/Compulsory insurance termination date/Brand model Hino YC4251SS2PKVIN Code/vehicle type heavy-duty semi-trailer tractor fuel type/engine number P16513 engine power/body color/gearbox type/displacement/emission standard/violation record unknown vehicle identification code LYC2CH710D0001644 identification number 68936151-8 mandatory scrap date unknown equipment /Defects/Valuation of the subject matter The valuation of the subject matter is 123,900 yuan. The total price of the taxes and fees of the subject matter/The tax situation is based on the actual taxes and fees incurred in the transaction. Please consult the relevant functional departments for details. Other expenses such as parking fees, storage fees, etc. (the buyer shall bear the relevant expenses)
0a2196505cfe084d9d2840cc8ef2c983 Investigation status table of auction objects (vehicles, samples) (Introduction to the subject matter is excerpted from Ning Heng Ping Bao Zi (2015) No. 58 evaluation report) The name of the lot and the license plate number are Fujian JK6713 Buick Auto Auction Basis (2015) Jiao Execution Lot No. 136 Current status of use Non-operation (√) Operation () Key present (√) No () Remarks Parked in Jiaocheng District People’s Court Auction rights restrictions and defects 1. Seized by Jiaocheng District People’s Court 2. Violation of regulations Record: Unknown 3. Whether it is mortgaged: Yes 4. Other defects disclosed, such as scratches, etc.: Unknown The auction license plate number is Fujian JK6713 Buick. Engine number: LB830416179 Characteristic mileage: 360,000 kilometers, vehicle identification number (VIN code): LSGWL52D83S150661 Body color: black, initial registration date: April 28, 2003. Fujian JK6713 old model Buick Regal sedan has been used for 12 years and 4 months, a total of 148 months; specified mileage: 600,000 kilometers, mileage traveled: 360,000 kilometers, the right front wheel tire collapsed, the battery is dead and cannot start normally, The mileage traveled cannot be displayed.
0aa2681c9c037c118488a551ea53c45d Investigation of the auction objects of the Shishi City People's Court [The introduction of the objects is excerpted from the evaluation report No. [2018] of Fujian United Zhonghe Shi Ping Baozi] The name of the lot is Fujian C79SE1 Chevrolet brand motor vehicle auction document provided in accordance with the judicial ruling 1 , "Auction Transaction Confirmation"; 2. "Execution Ruling"; 3. "Notice of Assistance in Execution" The current status of the lot, the nature of use, non-operation (√) operation () the key is present (√) no () the driving license is present (√) None () Remarks Parked in Shishi People’s Court Auction Rights Restrictions and Defects 1. Detained by Shishi People’s Court 2. Illegal Record: Unknown (Penalty will be implemented in accordance with Fujian Public Transport Police Security [2016] No. 5 document, no points will be awarded) 3. Whether it is mortgaged or not: None 4. Other defects: see the actual object for details 5. All expenses incurred by the subject matter and all costs involved in the transfer shall be borne by the buyer. Introduction to the lot 1. Date of initial registration of the vehicle: January 8, 2008 2. Mileage : 105825 kilometers 3. Vehicle identification number: LSGVU52Z97Y071104. 4. For other vehicle information such as the end date of the inspection validity period, vehicle model, engine number, emission standards, transmission type, etc., please refer to the evaluation report (there is an electronic version link attached to this announcement, please Download and check it out by yourself!) Please note: out-of-town bidders (those who do not have household registration in the area where the vehicle registration authority is located or do not have a residence permit in the area where the vehicle registration authority is located) should consult the local vehicle registration authority (vehicle management department) to find out whether the auction vehicle can be withdrawn. The bidder shall be responsible for the details of the documents, ownership transfer and other details. If there are any legal consequences of being unable to transfer the ownership, the bidder shall be responsible for it.
0abe8d8c5ff54cf50afaa0030f65df0a Warm reminder: 1. Please refer to the "Bidding Announcement" for details of the time and concentrated location for viewing samples. Please read the "Bidding Announcement" and "Bidding Instructions" carefully. 2. On-site appointment for sample viewing: Please send a text message to 13924940675 with your name, contact information and the auction object you want to see sample (this text message is only for appointment registration and will not be responded to one by one). The registration deadline is five days before the announcement of sample viewing. . 3. For items that can be loaned, please read the "Bidding Announcement", "Bidding Instructions" and "Loan Instructions" carefully. 4. Please ensure that your browser version is IE8 or above, otherwise you may not be able to browse the subject's video, specific situation description and other important information! 5. Our court’s online judicial auction has opened a WeChat public account service. Please follow the WeChat public account: Zhongshan First People’s Court Online Judicial Auction to learn about the auction items and bidding guide. 6. Decide the bidding behavior carefully: This auction was held after the statutory announcement period and exhibition period. The known defects of the auction subject matter have been explained based on the investigation by the appraisal company. The description of the auction subject matter and the video materials, pictures, etc. provided by our court are for bidders' reference only and do not constitute any guarantee for the subject matter. Therefore, bidders must carefully examine the auction items before the auction, investigate whether there are defects, carefully study and check the actual condition of the items being bid, and please visit the display site in person to see the samples. Bidders who have not seen the samples will be deemed to have no understanding of the subject. Confirmation of physical status. Once the bidder makes a bidding decision, it means that he fully understands and accepts the current status of the subject matter and all known and unknown defects. 7. As for whether the auction subject can handle transfer procedures, specific taxes and fees, and processing time, etc., bidders are requested to consult and confirm with the relevant functional departments before bidding. The transfer procedures cannot or are delayed due to the current status and defects of the subject matter and other reasons. The auctioneer does not make any commitment to the transfer and does not bear all costs involved in the transfer. For houses that have not issued a real estate certificate, the auctioneer does not make any commitment to be able to issue a certificate. 8. For vehicles, equipment and other movables entrusted by the hospital to a third party for safekeeping, the storage fees are charged on a daily basis and shall be based on the actual date of delivery. Bidders are requested to consult the custodian in detail for the specific amount of handling fees, storage fees and other expenses involved. Once the bidder makes a bidding decision, it indicates that it has fully understood and agreed to the above charging standards. 9. Payment of the balance of the auction money: After the subject matter is sold, the buyer is required to remit the balance of the auction money directly to the account of our court (account name: Zhongshan First People's Court, account opening bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Zhongshan Yongyiting Branch, account number : 9558852011000375281). When filling out the payment form, please indicate the auction money and the execution case number of this case in the remarks. After the money is transferred to the above account, please take a photo of the transfer voucher and send it to 13924940675 so that our hospital can verify the payment status. . Consultation method: Taobao Online Judicial Auction Platform Service Hotline (manually online from 9:00-21:00): 400-822-2870 Our judicial online auction hotline: 18933309720 Zhongshan Municipal Local Taxation Bureau real estate tax rate inquiry: 0760-88331508 Zhongshan Municipal Land and Resources Bureau Transfer process inquiry: 0760-88833130 Zhongshan Vehicle Management Office 12345 Inquiry platform: 0760-12345 Zhongshan Gongcheng Logistics and Warehousing Co., Ltd. fee inquiry: 15819966123 (Inquiry on fee standards for vehicles, equipment and other movable assets kept in the above companies) Bank of Communications Co., Ltd. Inquiries about loan items available for loan at the company's Zhongshan Branch: 0760-88818307 Official website: Zhongshan First People's Court: http://zscourt.gov.cn/Zhongshan Traffic Police Information Service Network: http://www.0760js.com/Pages/Foreground /Index.aspx Online consultation and process for real estate property rights registration: please log in: http://www.zsfdc.gov.cn/Bszn.aspx Zhongshan Local Taxation Bureau Deed Tax Payment Guidelines: http://www.gdltax.gov.cn /portal/zs/FCAHWBSNPH7HZV633I7XRYWQE5LP848R.htm Judicial auction service: https://www.taobao.com/markets/paimai/fuwu?spm=a213w.3064813.a214xlj.1.7S9zHm#guohu On-site consultation: Zhongshan Vehicle Administration Office: Zhongshan Daling Inspection Station, Jiangling Avenue, Torch Development Zone; Zhongshan Land and Resources Bureau Certification Hall and Local Tax Station: 1st Floor, Investment Building, No. 2-1, Xingzhong Road; the vehicles for this auction will be kept by the Zhongshan Henglan Town Public Warehouse. You must bear storage fees, towing fees and other expenses. The above-mentioned cost assessment value is as of the assessment base date, and is subject to actual delivery. Zhongshan Gongcheng Logistics and Warehousing Co., Ltd. tariff inquiry contact person: Mr. Huang; contact number: 15819966123.
0acd19c296e5597a64f628dece4fb2dd Auction vehicle investigation status table Lot name Anhui NV6888 Mercedes-Benz car Lot owner Zhu ** Appraisal price 392557.5 yuan Original price (tax included) Current status of the lot Parking location Whether it can be driven, rights restrictions and defects, the court has sealed it; any violation of laws Not processed; annual inspection is valid until July 2020. Documents provided: 1. Auction transaction confirmation 2. Court execution ruling 3. Assistance in execution notice Vehicle registration status 1 License plate number Anhui NV6888 Mercedes-Benz 1 Vehicle type small ordinary passenger car 2 Initial registration date 2016.7. 183 Country of manufacture 4 Manufacturer name 5 Vehicle identification code/engine number LBIWG2EIIG80013786 Body color black 7 Displacement 2.08 Mileage 167171KM 9 Insurance expiration date Special reminder: Bidders need to understand the car ownership transfer policy and related payment status. The specific situation is subject to the current situation of the actual product. Please check it on the spot and purchase with caution. Please consult the local vehicle management department for tax information, and the tax will be borne by the buyer. The vehicle has traffic violations that have not been dealt with, and the resulting fines and points will be borne by the buyer. Lu'an City Yu'an District People's Court August 27, 2019
0ad3490ba545a00aec4f781e2640c936 Name of the lot: Fujian FQ9775 Chevrolet brand small car. One auction. According to the judicial ruling, the current status of the lot, the nature of use, non-operating, the engine condition. Unknown date of seizure. Unknown key. No parking fee. Small car 15 yuan/day. Gearbox type. Manual parking location. Xinyuanxin parking lot rights. Ownership and vehicle defect status 1. The condition of the vehicle is subject to the actual product. The bidder decides whether to see the sample. If you want to see the sample after the sample viewing time, no additional arrangements will be made. Our hospital will not answer questions about the vehicle. Please see the evaluation for details. Report; if you regret bidding, the deposit will not be refunded, and the corresponding legal liability will be pursued as appropriate. 2. All costs involved in vehicle transfer and existing violation fines, towing fees, parking fees, keyless vehicle lock fitting, lock replacement and other costs must be borne by the buyer himself. 3. Vehicle seizure date: November 15, 2016. Parking fee: 15 yuan per day for small cars, 40 yuan per day for large cars, contact number 0597-2819666. 4. Bidders with non-Longyan household registration need to know whether the subject matter can be transferred to the place of the bidder's household registration before bidding. If a person successfully bids and the vehicle cannot be transferred because the vehicle does not meet the naturalization requirements of the vehicle management department of the local public security agency, the hospital will not be responsible. 5. After successfully bidding and paying the full amount, the bidder should contact the court first and then confirm the time to pick up the car and receive the transfer ruling. One traffic violation record and a fine of 150 yuan. Vehicle identification code LZWADAG4A8041129 Overdue inspection Mandatory scrap date September 30, 2022 Initial registration date September 13, 2010 Unknown mileage Vehicle insurance termination date March 1, 2014 Motor vehicle status Seized Vehicle model LZW7100XF Vehicle type Sedan Engine number 8A52610660 Outer dimensions 354514951523 Factory date June 1, 2010 Fuel type Gasoline inspection Validity date September 30, 2014 Emission standard China 4
0aed161b7965a0a2ee69d0b7f4c518f4 Subject matter investigation status table Vehicle basic information Vehicle owner Hu** License plate number Anhui P-Q8873 Brand model Changan brand SC1027SC4 Body color Silver Frame number LSCAB23R7EG149644 Domestic/imported Domestic odometer shows mileage 120000 Nature of use Non-commercial transmission form Manual transmission fuel type Gasoline displacement 1.2L Engine number E30C033920 First registration date June 13, 2014 Inspection Validity date June 2017 Vehicle violation record is unknown, please consult the local vehicle management department for details. The condition of the vehicle is due to the fact that the vehicle has not been evaluated by an assessment company and has been parked for a long time, resulting in a battery loss and the vehicle cannot be started. The exterior and interior of the vehicle are in average maintenance. It is now parked at the Jixi County People's Court. Documents provided: 1. "Execution Ruling": (2019) Wan 1824 No. 338-2 2. "Inquiry Report" 3. "Transaction Confirmation" The auction is based on judicial rulings and special reminders that the specific conditions of the subject matter shall prevail, such as All costs involved in handling violations, annual inspections, and ownership transfers shall be borne by the buyer; if the vehicle certificate is incomplete and needs to be reissued, the buyer shall be responsible for the reissue at the buyer's expense. Whether there are any restrictions on transfer, filing, and settlement (license restrictions, environmental protection), bidders are asked to consult the vehicle management office of the city where they are settled for related matters, and bidders are asked to see the car on site, and make a careful decision whether to purchase after understanding the details. Our hospital and auxiliary agencies Not responsible for this.

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