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Li Congzhou Qingpingle Search the dream soul. Suddenly he came to see you. It's like a bird in spring and a swallow in society. Ruofu Dongfeng Courtyard. Remember to take the children home. The blue clouds reflect the red clouds. Straight under the small bridge and flowing water, there is a peach tree in front of the door.
Anonymous Nine-card machine One machine. The scene of weaving shuttle flies away. Lanfang is always sad and sleepless at night. Vomiting and vomiting are woven into spring hatred, and they are kept until Lang returns. Two machines. The moon is bright and people are quiet, making few noises. Inextricably linked. Weave it into a piece, with brocade characters on it, and send it to Yi. Three machines. There is a playing flower in the center. Delicate red, tender green and bright spring. You must break it off early, and don’t wait too long for a beautiful branch. Four machines. The mandarin ducks want to fly together. It's a pity that the old man turns gray first. Green grass on the spring waves, deep in the cold dawn, bathed in red clothes. Five card machines. The period of sweetness and cleverness. The branches of the Albizia Julibrissin tree are connected. Under the double-headed flower, at two concentric places, there is a pair of transformed children. Six machines. The carved brocade is half-draped. Orchid House has a special plan to stay in spring. The small seal script is added to the furnace, and the day is long, so the embroidery work is relatively late. Seven machines. The spring silkworm spins all its silk. Don't teach Luo Qi easily. The jian was broken for no reason, and the fairy luan and colorful phoenix were divided into two kinds of clothes. Eight machines. The slender and jade hands hold no time. The Shu River is full of spring waves. The fragrant remains of the musk deer, the embroidered quilt in the flower house, the intention to return is delayed. Nine machines. One heart grows on a hundred flower branches. Hundreds of flowers make a red quilt. All the spring scenery will be hidden inside the head, and I am not afraid of sleeping for a long time. Light silk. The elephant bed and the jade hand bring out the novelty. Thousands of flowers and grass are shining and green. Tailored clothes, spring songs and dances, flying butterflies and orioles. Spring clothes. Plain silk dyeing is already miserable. The world is dull and colorless. It should be the same as the autumn fan. I will give it up forever and never serve you again. The singing sounds fly down to the painted beams, and after dancing the fragrant wind rolls around the embroidered leaves. I want to wipe out the hatred in Chen Ji, but suddenly there is a heartbroken person in front of me.
Zhang Xiaoxiang Huanxisha Rely only on loyalty and not on soldiers. Roll the flag and go straight into Caizhou City. The demon star falls in the middle of the night in the thief camp. Wanlu Yuntun is looking at the leisure time, but Pingting is sitting with ten eyebrows ringed. White hemp descends to heaven morning and evening.
Fan Chengda Huanxisha The greenery in front of Baiyu Hall is sparse. The candle can sing and the song stops to help each other in difficulty. I asked people whether they would like to think about spring or not. In the dream, the fragrance of powder floats on the pillow, and when I feel the mist and the full moon, I feel the music on the piano. How about a deep affection.
Fan Chengda North Korea Central Measures The east wind passes through the mountains at midnight. And the snow reaches the end of the night. It's strange to see that the branches of the plum trees are not warm, but I know that the eyes of the willows are still cold. Green silk vegetable armor, silver mud cake bait, and separate cups and plates. Yichun has been victorious, and the title banner will be long.
Fan Chengda North Korea Central Measures Being leisurely and healthy is life. Not to mention the good years. After watching the autumn moon for ten minutes, I even put yellow flowers on the Double Ninth Festival. Spend time with the scenery, brewing wine from the Wuban Society, and tea from the Shiding Mountain. After eating red lotus-flavored rice, the Nong family will become a fairy family.
Fan Chengda North Korea Central Measures Tie the boat to sell wine in Bilianfang. Wine is better than goose yellow. After getting drunk, I fell into a dream in the Western Garden, and the east wind blew the willows and fragrant flowers. Where the water floats to the sky, the sunset is like a brocade, just like the hometown of perch. There is a memory of someone's tears, when did they flow to Hengtang.
Fan Chengda North Korea Central Measures Begonias are like the snow in the palace after spring. Qin Nong Qingqing early. Tired guests often feel ashamed of Du Yu, and drunken people in good times carry the pot. Carefree and carefree, return him the fishermen and lose to the woodcutter. When will Yi Chu return? The boat will end up in the rivers and lakes.
Fan Chengda North Korea Central Measures The sky and the clouds express the autumn light. The leaves are half green and yellow. Cherish the west wind to dispel the heat, and wear light clothes early to avoid the new coolness. The affection of an old friend lingers on the sick guest, and it is disappointing and underestimating. A thousand sorrows on the road are easy to disperse, but a smile in front of you is unforgettable.
Fan Chengda Dielianhua In spring, a pole adds water to the water. Fragrant grass and geese fill the shore with green breeze. The painted boat floats around the bay hundreds of times. Hengtang Tower is closer to the front and farther away. It's cold in Jiang State and it's late for farming. To the north of the village and to the south of the village, the fields are plowed all over during the Grain Rain. Show the wheat, the hills, the mulberry leaves and the cheap. Take a look and try to harvest new cocoons.
Fan Chengda Nan Kezi·Nan Gezi Xiang Xiang's poems are thin and sad, and the intestines are soft after drinking. In the cool evening, I want to know the autumn with my fan. Lying down, I can see the silvery shadow of the bright river and the flow of heaven and earth. The cranes sound quiet at first, but the insects sing even more quietly at night. Jiachen is only a bargain. What more can I ask for than a day of love and romance?
Fan Chengda Nan Kezi·Nan Gezi Looking at the Plum Blossom Station with regret, and concentrating on Du Ruozhou. There are tall buildings at the bottom of the fragrant clouds. It's a pity that the high-rise building is not close to Mulanzhou. The two fishes are far away, and the red leaves are autumn. I want to rely on the river to express my sorrow. The river has flowed eastward, but it is willing to flow further west.
Fan Chengda Nan Kezi·Nan Gezi The silver river flows across the river, and the golden wind blows slowly. The evening fragrance floats and five clouds fly. Sister Yue is jealous, and her eyebrows are furrowed. It's hard to stay in a short night, when the sloping river is about to fade away. Half sad and half happy is a good time. We met once and fell in love with each other.
Fan Chengda Shui Tiao Ge Tou Detail the events of the past ten years and celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in ten places. This year's new dream is to suddenly reach the top of Yellow Crane's old mountain. Lao Tzu is not a shallow person. This time we will see the Heavenly Sect again, and we will see each other in the south building now and in ancient times. The stars are colorless, and the jade mirror floats alone in the sky. Gather the smoke of Qin, gather the mist of Chu, and iron the flow of the river. Guanhe separation and reunion, the north and the south still care about each other. Wanting to see E'e's cold eyes, she should return with a smile on her temples and an empty black mink coat. I drank wine and asked Toad Rabbit if he was willing to go to Cangzhou.
Fan Chengda Shui Tiao Ge Tou The envoys of the Han family, who are thousands of miles away, shine on the Qingqiu on double festivals. Traveling all over the old capital, calling Yu to help Huangliu in the middle of the night. There are few mulberry trees in the northwest, and endless purple and green trees in Taihang, accompanying each other across the ditch. Late in the year, visitors are often sick, and the wind and dew are cold. For Chongjiu, you must be drunk and don't worry. The yellow flowers are for me, and they don’t care about the frost on their temples with a smile. The book in my sleeve is close at hand, and there are hundreds of rivers in my eyes. After singing, this life will float. Only the safe letter followed Yan to Nanzhou.
Fan Chengda 西江月 In October, spring is small, but beauty comes twice a year. Yunying spends this evening at Blue Bridge. All flowers and branches are good. Baimei is pale pink in the sky, and the moon is raw with six baht steps. The world is covered with frost and leaves, but the east wind never grows old.
Fan Chengda 西江月 The guests from the North look forward to their happy years, while the Lord from the East is looking forward to the good years. Covering the wind and rain, the sky is cloudy at night. You should be afraid of apricot tips that are light red. He doesn't hesitate to stay up late at night in front of the lamp, and learns how to stay cold after the snow. Crystal curtain foil kaleidoscope. Listen to the Xiaojian in the South Tower.
Fan Chengda Magpie Bridge Immortal On a good night with two stars, I am lazy in plowing and weaving, and I should be jealous of all the immortals. Sister Juanjuan Yue's eyebrows are full of wrinkles, and she is even more helpless, and the wind is blowing the rain. Meeting each other hastily, arguing as if we have never seen each other again, disturbing the mood of separation again. The new joy is not as good as the old sorrow, but adds to it, and the new sorrow goes away.
Fan Chengda Yi Nan Cao The reeds on the chrysanthemum beach were covered with frost. There is a long wind and thousands of tall willow trees. For whom does the sky spread out the dim light of the lake? It should be for me, the boat. I was drunk with Dongting wine among the oranges. Rolling clouds and waves, hanging sails to fight south. Looking back on old travels, Shangshan is no longer lost. There are still people who can remember it.
Fan Chengda Yi Nan Cao The smoke in the north and the waves in the south. The snow falls on the fence and the rain falls. Asking about the small bridge, who is crossing it after farewell, only the lost birds and females are passing by. Looking again at the mountains and rivers to ask if they are okay. Sweep the net of firewood and thorns and soil and flowers. Keep the little peach and test the wind first, and the grass will grow brighter from now on.
Fan Chengda Qin Louyue·Recalling Qin'e The window screen is thin. The sun wears red curtains and combs. Urgent combing. On a sunny day, magpies are heard on the painted eaves. Haitang teases Xiaodu and opens the door. Xiaoyun was at Langgan corner first. Linggan angle. The ground is covered with poplars, and there is a bad wind at night.
Fan Chengda Qin Louyue·Recalling Qin'e The bead curtain is narrow. The spring courtyard is surrounded by rolling curtains and flowers. Flowers surround. The day is long, people are quiet, and there are both butterflies. Bitter gold banana leaves before flowering. Guiteng was timid while holding his head while taking a nap. Holding one's head timidly. There is endless leisure and sorrow, and the distant mountains are sloping.
Fan Chengda Qin Louyue·Recalling Qin'e Xiangluo is thin. No one notices the width of the belt. No one noticed. The east wind blows and the sun sets, a curtain of flowers falls. The empty lock swing rope in the West Garden. The curtains are hung down and rolled up in the pool pavilion. Xianchi Pavilion. In the evening, there is incense and the trumpets are blown in the painting building.
Fan Chengda Qin Louyue·Recalling Qin'e The building is missing. The shadow of Langgan lies in the east chamber and the moon is shining. The moon in the east chamber. One day there was wind and dew, and the apricot blossoms were like snow. The smoke induces leakage and Jin Qiu swallows. Luo drapery dim lamp rosette. Lantern flower knot. A brief spring dream, the sky is vast in the south of the Yangtze River.
Fan Chengda Qin Louyue·Recalling Qin'e Floating clouds gather. Light thunder faintly awakened the insects. First awakening of insects. The doves are croaking angrily, and the green poplars are blowing in the wind. The smoke from the jade furnace is heavy with incense. The walls are thick with apricots and swallows. Yanzhi is wet. Where the fancy decorations are missing, the painted buildings and figures stand.
Fan Chengda Nian Nujiao The twin peaks stack up against each other, passing by the wind, sea and rain, the sky is boundless blue. Sister Yue should be happy every year, but the jade palace and Qiong Palace are sad and lonely. Who calls the crazy cloud, one cup will be enough, the night air is cold and colorless. Staring at the blue city, the tall buildings are misty to the northwest. The heartbroken Gui Lengchan is alone, the good times are like a dream, and the railings are patted. The servant girl with misty temples and wind asked me, how many times have I seen this evening in this floating world? The moon is clear and the clouds are clear, the past and the present share the same hatred, I will always be a guest. Chanjuan tomorrow night, who in front of you is thinking about Nanmo.
Fan Chengda Nian Nujiao Ten years ago, I was drunk with Beijing flowers and Shu wine, and there were thousands of flowers and calyxes. As soon as I came back, I looked down at Wu. I was in admiration today and yesterday. Strongly leaning on the carved railings, shy of wearing snow hairpins on the temples, I am always afraid of sleeping on the flower branches. Wiping my sorrowful eyes, I remained silent in the mist. I heard that the Taoist family had a banquet in Luan, the light and wind turned to night, and the moon fell next to the west building. The spring of Liangzhou is far away. How can you be happy if you don't drink. To indulge in the fragrance of heaven and the beauty of the country, don’t drink in front of the lamp. Where the socks are born, I will give you Heluo.
Fan Chengda Nian Nujiao Wu Bo floats, looking at the flowing moon, half of the river is golden and green. Drunk and dancing, thirty thousand hectares of sky are bright, no matter how lonely I am. Point out the Qiong Tower, there is a way out, and the whale's back stretches across the east pole. The water clouds are drifting, and the langan is powerless. Looking back at Cangzhou's family history, there are traces of the Yiyi fairy in the smoke and fishing. Yixiao was leisurely wandering around, and came to visit Bianzhou for news. Tonight in heaven, here on earth, I am a guest before the wind. The waves are rising in the remaining night, and the fish and dragons are startled to listen to the horizontal flute.
Fan Chengda Nian Nujiao The frost is falling in the water town. Looking at the west mountain an inch, the eyebrows are trimmed and green. When the tide rises in Nanpu, the shadow of sails goes away, and when the sun sets, the sky is blue and the river is white. Thousands of miles of floating clouds are blown away by the wind, and then accumulated by the wind. After singing in front of you, the sky is filled with a cold color. There will be less and more separation in this world, and fame and fortune will come to you like a fly. Winning the long pavilion and the carriage road, the eternal sorrow is like weaving. We are so in love, we meet each other in a hurry, and a smile is so rare. Whoever is healthy next year will have dreams wandering north and south.
Fan Chengda Nian Nujiao The lakes and mountains are picturesque, with isolated canopies and willows on the banks. Don’t scare the fish and birds. The spring is cold and the flowers are not everywhere. First, the plum blossoms are sparse and the flowers are smiling. Three years after a dream, the pine breeze remains the same, but the moonlight never gets old. The neighbors asked each other, this time they really returned. Wu Shuang, the new one with green temples, is strong and strong, not afraid of losing his reputation. Thanks to the romantic chariots and horses, they come to find the fragrant clouds and flowers island. It seems that I am a rough man, I don't know my surname, I only have silver bottles to pour. Chasing fame and fortune, no matter how messy the sails are, who is in the sky?
Fan Chengda Cherish the points and fly away Floating clouds are easy to disperse but difficult to gather again. Zhe Mo follows each other a hundred steps. Who calls pedestrians to go. Fishermen and woodcutters in the mist of Shihu Lake. Is it heartbreaking to say goodbye to Xilou again? How many miserable winds and rains. Ximeng Jiangnan Road. The road is long and the dream is short but nowhere to be found.
Fan Chengda Dream jade guide Seeing off the traveler, I still follow the road and look for each other again. Friendship ends at the end of the day, and we sit together at the same table for a long time. From then on, there were suddenly fewer people in front of him, and he was a guest from the south of the Yangtze River. I can't bear to be in a hurry, so I'll stop at Chuanmei Station. Although the glass of wine is full, it is still very little. Do not shed thousands of tears. He wanted to speak but swallowed his voice, and his heart was sobbed. The winter fire is desolate and the music is colorless. Since we said goodbye, we have completely forgotten each other, even if we forget this evening.
Fan Chengda Dream jade guide We are here together, surrounded by the wind and leaning against the blue sky. When the rain rolls and the clouds fly, there is always Gui'e watching the guests. The flute and drum bring forth spring, the whole Jincheng is picturesque, and the snow-capped mountains are colorless. A dream only comes true, and it seems like the world is far apart. After the dance and the remaining songs, the materials are revealed and the traces are gone when I look back. Thousands of miles away from Qin and Wu, if you are interested, you should ask for news. I want to return to farming, how can I do it again? Old friends look to the south of the Yangtze River and fold plum blossoms to remember each other.
Fan Chengda Ru Meng Ling Guests live in the painting screen. There are countless colors of water and mountains. The setting sun fills the river with sound. Where can I find a small ferry? Go away. Go away. A boat of gulls and herons dispersed in fright.
Fan Chengda Ru Meng Ling How can two orioles sing? Search everywhere for dense green shade. The weather is moist and the clothes are moist, but the illness is slightly hot. Stop the rain. Stop the rain. Tomorrow will be the Dragon Boat Festival.
Fan Chengda Bodhisattvaman Xiaoxuan opened the window today. Rub the blue-dyed green grass. The eaves are poor and windy. The apricot tips are red in the mist. There is little joy in wandering. Wu Shuang's temples are a bit early. The weather is calm. Infinite spring before your eyes.
Fan Chengda Bodhisattvaman The snow forest became cold overnight. The east wind arrives just in front of the lamp. What year is it today? New Year and new moon. Qicong is separated by fragrant mist. I still remember the crazy guest. Keep the gold. Noctua looked at each other.
Fan Chengda Bodhisattvaman The spring is bleak during the yellow plum season. Yueluo is fragrant and Wu gauze is thin. Silk rain and sunrise. The willow tips are red but not clear yet. After being sad and sick. I don’t know how to drink wine. Worry about illness and send you home in spring. Just like when drinking wine.
Fan Chengda Linjiangxian The feather fan and silk scarf are fluttering in the wind, and the moon in the east chamber is filled with roses. Who calls out the new voice? The dragon's whiskers wrap around the flute, and the wild geese fly into the zither. Tao wrote that the middle-aged man must be a mile away, and the moon is lingering in the clouds. After Zhou Lang left, the music appreciation was rare. If you hold wine and listen to me, you will be willing to bring spring back.
Fan Chengda Linjiangxian Being discouraged in everything is like a poor official, and the dust is too much. Meeting old friends is like a clear river. It just so happens that the plum blossoms and willows are moving, and I am happy to be born in spring. The day is in a hurry to tell the night, and the moon still has to fall into the river. Next year I will go to Baiou League. There are three jade trees in the golden boudoir, so I can ask Zixiao Cheng.
Fan Chengda Reduced word magnolia Jade smoke floats. The three mountains of Yinqu are connected to the frozen sea. Green sleeves and lanterns. Don't be afraid that the power of drinking will be cold when you are high in the building. Double pine frozen fold. It's easy to say goodbye when you suddenly remember the old man. I want to see Oubian. Pressure loss year small fishing boat.
Fan Chengda Reduced word magnolia Broken golden chrysanthemum. The tangerine is fragrant when the new wine is ripe. Who accompanies Fangzun. First ask Meihua to borrow Xiaochun. A Taoist breaks the precepts. Dye wine and write poems about the golden phoenix belt. Related to illness. Unlike in the New Year, the drinking capacity is wide.
Fan Chengda Reduced word magnolia Bo Jiao has curly hair. The people in front of Zhongyintang are well-intentioned. I can’t help but spring. The fight is light and cold. Jianmei's new song. If you want to break it, you can also connect it with three stacks. Sitting around and having fun. Please forgive me for being the first in line.
Fan Chengda Reduced word magnolia I fell asleep with a book under my pillow. Cherish the moonlight to accompany you. The precious duck is golden and cold. The fragrance surrounds the screen and turns around the mountain. The voice of the chicken is gone. Yaojing jade rope is relatively clear. Dim window screens. But the wind curtain protects the candle flowers.
Fan Chengda Reduced word magnolia Three whites before wax. It still snows in the West Garden in spring. Red and purple flowers late. Borrowed from the east wind and thousands of jade branches. The decision to return to the field. You should be happy when the wheat rice is cooked. In a tall building. My heart is in a boat in Shanyin.
Fan Chengda Partridge Sky Hugh dance with the Silver Sable Little Khitan. The hall was full of guests. From now on, who will be able to look upright again in this curling and brimming place? It is easy to imitate tears, but difficult to write about sorrow. Bamboo branches are spotted on the Xiaoxiang River. There is no book to post in the blue clouds at dusk, and there is only one wild goose in the mist.
Fan Chengda Partridge Sky Walk in the West Lake and pick green apples. Raise the whip to conquer the world of mortals. The peach blossoms smile in the warm sun, and the willows frown slightly in the light and wind. Zhang Gongshui, Yu Guyun. The passion is like Gui Jiangchun. Cui Hui's scroll and Yao Ji's dream, even if they meet, it is not true.
Fan Chengda Partridge Sky The green color can be seen clearly. There is little Hongying on the quiet threshold of the winding railing. Bees are noisy on the wine rack, and swallows are light among the rows of willows. Spring is coming, and the guests are drifting away. The remaining flowers are light and the wine is clear. A cup of it will buy things for the Ming Dynasty, and the setting sun will be given away and the moon will be born again.
Fan Chengda Partridge Sky Press the pistil and pinch the beard powder into a ball. The fragrance is hard and the cold is chilling. It should be noted that the wind and moon are common, but not like layers of snow. The spring bun is heavy and the eyebrows are curved at dawn. One branch is slanted and streaked with gold. The red wine is incomprehensible to the cold east wind, and I am surprised that the hairpin head and the jade swallow are dry.
Fan Chengda Good things come soon Thousands of mountains are darkened by dusk clouds, and the jade tower and the golden palace are broken. She must be a young woman from the Gaotang Dynasty, jealous of E Qingjue. If the night is cold and the wine glass is not cold, the drunken eyes will gradually grow valerian. Why wait for the sweet-scented osmanthus to shine on each other, when everyone is like the moon.
Fan Chengda Good things come soon Last night it was announced that spring was coming, and the plum blossoms were blooming and the snow was falling. Let's join hands with beauties to enjoy the beauty together and see who is the most beautiful. I lean against the langan and recall my sentiments, fearing the sound of the horn and whimpering. Fold a branch and wear it diagonally, lining your temples with clouds combing the moon.
Fan Chengda Business operator The bamboo hall is empty on a cold night, and I wake up from a nap in a hurry. Silver leaks silently on the steps, with shadows all over the ground. Where is the best place to know autumn? The wind is in Wutong Well. He doesn't hesitate to play the jade flute, which makes his clothes wet and cold.
Fan Chengda Business operator The clouds press deeply over the small bridge, and the heavy door becomes quiet when the moon comes. The cold pistils are sparse branches half-heartedly, and the shadows on the horizontal windows are changing. Looking back at the spring of my hometown, it is difficult to recall the past. The fragrance comes into my sleep in the middle of the night, and the stove is cold from now on.
Fan Chengda Sandenle A green scale stretches thousands of miles across, and the sky hangs down from Wu Chu. There is no one around, and the sound of the oar is muttering to itself. To the floating clouds and down to the west, there are smoked trees in the water village. Where to tie the boat, the waves rise at dusk. Directly south of the Yangtze River, far behind, there are countless beautiful mountains. Take advantage of the current, come and go as you please. Sighing to the green lantern alone, I have been traveling all my life. The pillow dream is cold, and it rains again at night.
Fan Chengda Sandenle The road turns to Hengtang, the wind blows the ground, the water is fat and the sails are full. The eyes are bright and the mind is vast. I asked Tuqiu if he was okay, and the Heavenly Teaching was important. As the trees fall and the fog gathers, the mountains become better. Crossing the creek gate, I rested my oars, fearing the fish and birds. Counting the years, there are few people who know the old man. Hidden in the mountains and forests, the traces are there, but they have never been swept away. Ren Shuang returns to his guests, and he is still drunk and red.
Fan Chengda Sandenle Tonight, Pixiuporo and Yunguan will restart. Lead curling, plain empty like washing. In the roller blind and on the pillow, the moon and stars float on the water. The sky mirror is bright at night, and the half window is thousands of miles away. Pan Tingke, Du Laoda, the tree is like this. Six years ago, not long ago. Calling a neighbor and saying something old is the same as a new ant. Holding the candle at night, I wonder about my dream.
Fan Chengda Sandenle The square hat protects the cold, and the school and the old farm are re-inspected. There are three paths in the wilderness, I don’t know where they are. But under the stage in Gusu, there was Cangran Pingchu. People laughed at this old man and came to visit Gu again. Kuang Wuhu and Yuan Dynasty have their own, and Bianzhou Zuwu. Remember the companions of Cangzhou and Baigull. Sighing over the past year, I have failed to live up to my expectations, just like a rainstorm. The lonely evening tide calls me back.
Fan Chengda Langtaosha Gloomy flower-growing days. Light rain saves money. The smoke is light and the clouds are thin. The willow trees are all green, but there is still a cold spring. The sky is green and wet. The horse's head is like a thousand mountains. If you are willing to return all the sentiments. There is no jade cup to bear the cold dew, I will leave it for you to see.
Fan Chengda Poppy The remaining frost is good for exploring plum news. Side of Riri River Bridge. It would be better for you to have plum blossoms. In the song, Gong has a beautiful smile and beautiful eyebrows. The sparse branches and cold pistils are less charming. But he is called an old man. Become a quiet neighbor through teaching. Indifferent, speechless, smileless, and frowning.
Fan Chengda Poppy When the plum blossoms fall, the ice wheel is full. It looks like the Mid-Autumn Festival. Qionglou and Yuyu are as bright as ever. Just for E, ten thousand lanterns were added. The cup is broken at the foot of Jinjiang City. Also take photos of Yinjiang wine. When the east meets the west, we talk about the west. Who knows except Shui Weng and Yue.
Fan Chengda Poppy The jade flute is the same as the cloud. Still blame the golden bottle jelly. Qingming Festival is approaching and snowflakes are falling. Bu Dao Hai Tang is thin and Liu Si is cold. The king and his grandson were drunk on the marmoset curtain. Who is afraid of thin clothes? I'm tired of candlelight, fragrance and mist. It seems that someone is worried and has an eyebrow raised.
Fan Chengda Poppy Who will crush the Coral Jade. Install Jiaozhi millet. Just like the petite Concubine Wan Qiong. After applying it, the forehead is yellow, and I am afraid of staining the Yan branch. Late at night, I still feel the fragrance. The wind and dew melt into the moon. The flowers and shadows all over his body make him miserable. The infinite moon and wind and dew are fragrant together.
Fan Chengda Drunk and desolate・One dendrobium pearl Spring City is the best. The wind dances in the twilight forest to encourage the flowers to bloom. The hanging clouds add to the emptiness. Blow in the New Year and have a happy ten months. The silk is smeared under the shadow of the red lotus root. The season comes with age. No one knows my mood. Only Mo'er was surprised to see snow on his temples.
Fan Chengda Step function word Xijiang Yue The Zhuxiao realm is like a palace of transformation. The Brahma energy merges with all things, and the twelve jade towers are empty. In a piece of precious light.
Fan Chengda Step function word Xijiang Yue Fuli Road, according to the appointment, is too small. There are tens of thousands of snow-colored treasure steps, and a white rainbow can be seen from a distance in the world. The building is in the cold weather.
Fan Chengda Step function word Xijiang Yue The strong wind rises, carrying Yuxu Ting on its back. The nine plain smoke has a cold color, and the supporting railing is surrounded by green darkness. Surrounded by thousands of pearl stars.
Fan Chengda Step function word Xijiang Yue The bell rings and the dragon comes riding the clouds. There are colorful dragons and colorful battles along the road, and red clouds support the streets. Welcome the crane.
Fan Chengda Step function word Xijiang Yue Jun Tian plays, the rhyme is full of sky and brightness. The exquisite bead net of the Qishu tree is broken, and the fairy wind makes the sound of footsteps. Xianghe eight luan calls.
Fan Chengda Step function word Xijiang Yue Outside the building, there is smoke in the chariot road. I leisurely go to the Yuxiao Terrace to watch, and the empty song comes from the beginning of the blue sky. He raised his sleeves and bowed to Feixian.
Fan Chengda Jade House Spring A beautiful woman has no right to be alone. Bamboo, rain and pine are bathed in the wind. The green sleeves in the deep mountains are naturally cold, and the jade skin has no grain for a long time at night. But I am looking for thousands of trees in the mist of the river. The spirit of Taoism and immortality will eventually transcend vulgarity. The crimson skirt and silk sleeves were worn in various dynasties, but only the Sanxian was named Calyx.

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