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Hospital ID Department Hospital Doctor Number of people
183d050d1fd3b21a59d572387f04bfb4 Jock itch Shanghai Huici Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Clinic *** 1
179b96bfbdfbac6af3f54ca6688792ea General practice Fengtai Hospital, Ninghe District, Tianjin *** 5
a019e212892695369fd7216fdcab2ba8 Gastroenterology and Thoracic Surgery AVIC 363 Hospital *** 2
6713a665725d40553a222622e05dc337 Gynecology Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital *** 1
e755a86da517ad94e260a9ec3bfae3e8 Gastroenterology Ward Pingjiang County First People's Hospital *** 36
d963900a1039f97aeeee9d92308d8308 Traditional Chinese Medicine Wangluyuan Street Community Health Service Center *** 2
9e4a925fabce52d05d6048850b10dcc1 Nephrology Xining First People's Hospital *** 6
5fd7a70ccaa020581e4367bc60974e1b Traditional Chinese Medicine Shanghai Dermatology Hospital *** 3
999de0db83560739775f804de4551141 Neuroimaging Center The Seventh Medical Center of the PLA General Hospital (formerly the Army General Hospital) *** 1
2650c9f93b1982d048b969b82ea72eea Interventional Radiology Center The 971st Hospital of the PLA Navy *** 4
56114bc71925c8c613f76674ae175998 Hepatobiliary surgery includes minimally invasive surgery Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital *** 14
bc9c9f9a354ea12abb1a0967080b8a83 Public Health Department Central Health Center of Shuibuya Town, Badong County *** 4
e3a126ae0f7c4d967b19490e1fac86e3 Gastroenterology Huangpu Branch of the Ninth People's Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine *** 6
7fe5fb68bcf23965a8dd6be766c05343 Special needs clinic Affiliated Hospital of Shanxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine *** 28
c8f917a68ec078f8443cbb6ee825de14 Cerebrovascular Disease Internal Medicine Clinic Southern Medical University Shenzhen Hospital *** 2
7747a2246cb3d02fab1b3dd03457ce0f 【A】Stomatology Jiulongpo District People's Hospital Yangjiaping Campus *** 5
88da34879d5cdeba1b95446dd6f2542c Emergency Medicine Kunshan Rehabilitation Hospital *** 2
66d37c991c71d6f9d24ca22c365cd5e1 Neonatology Xuyi County People's Hospital *** 1
66d306934188dcae923aa13a0ef9ea93 Comprehensive Special Needs Ward Shanxi Provincial Cancer Hospital *** 3
3493919d94646a008f6c0dc43d72d560 Otolology Department Jianye District Nanhu Community Health Service Center *** 1
957772b42c5be970e8394867b1b0524e Hematology Lymphoma Clinic Sichuan Cancer Hospital *** 2
f1ac27117ddf0ef30d97b438404fa9a4 Oncology rehabilitation disease Shanghai Putuo District Central Hospital (Putuo Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine) *** 1
ee53a8bb010c8bb797681e173dd3dab0 Longxin Shenzhen Longgang Central Hospital *** 3
52506e32c345b564ea46da25bde50624 General practice Gaoqiao Village Clinic, Hongqi Street, Baqiao District *** 1
c65455f57852cc8502d96a5d7a787b2b Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Rehabilitation Department Dexing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital *** 1
fbecc4d17459c907447a10487ef34ca8 Trauma Department 3 Shandong Wendeng Osteopathic Hospital *** 9
845670a431494920193953fba68a1508 Pulmonary nodule specialist clinic (extrathoracic) Taizhou People's Hospital New District Hospital *** 2
e6bb35effe4c359bf561d33b8bc67ad5 (Chunfeng) Orthodontics Shenzhen Luohu District People's Hospital *** 3
900527b83c13a32dfa2262f57e50683f Plastic Surgery Jiangmen City Jianghai District People's Hospital *** 1
c6af54f9e344ab8f340b1964fdda2662 Uraemic Dialysis Analysis Clinic Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital East Branch (Lingang) *** 3
6036e6439c82ef0fee925c85ae02180e Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Anorectal Medicine The Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University *** 12
edf5bdecac0f345825c4789b74f3e0bd Liu Guiyun Expert Clinic The Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine *** 1
70b45769268d1cbb79929c4a5ebe5fc7 Department of Neurology (Jiangdong) Zhuji People's Hospital *** 5
6ae0c95861713ab81d805a212f43ded3 Second Department of Orthopedics Harbin Second Hospital *** 8
e74cb0e7c44ab695991b083b65d484c6 Nephrology Laibin City Xingbin District People's Hospital *** 1
6232d7fdb8f500ce51b90ff81450ae44 Pediatric Clinic (Chengnan) Neijiang First People's Hospital *** 6
c55b58dd8172f6bf183b8f921622113e Medical Oncology Ankang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital *** 4
a166c23d5817e661d93cbadde712a0bc Emergency Internal Medicine Emergency Qingdao University Affiliated Hospital Shinan Campus *** 11
6bfffcacdd5bb64de71ffb6d7721e367 Cardiovascular medicine clinic Space Center Hospital *** 32
1d2ba13edfaab392ef397e3a0f2c9ca9 Cardiovascular Department The 903rd Hospital of the PLA Joint Logistics Support Force *** 2
79a6b1f9546213aff07dee8a193dd052 Internal Medicine Cancer Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences *** 4
56a1cbc396646cd88a289620ef78deb6 Traditional Chinese Medicine Dermatology Clinic Yulin Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital *** 6
3208607eec4a6f1657dc7dae2d5a7aae Hemodialysis Department Ye County People's Hospital *** 1
ab6c17c6e67cf9ff1fcf99a691c78d3d Yulin blood purification Yulin First Hospital Yulin Campus *** 5
e4a0e44839b04798edf29366685d8566 Internal Medicine Hainan Provincial People's Hospital *** 5
5642c340aa4c0dd44831928162931706 Comprehensive Internal Medicine Yulin Fourth Hospital *** 3
dbaea6aed510e15f6e16ebb2ba6bf997 General practice Qianshan County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital *** 1
a8eb8094675922be955dec77e977cc97 Pediatrics Hengyang County People's Hospital *** 1
ae403be477ba85c4e8f7581d18a5e0ec Outpatient Oncology Surgery Taihe County People's Hospital *** 3
72e10dc176b0c00d2945a1ebe3c0509a Orthopedics Siyang County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital *** 4

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